How to Love Your Home: Clean, Clutter-Free & Beautiful

Part 3 of our How to Love Your Home Podcast series is live! Today we are talking about keeping your home clean, clutter-free and beautiful!

If you are currently living in a home that you aren’t fond of, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are so excited you are here today and our hope is to share some tips to help you find ways to love your home.

This “How to Love Your Home” series is here to hopefully spark some joy in your heart and help you shift your mindset to help you learn to love something about your home.

In Part 1, we talked about learning to love your home by focusing on what is good in your home

Part 2 was a discussion about focusing on what you can control with your current living situation.

And we are tackling tips on how cleaning can help you find ways to enjoy your home more!

Trent and I are masters of disguise because while our house may look super straight and clutter-free, we’re not the best at staying on top of cleaning.

Walking up the stairs last night proved that to me as I had a direct sightline to the dust bunnies under our dresser!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have been known to stop a movie just to clear the clutter from our movie snacks.

I tend to get too distracted by the mess and end up not enjoying our family time.

A quick little straighten fixes that very quickly! 😉

This post is rather fitting as we are about to enter Spring Cleaning season.

So here is how cleaning can help you love your home as well as some tips to help you get started!

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How to Love Your Home:
Clean, Clutter-Free and Beautiful

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So, today the goal is learning how to keep your home clean and clutter free.

But we also want to explore how that practice of cleaning can actually help you learn to love your home.

1. A clean home keeps your family healthy.

We just passed that scary time in the pandemic when no one knew how to stay safe.

But one thing we knew that would help stop the spreading of germs was to keep your home clean.

It was almost impossible to find cleaning supplies, wipes and paper towels.

Just as regular hand washing helps stops germs from spreading, regular cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces of your home does that as well.

It can also help if you or someone in your home suffers from allergies.

Another reason to clean your home is that it can actually save you money!

2. A clean home can result in less repairs and save you money!

In our home, we are all about saving that money!

And if you stay on top of regular cleaning, you will notice items in disrepair sooner, being able to address them before they get really bad.

And really expensive!

For example, vacuuming your refrigerator coils a few times a year helps it run more efficiently.

When dusting those window sills, you may notice that they need to be re-caulking, saving you money on energy costs.

I shared a few years back on how changing your air filters and keeping your HVAC unit serviced can help ward off any unexpected damages to your heating and air conditioning system.

servicing a HVAC unit can help you love your home by keeping it clean, clutter-free and beautiful.

3. A clean home makes less stress from wasting time.

By putting off cleaning and straightening, you are actually contributing to wasting time.

Because when it comes time to get to that junk room or messy pile of whatever, it is going to take you longer to sort through.

Procrastinating can actually cause you more stress down the road.

Scroll down to see our easy tips on learning how to puts things in their place from the start.

Keeping your home clutter free can actually help with time as well.

Clutter = chaos.

Chaos = frenzy.

And if you are a clumsy person like me, I tend to break things in a frenzied state.

4. A clean home can help you sleep better.

four poster cannonball bed against a black wall with white, beige and charcoal bedding keeping your home clean, clutter-free and beautiful

We recently came across a study where they tested subjects on how they slept in a clean bedroom versus a messy, cluttered room.

And by and far, the clean room won!

In our early days of parenting, there were crazy days when we didn’t get to making the bed.

And I have been known to make our bed right before going to sleep.

Because it feels better getting into a made bed than messy, crumply sheets.

5. Keeping your home clean can keep pests away!

Keeping food dishes and crumbs out can be an invitation for some unwanted guests to come and hang out in your home.

Flies, roaches and mice are all drawn to food. And roaches also love cardboard boxes.

So keep that in mind if you have lots of boxes in your home.

Trent has always been good to spray our home with bug spray.

He found this insecticide that lasts for up to 6 months in our home. You simply apply it with a garden pump sprayer and we hardly see any bugs!

6. Keeping your home clean can help you be a happier host.

Last minute guests are my nemesis.

Now, give us a few hours and I’m good to go!

But if you call us up and you are a street over and we are in the middle of scraping our ceiling, then that is just the worst timing.

However, if you find yourself not inviting people over or offering to host events because you don’t want people to see your home, then that may be something to explore.

Especially if you are one who would love to host!

Now lets share some tips to help you

Tips to Keeping a Clean, Clutter-Free
and Beautiful Home

Tag Team Clean

We are ones who don’t love working in the yard.

We just aren’t wired that way.

So when it comes time to rake leaves or do some yard clean-up, the whole family goes out and spends a day working together to get the work done quickly.

So working together can help with unwanted chores.

Tag Team Cleaning can also help strengthen relationships by dividing responsibilities in your home.

If you, or your spouse or roommate, are the only one carrying the weight of the chore load, then resentment can build up and result in some tension in the relationship.

Create a Cleaning Caddy or Closet

Keeping all your cleaning tools in one place that is easy to access for anyone in your home.

It could be a cleaning caddy that lives under you sink like these:

You could also have a cleaning closet where you store the vacuum and mops in one location.

By having everything in on general location, that can help you stay on top of what cleaning supplies you need as well as getting others in your home to tag team clean!

Touch It Once Rule

I read an article a few years ago about how to tackle this in your home.

The Touch It Once concept is really simple.

Be cognizant of where you set things down. Touch it once and place it where the item should go.

For example, I’m a kick-the-shoes-off while tossing the jacket on the back of the chair kind of girl the moment I get home.

But rather than setting the jacket anywhere, take that extra step to hang the jacket up and put your shoes and keys away.

Not only will it save you time, but you may be less stressed because you can’t find where you placed your keys last!

Now if you currently don’t have a system, this would be a great time to start one.

And start small! Buy a small bowl for your keys and set it by your door.

Or use some sort of hook like we do.

Don’t be afraid to hire it out

When we were in a busy season, I splurged and had someone come in and clean my house once a month for a while.

And it was SO nice!

If we had the budget, this would be something I would definitely add to my home.

So if the thought of cleaning your home overwhelms you and you have the wiggle room in your budget to hire someone, we say go for it!

The WHY behind Cleaning and Decluttering

There are so many additional benefits to why this is an important element to learning to love your home.

We’ve discussed the health benefits of keeping germs at bay.

But there are other health reasons to consider.

A cleaner home may foster you to want to cook more at home which results in a healthier body.

If better sleep is a benefit of having a tidy home, then that can improve your overall health as well.

It seems almost every article on health we’re read recently is discussing the importance of getting good sleep.

It can also help with your mental health.

If you already have a hectic and busy lifestyle, then adding the stress of a dirty home can cause anxiety. It’s one easy way to alleviate some stress.

Plus, you can have guilt-free downtime!

Instead of neglecting to get a project done, when you want to have a pajama day, you can actually enjoy it without that pile staring you down in the corner.

If you don’t have the budget to take on renovations, then you do have the ability to clean your home.

And the result may be a new found love for your home!

We hope this conversation about a Clean, Clutter-Free and Beautiful home sparked something in you!

Do you have more tips that you want to share with us?

Has this Series on How to Love Your Home been helpful?

Be sure to leave a comment below – we would love to hear your amazing suggestions!

How to Love Your Home: Clean, Clutter-Free and Beautiful

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