Stress Free Home Organizing Project and How to Stay on Track

It’s been a long week and we’re starting to see the finish line with this organizing project. Here’s our tricks for stress free home organizing as well as some amazing home decor/DIY posts from some of my friends.

Okay, true confession time.

I may have reached my breaking point with our storage room organization project.

And a for a moment there – it wasn’t pretty! In fact, it got pretty overwhelming.

mdf shelves being installed in a basement

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Stress Free Home Organizing

This week, I shared our Progress on Our Storage Room Update and we finally have shelves in place.

Which means, everything can start coming back into this room.

But it’s still a slow process.

We have been trying to stay on track and not get overwhelmed so we can keep our overall stress levels down.

I’m still learning the art of stress-free productivity and it doesn’t always work out like I planned.

Here are some helpful tips that I’ve found beneficial these past few weeks.

1. Give yourself a due date

Having a deadline that you must work toward is a great way to keep the fire lit under you.

Decide how much time you need for your project and create a goal that will allow you enough time to get the job done.

2. Ask for help with specific projects

I’m still weeding through what to keep, give away or sell and I finally had to wave a white flag and ask Trent for some assistance.

We took an entire day and combed through hundreds of drawings we have kept from when the boys were little and divided that in half.

I’m sure we could pitch more, but this was a good first step.

If you struggle with what to do with personal items, or can’t have a clear head on how to approach an important task, having someone to help with a constructive thinking process can make all the difference.

Especially if they are an organized person!

3. Keep a semblance of order

This is one of the first things I must to for my own sanity. Disorder is a trigger for me and I get my best work done when things are in their place.

So an important thing I do when organizing is take the time to move things in a organized way. A donate pile, a sell pile, a trash bag handy – even though the piles may be messy momentarily, this with help you to stay focused on the rest of your work.

4. Work in time blocks

We started this project at the absolute busiest season we’ve had in a very long time.

We simply didn’t have the time to complete this in just one weekend, so we needed to incorporate some time management.

It’s a good idea to have to-do lists if you are juggling home renovations while trying to create organization systems for your home.

5. Set realistic expectations

While I would have loved spending extra time going through our boys memories, we knew it wasn’t productive at that time.

But we still have a feeling of accomplishment because we tossed was wasn’t important, cherished those significant pieces we want to keep, and found a way to organize them better.

6. Abundant good humor always helps

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Looking at the big picture and finding moments to laugh at a memory, or at the absurdity of it all is a huge help.

The best way to release some serotonin-happy juice into your brain is with a good chuckle.

So, I hope these stress free home organizing tips can help you! My house is starting to slowly come back to normal and we are getting things done.

We have a huge pile that is ready to be donated.

And I’ve been able to sell a good bit and have made almost $400 from selling our unwanted items on the Facebook Marketplace. Stay tuned and I’ll share tips on how to sell your items in a post soon.

But boy, this has created a HUGE mess and now we need to do a deep clean before tackling our next project so that we can have a normal living space again.

Speaking of….

New Projects

We are starting to put the finishing touches on the Kitchenette Inspiration and Makeover Plans.

Be sure to tune into our Instagram stories next week. I’ll be sharing some ideas we have for the backsplash! I may need help picking colors that go well with our kitchen counters in that room.

And then we can finally get started on the new project of tackling this kitchenette!

Favorites from the Week

Since I’m in declutter mode, this post on How to Declutter Your Devices is a must read! And yes, our digital tools can get cluttered, too!

This article on 10 Micro Habits That Will Transform Your Life was eye opening and I’m adding a few ideas to my action plan list for my own life.

I fell in the love with the vibe of this home and it’s cozy, earthy tones. Check out the gorgeous kitchen cabinets!

Now here are the favorites my friends are sharing from the week.

Welcome Home Saturday with Our Crafty Mom

My crafty friends, you will love Michelle! I have been a long time follower of her website for many years and have always enjoyed her DIY projects!

I love her tutorial on how to make your own teacup candles!

I’m always looking for a new way to try coffee and I can’t wait to read Michelle’s round up of Iced Coffee Recipes! YUM!

And be sure to scroll down to see her watercolor printables – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Welcome Home Saturday A Weekly Decor Digest

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The Tattered Pew / Blue and White Home Décor Inspiration From Amazon

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Our Crafty Mom / Red Truck Watercolor Printables

Welcome Home Saturday with Our Crafty Mom

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  1. Carol – you truly inspired me to move from being paper and pencil centered to embracing all things digital! You have amazing tips, my friend!

  2. Jen, thank you for sharing my post on Decluttering your Digital Devices. You have some great ideas for decluttering your life and environment.