3 Quick Ways to Style a Spring Garland

I’m always looking for ways to repurpose my seasonal decor. Today I’m sharing 3 quick ways to style a Spring garland!

garland from Hearth and hand

I was sitting in my sunroom the other day and started to notice the tips of the trees starting to bud with bright green.

That means that Spring is coming – which brings me so much joy!

Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons and also my favorite to decorate!

Each year, I drag out all my decor from previous years in the hopes to reuse something.

First off, if you know me by now, then you know I LOVE to save money.

Some call it being cheap, but I like to call it being smart and economical.

So I’m always finding ways to reuse an item with a new and different approach.

I thought it would be fun to take one item and show you 3 quick ways to style a Spring Garland.

3 Quick Ways to Style a Spring Garland

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Magnolia Spring Garland

I love visiting Target to see the latest decor from Hearth and Hand or Studio McGee.

This 6 Foot Hazel Garland was just the cutest and it was a great deal too for such a realistic garland.

Plus, I think I could use this year round – not just for Spring.

So first, I styled it as it’s intended purpose – a garland for my Dining Room Hutch.

vintage hutch painted charcoal with ironstone plates, tarnished silver and spring garland

It brought beautiful color to my painted hutch.

If you are looking for the tutorial on how I painted my hutch, click HERE for all the details.

pine hutch with tarnished silver and spring garland

It looked so pretty against my tarnished silver – which is one of my favorite things to collect!

Adding just the right pop of spring color brings a big ole smile to this face!

close up of garland with ironstone plates and tarnished silver

Six foot is a great length for garlands. Not too short to be used as a typical garland, but also not too long to limit what else you can use it for.

So I loved this first way I styled it and how it looked on this hutch of ours.

vintage hutch decorated for spring

But let me show you another way I LOVE to repurpose my garland.

I dug out an old grapevine wreath form and wrapped the garland around it.

DIY wreath made from grapevine wreath and garland

Isn’t that the cutest?

I love how the leaves pop off the wreath form and add some color to the wall.

garland wrapped around twig wreath form

I hung it on my DIY animal cage lid turned into a faux tulip crate that I have hanging in my eat in kitchen.

And it adds some pretty texture to the wall.

tulip crate with twig wreath

I just used the twist ties that held the garland to the cardboard and wrapped it around the twig wreath.

It’s super easy peasy and took me only a few minutes to assemble and hang.

Shelf with architectural wall art. A tulip crate with grapevine wreath wrapped with spring garland

It looks perfect hanging above my DIY Vintage Corbel Shelf.

But let me show you one more way I like to repurpose my garland.

And it’s so simple, you’ll be wanting to buy me a cup of coffee!

Garland in an enamel bowl with a candle

I took an old enamel bowl and filled it with the garland.

Simply wrap the garland into loops and twist the leaves until you get the look you want.

enamel bowl filled with garland and a candle

Then I plopped a battery lit candle in the middle and boom shaka laka – you’re done!

Isn’t that the easiest thing ever?

Now I wouldn’t recommend a real candle. Fire next to faux branches would be no bueno, so the battery operated ones are super safe!

coffee table with tray and enamel bowl filled with garland and candle

I placed the bowl on coffee table in my sunroom and it’s a perfect way to add some touches of greenery to your decor.

So if you are looking for ways to repurpose your old spring decor, I hope this gave you some ideas!

I’m all about finding budget-friendly and economical ways to create a beautiful space and this is one of my favorite ways to save money.

So friend – you got this! Go dig out that old decor and see how you can repurpose it this season!

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  1. Jen I love your decorating style. It is simplicity at its finest which is so what I like

  2. Jen,
    I love these tips. Thanks for allowing me to join you this week on Welcome Home Saturday!