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My 5 Favorite Things to Collect

We all have our go to items when we head out junking or garage sale-ing. Here are my 5 Favorite Things to Collect when I’m on the hunt!

Are you a collector like me?

Not a hoarder, per se, but more of a curator of fine things?

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorites that always catch my eye when I go out thrifting as well as tips and trick on how to get good deals on each item!

5 Favorite Things to Collect

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I’m sure there are so many more than 5!

I have lots of items that I seem to collect, but I’m starting with my favorites and can’t wait to share them with you!

Vintage Scales

Decorating with Heirlooms - using a vintage scale in your decor

I have been a longtime lover of vintage scales.

It all started when we were rummaging through Trent’s parent’s attic looking for a childhood toy of his. When I stumbled upon this scale – it was instant love!

Ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt for more.

So far I have four scales and love the uniqueness of each one.

vintage scales on shelves

That little scale in the middle comes with a story.

My great aunt gave this to me.

When she was a little girl, she used this scale helping her mother (my great grandmother) to measure butter. She would put a design in the top and get it ready to sell.

So this piece is sentimental to me and I’m honored to have it in my home!

I’ve purchased two other scales, but I’m not willing to pay anything over $35 for one.

I have found one on Goodwill.com – a place I love to check out often!

You can also find these at estate sales, antique stores, and craft fairs. They are elusive at thrift stores, but I have seen one before!

Check out this post if you are interested in adding Vintage Scales to your decor.

Old Bottles and Canning Jars

Old jars and bottles are some of my favorite things to search for.

Ball jars, Atlas jars, medicine bottles, soda bottles, clear, blue, green – I love to find them all!

Most of the time, it’s the deal I want over the type of jar or bottle.

I have found that some people think very highly of their bottles, and their price tag reflects that.

I just keep on walking until I find one that is in my price point.

I rarely spend over $8 for a bottle – only if it’s truly unique.

I think that glass is a subtle way to add color to your home.

The light reflects off the glass so beautifully and I just adore all the different colors and shapes each bottle or jar offers.

If you want to learn how to clean vintage bottles, check out this tutorial.

Ironstone Creamer Pitchers

creamer pitcher collection display

I love these tiny creamer pitchers so much!

I do try to find them in ironstone when I can, but a few are porcelain as well.

There is something about them that I love.

Ironstone is a big collectors item these days and the prices reflect that.

So most platters and server pieces run in the hundreds, but that’s too rich for my blood.

Which is why I’m drawn to these little creamer pitchers.

They aren’t that expensive and they are easy to find.

Some have come from family members and friends.

In fact, my sweet friend Tracy from At Home With Tracy sent one to me and it came on the perfect day when I needed some happy mail to cheer me up!

But when I do find them, I like to keep them $15 or less. I think the most I’ve paid for one is $11.

You can find the ironstone Creamer Pitchers at antique shops, sometimes thrift stores, but those will mostly be porcelain. Estate and garage sales are another place to look.

Milk Glass

Almost every time I’m out thrifting, I stumble upon a new piece of milk glass that I just have to have!

Each piece seems unique and the texture is what makes me swoon.

When we moved into our Meadow Brook Home, we had this built-in area that we created into a butler’s pantry.

I saw those shelves and instantly knew this would be where I display my milk glass collection.

You can find milk glass almost anywhere. Garage sales, flea markets, facebook marketplace, thrift stores.

And they are almost always affordable!

The Fenton hobnail is pricey as well as the lace milk glass pieces like these cake stands I have.

But pricey still means less than $35 – which makes this momma happy!

Some of my favorite things to look for are old milk glass medicine and cream jars.

They are elusive, but super duper affordable – like $3 at the most!

milk glass miniature bottles with old books

I love to sneak these little jars in my decor everywhere.

I’ve created a DIY succulent display using them.

And last year, I added them to a spring tablescape.

Sometimes life gets so crazy that you need to find simple solutions to home decor ideas. I shopped my home and added some faux florals for this Easy Spring Tablescape.

So now onto my fifth favorite thing to collect!

Tarnished Silver

I love when furniture tells a story that takes you back in time. Our updated hutch is a classic vintage piece. This is the third version and I'm loving the classic painted gray hutch complete with all my tarnished silver!

The more tarnished the better!

Give me the iridescent, oxidized silver plate will all the blemishes and I’m in love!

I don’t know why I like it tarnished over shiny, but I do.

Decorating with Tarnished silver and How to Make your own Tarnished Silver Ornaments -

One Christmas, I used old tarnished trays as chargers for a place setting and it was so beautiful.

I love to display silver through out my home.

I use old bread plates as saucers. Serving trays hang on my walls.

I’ve even displayed trays on an old ladder before as a statement piece.

Adding Touches of spring to your home decor - a blog hop with 16 different bloggers!

So there are my 5 favorite things to collect.

For more information, be sure to watch my Youtube video!

Now, I want to know – what do you like to collect?

I am always looking for new inspiration and would love to hear what you always hunt for!

Leave me a comment below and as always – thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad to find a fellow pitcher collector. I’m always drawn to them whenever I am at thrift stores!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one to love pitchers…not just creamers but almost any pitcher I find. I have one that looks identical to one you have on your shelf. I especially love those with a smooth, graceful line. Something about them sings to me.

  3. I love milk glass. I grew up with it because my mom and dad met at Westmoreland glass after WW ll. i have been given a lot her collection and enjoy adding to it.

  4. Hi Michelle! Glad to meet a fellow milk glass addict! I am obsessed with all the different textures there are. Have you seen the colored milk glass? Ooooh – it’s pretty! Good luck on your hunt and hope you find gorgeous pieces!

  5. Jen, I love all of your collections! I collect many of the same things and you’ve really inspired me with new ways to decorate with them 🙂

  6. Great post! I loved seeing for beautiful collections.
    I too recently started collecting milk glass I love it. Thank you for sharing.