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Updating Our Entryway for Spring

We made some huge changes these past few weeks and I can’t wait to share it with you today. Here’s how we’re updating our entryway for Spring.

Today I am oh-so-excited to be joining some of my favorite bloggers across the web sharing corners of our home for Spring!

I finally tackled my entryway and I’m so pleased with the results.

But before we get into the nitty gritty – lemme first say thank you to Leen from Sand Dollar Lane for all her hard work putting this hop together!

If you are here from Libbie’s blog, A Life Unfolding, I am so happy you are here! Libbie is a dear friend and I just love how she decorates her home – and this season – all the pops of color make me smile!

And if this is your first time to Noting Grace – come on in and make yourself at home. There’s always coffee available, so grab a cuppa and relax! But if you want to learn more about me, you can always visit this post.

One thing you’ll quickly learn is that Trent and I are always in the midst of one DIY project or another, and for this Spring Entryway, we were knocking down walls, y’all!

Let’s start with a before pic and I’ll share all the fun details of this tiny foyer.

Updating Our Entryway for Spring

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dark and bland entryway before

Popcorn ceiling, dark decor, and pretty, well….. blah!

On the other side of that wall is our living room, affectionately called the Jen Den!

And opening up my home and seeing bland walls was boring.

So I knew I needed to brighten up this space and give it some pizazz.

Here’s how it looks now!

So much better, right?

I swapped out the light fixture with this fun and affordable drum light from Amazon.

That little hint of antique brass makes me smile!

And speaking of antique brass – I added a few more touches here and there.

framed sheet music in a brass frame

This sheet music came from our family – which means a lot since Trent and I are both musicians.

Since it’s an Easter Hymn – I thought it was the perfect way to welcome Spring into this entryway!

That ironstone pitcher was recently given to me from my mother-in-law and I absolutely adore it!

framed sheet music in a brass frame

So I added some pretty pink faux flowers and pink eucalyptus and called it done!

I also added a fun new herringbone rug to the entry.

It’s a bit on the chunky side, so I’m undecided if it’s going to stay here, but for now – I love the texture it adds.

cabinet with brass mesh wire backing

This chicken coop organizer has been with me for years, and I needed something for this space.

The issue – right where I wanted to place it, our return air vent lives. But being the daughter of an HVAC guy, I knew putting furniture in front of the return vent is a big no-no!

cabinet with brass mesh wire backing

So I ripped off the back and added some quatrefoil mesh backing.

The vent is covered, air can still get through, and I’m a happy camper!

cabinet with brass mesh wire backing
cabinet with brass mesh wire backing

I added some old books, some of my favorite milk glass pieces along with some mini creamers that I love to collect.

cabinet with brass mesh wire backing

Quick, easy and simple….

Well – with the exception of ripping out an entire wall – but I plan on sharing the details next week! So be sure to come back!

But oh so worth it!

I love how the light pours in from my front door now!

eucalyptus and cotton wreath on glass front door

And you can see all the way back to my favorite room – my sunroom!

So I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of how we are updating our entryway for Spring! I’m so glad you read my post.

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Now, next on the blog hop is my sweet friend Carol, from Blue Sky at Home. I love all her touches of blue to her entryway – you don’t want to miss it!

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  1. This spring, we’re updating our entryway for a fresh new look! We’re replacing the old carpet with hardwood floors and adding a new coat of paint. We’re also updating the lighting and adding a few new pieces of furniture. We hope you enjoy the transformation!

  2. I love it! What color is your paint?

  3. Jen, what a huge difference removing a wall makes! Your entry looks so bright and airy. I bet it improves air flow through the house, too. I love the way you’ve decorated for spring. The vintage sheet music artwork and the ironstone pitchers are right up my vintage loving alley! I’m swooning over that green pitcher…I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. It was fun hopping with you. Happy Spring!

  4. Jen, your entry looks so fresh and welcoming. I love the new light fixture and the way you modified that chicken coop organizer with the quatrefoil. It’s perfect for that spot. The little creamers and Easter hymns are the perfect finishing touch for spring!

