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Our 2020 Vision for Our Home

Each New Year brings a fresh new start – a perfect time for making goals for yourself. Here is our 2020 vision for our home!

This Vintage hall tree is such a treasure of ours. And that sweet pillow is a daily reminder to take a moment to rest.

Do you remember the excitement of back to school shopping? Getting my latest Trapper Keeper, pencil boxes and all the things for school – it was my favorite part of the school year.

And still today, I have to confess that I completely geek out over schedules, to do lists and personal planners.

At the start of each year, I’m all giddy filling out my planner with hopes and dreams for the year to come.

There are so many goals for our house and some of it may be a bit lofty, but I can’t wait to share them with you!

2020 Vision for Our Home

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I got out my new planner and set of pens and wrote down my goals for myself and my business.

If you’re a fellow planner nerd like me, you will love this one!

This is my all-time favorite planner! It’s made by Ruth Soukup from Living Well, Spending Less and it great for setting goals! And these pens are a must-have for me.

BTW – You can get $5 off your first planner if you use this link! ๐Ÿ˜‰

On my personal list, I have all the regular goals that include finances, health and fitness, but productivity is at the top of the list!

And that’s where the house projects come in.

So now let’s see what that entails!

1. Master Bedroom Makeover

We are in the process of making over our master and last month, I shared the plans for this room.

I can’t wait to reveal this room, but most importantly to have a space that I can’t wait to retreat to!

UPDATE: See our Master Bedroom now!

2. Bedroom Makeover for Both Boys

I guess this is the year for bedrooms!

And both boys have asked that we make their rooms over so those are definitely on the list!

We have always had fun making over our boys rooms, and I hope these will be the same. Here are some of my favs from the past! Click each picture to see the details.

Today is reveal day and there is loads of excitement in the air in our house! We are finally able to show all the details of our Industrial Teenage Bedroom Makeover on a Budget and it's a showstopper!
A Boys Train Room - complete with a train car and caboose.

UPDATE: See the Boys Rooms now!

3. Create a Green Room for our Kitchenette

We have this fun, little kitchenette down in our basement that needs some TLC.

We teach music lessons out of our home as well as host band rehearsals, so we thought this would be a fun place to create a ‘Green Room’ backstage type of area where people can get snacks or a drink. I have some fun ideas for this project!

4. Update the Basement Stairs

After we ripped out the carpet and updated our basement floors, our stairs suddenly looked sad. So I hope to get to this project this year.

UPDATE: See our Stairs now!

5. Refresh the Basement Bathroom

I know, I know – I’ve already done 2 bathrooms since we’ve moved to our Meadow Brook home, but this DIY is for a few good reasons.

The carpet in the bathroom is ICK, and we have some leftover flooring that we can replace it with! Plus, we have all the supplies needed to bring this one up to date, so it should be quick and budget friendly!

6. Build a Firepit

One thing we miss about our old homes are the fire pits we had. I would love to create a space where we can enjoy those nice evenings.

We removed this dilapidated basketball hoop and now have a spot crying out for a fire pit!

Here is my favorite fire pit from when we lived in Vegas.

DIY Paved Patio Firepit: How we turned an ugly gravel pit into a backyard escape.

7. Repaint the Deck

This is another area that we need to update. It a yucky brown color and we find that we don’t use this space as much as we want to!

It could be such a cozy space!

8. Update our Front Porch Brick

After we limewashed our exterior, we felt our front porch was lacking.

The brick is in pretty bad shape and needs replacing. And I would love to add handrails and some DIY planters to create a welcoming entry.

UPDATE: See our Front Porch Now!

So that is our 2020 visiton for our home! Wish us luck because it’s gonna be a busy year!

What about you? Do you have any home goals? I’d love to hear what improvement you want to do to your home.

And who knows, you may inspire us to tackle something else and share a tutorial! Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Hi Susan – thanks for the sweet words, but these stairs belong to another blog – still searching on Pinterest for the source, but this is what we hope to recreate with our own stairs. Once I do, I will be sure to share resources. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Stairs look amazing, Love this runner! Where did you get it?

  3. Hey Erin! Thanks for reaching out! We hope to tackle these stairs later this year, but I will be sure to share a full tutorial on the blog. But I agree – that inspo pic is gorgeous!

  4. Those stairs look great! We are looking to do something like this to our stairs that are currently carpeted. What is the process to give the stairs the finished look you have after pulling up the carpet?

  5. Thanks Pat! Your encouraging words mean so much! And I love your organization goals. I have to admit that any kind of organizing gets me all giddy!

  6. Jen,
    That is an impressive vision for your home. . .all in one year!
    I l o v e the vision for your Master Bedroom!
    I, too, am the Mother of boys. . .and I always loved the changes as they grew.
    Ours is to get to the other side of the storage area in the basement
    to change out all the cardboard boxes with see through storage containers.
    Best wishes on all your endeavors!
    I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines!