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Best After Christmas Storage Ideas

Are you starting to put away all that holiday decor? Here are the best after Christmas organization and storage ideas to make next year easier for you!

Are you eager to put away all that holiday decor, but don’t know where to start?

Or are you dreading it and hope to find a way to make the whole process easier?

I’m with you, friend!

I’m ready to put it all away, while also looking for a better system to make it easier next year.

I know that thinking about decorating next year is the last thing on your mind, but I have a secret weapon.

Alexander Graham Bell once said “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

And that’s where I’m focusing my energy – being proactive toward next year.

So, today, I’m going to share some of the best after Christmas storage ideas and organization you can do now to make decorating next year easier!

Christmas Organization to Make Next Year Easier!

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

First, gather all your Christmas decor

And I mean all of it – even the stuff you didn’t use this year.

You want everything together in one place to make the next step easier.

Put on your favorite music, or a fun show and get make this process fun. This may take a couple of hours, so you might as well enjoy yourself!

Get Rid of What’s Broken

As you begin to sort through your decor, have a trash bag on hand.

Go ahead and dispose of anything that is broken.

The first thing I chucked was a strand of lights that kept blowing a fuse every other day. I did not want to repeat that frustration next year!

And if you’re clumsy like me, keep this bag handy throughout this process.

I broke two ornaments and was glad that garbage bag was readily available.

Get Rid of What You Won’t Reuse

Do you have a box of decorations that you haven’t used the past few years?

When I had all my decor in front of me, I found a bunch of decorations that I hadn’t used for years.

It’s time to purge! Sort through the box and keep what may be sentimental in a different location.

I started with those items and sorted through what was worth keeping and what should be given away or tossed.

The rest can either go to Goodwill, or if it’s in bad shape, to the trash.

Maybe consider giving this away to a local charity, or try selling it on the Facebook Marketplace.

I had a box on hand to put items in as I sorted through.

Christmas Decor to Declutter

If you store your Christmas decor in boxes or storage bins, start with the ones you didn’t get out this season.

There are likely filled with items you can get rid of.

Here’s a list of things to consider.

  • Christmas lights
  • Old garland and wreaths
  • Ornaments
  • Christmas dishes and kitchen items
  • Christmas linens, including tree skirts, stockings, pillows, towels, tablecloths and bedding.
  • Christmas decor
  • Old gift wrap, bows, ribbons

Don’t forget to grab those after season deep discounts.

If you have purged a lot, there may be some items that need to be replaced.

After Christmas sales are a great time to stock up for next year. Here are some great deals to look for:

  • Christmas wrapping supplies and paper, bags, tape and bows.
  • Christmas cards
  • Bulk containers of ornaments

I love to purchase ornaments in bulk for my DIYs.

If you are looking for Ornament DIYs – here’s list of the ornaments we’ve created over the years!

Best After Christmas Storage Ideas

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

First of all, congratulate yourself!

You did it! You sorted through all those old boxes, and now have everything you want to keep in front of you to get put away.

Let’s start with the Organization Supplies Needed:

Organizing Bins – I’m sharing my favorites down below! 😉
Labels (I love this label maker)
Garbage Bags
Boxes for Donations

Group Like Items Together

I purchased some new bins from Target.

Stores mark down their organization bins after the holidays – so now is a great time to grab some discounts.

Next, I started to group together my ornaments by color or theme.

If you like to decorate by theme or color, this is a quick way to find ornaments you’ll use for next year.

Sorting these into clear bins – smaller ornament collections can go into smaller bins.

And the same goes for a larger collection.

I also like to gather my like items together, like kitchen decorations, Christmas home decor, etc.

After you have everything sorted, you can start putting things away for next Christmas.

Keep all your decor in one place

Our Christmas organization is in our storage room, under the basement stairs.

This is where we store all our trees, ornaments and decor with a few exceptions.

Under stair storage with curtain to hide

If it is winter greenery that I can use throughout January and February, I like to store those in a separate bin apart from my Christmas decor.

peg board and hooks used to hang wreaths for your home

I keep my wreaths on this pegboard Trent and I hung to make them easy to swap out.

Now everything is neatly put away, ready for next year.

I’m all about making life simpler for us, and sometimes it’s the work you do ahead of time that may save you down the road.

I hope that by sharing the best after Christmas storage ideas I have with you, it helps you get organized for next year!

I’m also linking some great storage bins on sale for you if you need help getting started.

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  1. What a great idea! I love how you made it more manageable for you. I need to share this with my own Mother! Thank you for sharing this tip!

  2. I have a rolling set of five wide plastic drawers. All my christmas tree decor fits in it. I secure drawers shut with the roll of plastic wrap you use when moving and store in garage each year with tree box on top. Nativity in a drawer, garland ,hooks and tree skirt in a drawer and three drawers of ornaments. Wreaths stored in garage in their own seperate bags. Tree lights inbox with the tree. I am by myself now and pared down to the essentials that I can manage by myself.

  3. That is an excellent idea, Pat! I will definitely have to incorporate that from here on out! Thank you for sharing that awesome suggestion!

  4. Jen,
    I agree 100%!
    Each year, I do just this very same thing.
    Come time to bring out the Christmas decor, I’m ready.
    I do take this storage idea one step further. . .
    I fill an index card with each item that is within the storage tub.
    Insert the index card into a file card holder.
    Before I begin to purchase for Christmas, I check the index card
    file to make sure I don’t already have that item. . .no lifting and going through tubs!
    Thank you for always inspiring.
    Looking forward to more great posts in 2020!