Inspo for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

If you’ve been following along, we are in the process to tackling our boys’ rooms. But I couldn’t wait to share my Inspo for a cozy guest bedroom.

This is the year of Bedrooms at Noting Grace.

First, we started with our Master Bedroom Makeover at the beginning of the year.

And we were planning on tackling the boys rooms this fall, which hasn’t been touched since we moved to our Meadow Brook home almost 2 years ago.

Inspo for a cozy guest bedroom

But after my father passed away, we pushed pause on working on our deck to create a space for my Mom to come and stay.

But that required a whole lot of juggling to create just the right space. So our oldest son moved down to a bedroom in the basement, then the youngest will take his room, and that room will become a sanctuary for my Mom to stay – hopefully for months at a time! LOL

So, I’m itching to get to switching and have already been pouring over pics for inspiration. I thought it would be fun to share with you and hear what your thoughts are.

Inspo for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

The soft blues and warm creams just make my heart sing!

I love this pic from Home Bunch. They featured an entire home by Brittany Jones and it’s amazing.

But I swooned when I saw this bedroom.

Another one with the muted tones.

This photo comes from Shabby Passion and I am in love with that wallpaper!

Maybe I will do an accent wall with wallpaper.

What do you think?

Edith and Evelyn Vintage is so talented! This room has so much yumminess that I would love to recreate for my sweet Mom.

The painted rattan headboard and gilded mirrors seriously have me swooning!

Head over to see all the details of Cindy’s gorgeous master bedroom.

Jamie from So Much Better with Age is one of my go to websites for design inspo.

And just look at this gorgeous bedroom!

The linens are absolutely beautiful.

Soft, elegant and a touch of feminine.

So we have a lot to do before we get to Mom’s room, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming along the way!

Let me know your thoughts! Which room is your favorite?

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Inspo for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

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  1. Thanks Julia! I am digging that wallpaper accent wall myself! I think that may be the way to go!

    Love your idea of the cozy reading spot with family photos. That would be such a nice touch!

  2. I have been loving the same thing, Patty! I think I will look into finding a soft, beautiful pattern that I can create on the wall behind the bed.

  3. Sandra – you are so kind! thank you for your sweet words. Glad this gave you some inspiration for your own home! Send me a pic of your finished chair – I would Love to see it!

  4. That’s a great suggestion! Thank you so much! I think that would make it look more inviting as well!

  5. The inspiration rooms look lovely. 💓 A wallpaper accent wall would definitely be an amazing touch! I think I’d also add a very comfy reading spot and a family photo gallery wall. 🌞

  6. I think they all offer great suggestions. I know your creative juices and love for your mom will make a fabulous room! I’ve started falling in love with at least a wall of wall paper. And it looks like you are leaning to the soft and peaceful…and I know your mom will love it!

  7. These are gorgeous, your Mom is blessed to have a family like yours-I’m sure she knows that. That’s wallpaper is so gorgeous, and that blue chair-I have one in my garage, It was at someone’s curb just begging me to take it home and make it beautiful. Now I know just what to do with it!

  8. All are wonderful. I’m sure you will pick items that look as nice as any of the inspiration photos. Just one thought — pick a bed where the mattress is not too tall from the floor. The very first picture at the top of the post looked like a very high bed that might be difficult to easily get in and out. We had one of those too high beds and changed the box spring to a half-height one to make it lower — so much better!

  9. Why don’t you ask your Mom?

  10. Such lovely bedroom inspiration–can’t wait to see how your personal touch on the guest room for your mother! Pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction