How to Plan Home Renovations for the Year – YHR Podcast Episode 2

Resolving to make over your home this year? Here is how to plan for those home renovations.

It’s a new year and with the start of any year, resolutions are made.

When you are laying out your goals for the year, do you include any home renovations on that list?

For us, we always make a plan on what we are going to tackle this year or what projects are we going to take on?

Before you make your goals, there are some key things you definitely need to factor in.

How to Plan Home Renovations for the Year

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Don’t overlook the budget.

Do you decide which project you do first or do you look at your budget first?

It’s kind of a chicken-egg situation that really takes both sides into consideration when making your plans.

Do you have the budget for the larger ticket items?

Don’t drive in blind. By setting a budget for your project, you will be better prepared for the bottom line when it’s time to pay.

And always add that buffer for the surprise scenario.

It seems every project we take on, there is always a curve ball hiding behind the curtain (or drywall 😉).

When we were making over our boys bathroom, the shower faucet exploded on Trent and we suddenly had to make a quick fix for the plumbing fiasco.

Of course, I had to snap a pic of him sopping wet first!

Another factor to consider is if this renovation could actually save you money in the long run?

For example, if you have leaky windows, you will immediately save on energy bills with better windows.

By being proactive to save on costs, you can maybe find that wiggle room for more money.

If you find you don’t quite have enough in the budget for your dream project, here are some tips to help find some extra cash before you begin.

  • Shrink your bills: Turn down the thermostat, swap out bulbs to cost efficient LED ones, or hang your clothes to dry.
  • Skip that trip: If your project involves large ticket items, consider putting off your vacation until the next year.
  • Sell and streamline before you start: If you are planning to replace certain items for your project, try selling the old items and put that money toward your project.

Factor in any personal hurdles.

When figuring out how to plan your home renovations, don’t forget to look into any roadblocks that may occur.

By planning on what may get in the way could not only save you time and money, but also any additional stress from personal obstacles.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Childcare: If your project has any possible dangers, it may be best to remove them from the worksite until it is safe for them to return.
  • Work Schedules: Will you need to take vacation time from your job to complete your project? Make sure to coordinate with your work calendar before diving in. Can you get the project done
  • Physical limitations: If you have any medical restrictions, be sure to keep those in mind when planning.

One rule of thumb we always consider is if it can leak (plumbing), catch fire (gas), electrical, or high up (ladders), then it’s best to hire it out to a licensed contractor.

What is the why behind the DIY?

This may be the most important thing to address.

When you plan your home renovations, don’t forget to ask yourself how this can benefit you?

  • Why this room?
  • How is this going to improve my life?
  • What’s lacking in this room?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • What would be better?
  • What are the long term benefits?
  • Is this worth the time and money for our home or lifestyle?
  • Is the timing right?

And don’t just stop there!

Ask your family members their opinion.

We’ve always included our boys in our projects and they have had some really great suggestions.

How to Save Thousands on Hardwoods - these homeowners share their tips and tricks that helped reduce the overall cost of their floors making affordable hardwood flooring possible!
Many moons ago when our boys were much younger!

Yes, most were fantastical and outlandish, but fun to imagine and consider anyway!

We hope these suggestions help you look a bit deeper into your project plans before you get started.

We are excited about our projects coming up and we’re definitely going to look a bit deeper using these tips before we decide.

Maybe this might encourage you to dream bigger!

Or maybe this year isn’t the year for that big project.

Leave us some comments below!

What projects are you tackling? Would you like us to go into more detail on one of our projects we’ve already completed? We would love to help you out!

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