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Our Experience Customizing a La-z-Boy Sectional

Shopping for custom furniture can be overwhelming. Here’s our experience customizing a La-Z-Boy Sectional and our review of the process.

We just completed our Family Room Makeover and one of the main elements of this room is our sectional couch. Here is my unbiased, unsponsored review of the purchasing process with La-Z-Boy home furnishings.

White living room with gray sectional sofa with camel and copper accents.

After multiple failed couches, Trent and I knew we finally needed to make a quality purchase that worked not just for our family, but for our budget also.

In the past 7 years, we have purchased 5 different sofas. We sold all but 1. My son uses the only sofa left for his college apartment.

We made the mistake of purchasing solely on price and not on quality. And the sofas didn’t hold up.

In our family of four, we are tall people. In fact, my oldest is 6’7″ and there’s a lot of heft with that size body. So in all fairness, I think our mistake started without thinking about the size of my men.

So Trent and I set out to find a quality piece of furniture with plenty of room that would hold up to the wear and tear of our family, while also giving us lasting power.

We were looking for spacious sectionals with deep seats that ultimately would give us a cozy place to hang.

Why did we choose a La-Z-Boy Sectional?

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When it came time to shop for a sectional, I looked to our friends and family and the purchases they made.

My mom has the same La-Z-Boy sofa with a pull out bed for almost 30 years and it is still very comfortable. It has survived moves, grand babies, and yes, even my big boys!

So that made me want to visit the La-Z-Boy Showroom to see what they offer. There were so many furniture choices with a variety of pieces with modern looks! They are so much more than superior recliner chairs, lemme tell ya!

I immediately steered clear of the sofas with the beverage holders since that doesn’t fit my decor style.

And we looked at the reclining sectional. Our family room is long and narrow. While the dual reclining is super cool to operate with a touch of a button and it offers extra versatility, our space was limited. So we moved on to the stationary sectionals.

We instantly fell in love with this Collins Sectional.

Collins Lazyboy sectional in the showroom

It was comfy and looked like it would fit our family of four perfectly for our movie nights.

I also liked the clean lines and timeless details of the rolled arms. Plus the wide seats would give everyone the space they needed with versatile seating options.

And most importantly, it was in our price range. We didn’t want to spend more than $3500 on this purchase, so this was in our budget.

We sat on this sofa for a long time. It’s worth moving from seat to seat as well as making sure to lean back as if this were yours.

But before we made the purchase we wanted to make sure it would fit in our space.

So we took down the measurements and came home and taped off the floor to see how it could fit in our finished basement.

And since I’m a design geek, I even went online to the La-Z-Boy website and used their 3D Room Planner to see how it would look.

It’s important to factor in your room size when considering sectional sofas.

Our room design limits us to setting up our family room in one orientation. Luckily for us, it was the perfect fit!

So we went back the next day to choose our fabric and place the order.

Customizing a La-Z-Boy Sectional

customizing a la-z-boy sectional with Fabric Swatches

We opted for a customizable Collins Sectional from La-Z-Boy after going home and making sure the measurements would fit our room.

So the next day, we went back to begin the customizing process.

And boy, do they have a variety of fabrics.

customizing a la-z-boy sectional with Fabric Swatch

In addition to a choice of fabrics, you could also upgrade the seat cushions to gel cushions, or add hidden sleepers to accommodate overnight guests.

In addition to these available upgrades, you can add nail head trim or choose contrasting fabric for an accent pillow. You can even select decorative wood legs for your customizable sectional sofa.

The various styles are endless and can be overwhelming!

Now if you aren’t sure where to begin with this process, La-Z-Boy offers free design services and design consultants to help you out. Their expert designers can a

How much do La-Z-Boy Sectionals cost?

After reading all the available options above, the price point can vary greatly. Not only can you upgrade cushions, fabrics and add a full sleeper piece, but you can also make the sectional larger or smaller to accommodate your room.

The range could be anywhere from $2k – $7K depending on the options you choose.

Since we were focusing on budget, we went with a basic quality fabric without any upgrades with the exception of accent pillows. I kept the fabric the same, but opted for their FeatherLite Comfort pillows.

For us, it all came down to cost. Our final price was around $3100 with tax.

I really liked the fabric on the floor model and kept going back to that again and again.

customizing a Lazyboy Collins Sectional
customizing a la-z-boy sectional with Fabric Swatch

It’s called Homerun in Silver and is a great neutral gray with a very slight black accent.

Since we want this sofa to last a long time, I tried to fast forward to when we eventually have grand babies and what would hide any spills or messes the easiest.

Plus, this quality fabric choice in the lower cost tier fit perfectly for our budget.

Customizing a La-Z-Boy sectional wasn’t that difficult once we narrowed down our fabric choice and eliminated the upgrades to help save on costs.

How long did the manufacturing process take?

Normally, this would have taken just a few months, but we placed this order during supply chain issues due to the pandemic.

So our sofa took 8 months from purchase to delivery date, which is an abnormally long time.

After we made the purchase, I went online and got one of their free fabric swatches. Having a swatch handy helps with other decor purchases for our room, like pillows and curtains.

And we ran into an issue when they delivered the sofa.

They sent 2 left arm sides by mistake. It seems that it was mixed up with another custom order.

Unfortunately, our tight deadline for the One Room Challenge posed problems in getting this room finally completed.

I explained this to customer service and they went above and beyond to help us get our sofa on time. Our local rep called us once a week giving us an update on the process for our wrong delivery.

The reveal date for the Family Room was Nov 18th and we got our replacement piece the Saturday before – just in time!

The customer service alone and how they handled this problem would make be want to purchase from them again. They took great care in making their error right!

Here’s how the sofa looks in our family room.

It’s the perfect sectional for this room and for our family!

The Collins Sectional does fill up this living space. But it’s the perfect place for our family time and movie nights.

Can a La-Z-Boy Sectional be ordered online?

Yes! Through the help of their online tools, I learned that you can easily order online with all the custom configurations you want!

They even offer virtual design services to help you with the process.

Are La-Z-Boy Sectionals comfortable?

We have only had the sofa for about a month, and I can tell it still needs to be broken in.

But even with that, the comfort meets our needs.

It’s definitely a next-level comfort and far superior than the cheaper couches we had in place before.

And the huge win for us is that our super tall son can actually fit fully on the sofa laying down!

Are La-Z-Boy sofas worth the money?

From our experience customizing a La-Z-Boy sectional in the middle of a pandemic while facing supply chain issues and a major delivery issue, we give a resounding yes even with all the hurdles.

It’s high-end style without the high-end price tag.

If you are looking for quick updates, than I wouldn’t recommend this route. But if you have time to design your perfect room, then this is definitely worth the time and money.

And remember, my mom has the same, super comfortable sofa from 30 years ago and it still looks good as new! The quality stands the test of time.

I hope this helps you out with any questions you have. And feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any other questions to ask.

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Our experience customizing a la-z-boy collins sectional

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