Top 10 DIY and Home Decor Posts of 2019

Sharing the best project ideas and room renovations from last year. Here are the top 10 DIY and home decor posts of 2019.

Another year in the books and it just feels like it’s flown by.

This past year held some big firsts for us. The one year anniversary of moving to Birmingham, the first year one for one son to start driving, the first year for my other son at an intensive fine arts school.

It also held some big firsts for my blog! The first time I attended the Haven Conference. And the first time a magazine came to photograph my home. The first time I collaborated with some of my all-time favorite brands.

And now it’s a year of new beginnings. But I feel like in order to move forward, it’s good to reflect on the success of the past.

So, that’s where you come in! I searched my analytics and found the top 10 posts I published last year that were crowd favs.

And if you’re new to Noting Grace, this is a perfect post for you! A great little round up of 2019! So, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Just for fun, we’ll do them New Year’s Eve style and count down to the most popular post of the year!

The Top 10 DIY and Home Decor Posts of 2019

10. How to Make New Corbels Look Old

9. How to DIY a Glass Farmhouse Front Door

how to DIY a glass farmhouse front door

8. Timeless Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

It took just six weeks to take my kitchen from meh to amazing - and I did it all for less than $1500! This timeless farmhouse kitchen remodel was done on a tight budget, working with counters I didn't love, but can now manage with this new look!

7. Cozy French Farmhouse Sunroom Renovation

6. $1000 DIY Bathroom Makeover that Doesn’t Look Cheap

5. Limewashing Your Home for Instant Curb Appeal

4. Limewashing Our New Home – When to DIY or DIFM

3. My $35 Flip: Easy Reupholstered Chair and Ottoman

When I found a chair for $35 on a buy/sell/trade site, I knew I could flip the chair into something perfect for my home. Here's an easy DIY reupholstered chair and ottoman that took just a few days to complete.

2. How to Build a Wall Mounted TV Cabinet

And the top post of 2019 is…..

1. Free Vintage Printable Artwork

Do you love Vintage Drawings as much as I do? Today, I'm sharing how to get Free Vintage Printable Artwork for your home!

What a fun year! I hope you enjoyed my recap of the top 10 DIY and home decor posts of 2019.

Looking at it now, all in one post, leaves me with wonder and excitement over all that we accomplished. We painted the exterior of our home and renovated 3 rooms in our home!

And I couldn’t do it without your encouragement and sweet words. I read each and every comment and love getting feedback from you! I hope you continue to follow along with our DIY adventures in this next year!

Stay tuned for my 2020 house renovation goals! I can’t wait to share what’s around the corner.

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