  5. What a lovely transformation! Your entry is so light, bright, and welcoming! I love all of your beautiful and unique pieces…from your framed vintage music to the backing on your chicken coop! It all has come together so beautifully for spring! Happy Spring, Jen!

  6. Hi- Love the spring entry way!! Really lightens up the space and is so inviting. I would like to know the source of your Welcome Mat! Happy Spring!

  7. Thanks Kelly! I didn’t know you were a fellow singer! Trent and I met in college while pursuing our music degrees. He’s a drummer. It would be fun to get together and sing sometime!

    Thank you for your kind words – always love being on blog hops with you!

  8. Thanks Sonya – I just got the ironstone pitcher a few weeks ago from my mother in law and I absolutely love it!

  9. The light fixture is so gorgeous!!!

  10. I love how light and bright the space is. That ironstone picture is beautiful and I love how you tied in the sheet music, so fun.

  11. Holy cow, Jen! What a BIG difference – your entryway is so bright, open and welcoming. Also – such a smart idea for your chicken coop organizer! Happy Spring!

  12. It’s so bright and pretty Jen! Opening that wall was genius. I designed HVAC systems for years so I appreciate your efforts to not block the return, LOL!

  13. You are so creative with your style and design. The vintage music pieces are a lovely touch. And what a cool way to hide the vent! I never would have thought of that. Thanks for sharing and getting me ready for Spring decorating.

  14. I SO love the light and bright additions you made to your entryway. And yours is tiny, too! Seems like several of us have small entryways! Love the coop organizer, and so smart replacing the back! Pinned and shared!

  15. Jen I can’t believe how much light it lets in now! It’s just beautiful! I bet you smile every time you walk in. All of your hard work is paying off! You are so clever with how you adapted the furniture piece to work around your vent…love it! Pinned and so happy to be joining you!

  16. Jen, what a makeover~ You’ve demonstrated how easily a space can be brightened up. It’s so welcoming. Love your idea for replacing the backboard to allow the airflow. All your accessories give a wonderful spring touch. Happy to be joining you on the spring blog hop.

  17. You are so clever. I never would’ve thought to hide your return air vent that way. Your collection of creamers is the perfect way to welcome guests and your family back home.

  18. Hi Jen! Happy Spring. I absolutely adore your entryway and your little trick for allowing the airflow from the vent is genius. The wall removal really opened up your space so beautifully. Fist bump from a vocalist to a musician. Cheers.

  19. Thanks Cindy – I keep asking myself why we didn’t open that wall sooner! It’s so much better now!

  20. Opening up that wall was the best idea, it’s so nice to see through to the rest of the house! I love that light fixture, and your solution for the chicken coop organizer!

  21. Oh, thank you so much Paula! The artwork from the sheet music of that time was so beautiful! This came from a cousin as well. In fact, his name is what we named our oldest son which is an extremely unique name. So love displaying that little bit as well!

  22. Thanks for all your hard work on this blog hop, Leen! Lot’s of amazing ideas – and I’ve had a blast visiting everyone’s home!

  23. Hi Patti! Thanks so much for your kind words! I was so excited that I could find a new purpose for this old piece of furniture!

  24. Jen, your entryway is fresh and inviting. Perfect for spring. I love the chicken coop organizer that you used and what a clever way to keep it from blocking the vents. I’m definitely going to remember this great tip.

  25. Opening up that wall was a great idea, Jen! I love how bright your entryway is now.
    Great tip with the shelf backing. I love all the pretty pieces you used to make your entryway springy, especially those cute creamers!!

  26. Your entryway looks beautiful! You were so clever to think of a way to camouflage the return air vent. I only noticed it after you mentioned it. Being a lover of vintage, I really enjoyed seeing your sheet music and also the items that you used on your chicken coop organizer. I have lots and lots of framed sheet music displayed in my home. It is WWI era and belonged to a cousin.