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Master Bedroom Mood Board

Earlier this week, I shared some major master bedroom inspiration I found across the web. Now I finally have a design idea and am sharing my master bedroom mood board with you!

Lay, lady, lay….. lay across my big black bed.

I know those aren’t the real lyrics, but come on! It fits this bed, doesn’t it?

Would you believe that once upon a time we considered selling this beautiful piece?

I’m so glad we didn’t!

This cannonball four poster with it’s curves was our first adult purchase we made.

You know – when you moved up from allen wrench put together beds to this beast.

Not that I’m against affordable furniture, but this one stole our hearts.

But the last 2 moves left some marks that need to be fixed.

We also got this fun cottage dresser and we still love the functionality.

I think I may swap out the mirror and leave it black, but I’m not sure yet.

I love the casual look of the knobs, but the black shows all kinds of dust.

And my no sew Wingback Chair may get a change.

I find it a little busy for this room, but I’ll know more once we get the paint on the walls.

And shortly after we moved in, we discovered this!

Our ceiling had a slow leak.

We’ve since replaced the roof, but now have to fix this problem.

We know our ceilings are wonky after working on our Master Bathroom and Bedroom Closet.

So we need to disguise that.

A few things we’ve already done to the room is to add a door for our closet and farmhouse trim around the doors.

When there isn't much time or money for decor, you have to be creative. These vintage farmhouse magnolia printables are perfect solution!

And the other thing we changed out was our ceiling fan. We found this fun farmhouse fan on clearance at Home Depot and went ahead and installed it.

I purchased this little grain sack pillow a few months back at Michaels and I loved the look.

This will be my inspiration for some new bedding.

I haven’t de-Minnie Pearl’ed the pillow yet! If you don’t get that reference, look it up and then you’ll have a good chuckle. 😉

So let’s see what we’ve got in store for this room of ours.

Master Bedroom Mood Board

  1. Bed – It’s the hero of the room and we love it so much, but since it’s been damaged in the past few moves, we plan to sand it down and have a beautiful, natural look.
  2. Accent wall – Ever since we painted the boys bathroom that dark charcoal, I’ve fallen in love with the color! We plan to paint the wall behind our bed Iron City.
  3. Ceiling Beams – We have a wonky ceiling and obvious repairs. Our plan is to scrape the popcorn and add some DIY Wood beams.
  4. Curtains – We haven’t had curtains in this room since we have our beautiful plantation shutters. I hope to find some beautiful ones for this room.
  5. Bedding – This will be the big ticket item. We haven’t changed our bedspread for 5 years! I love my Matelasse quilt, but I’ve got the itch to switch.
  6. Rug – I found a rug on clearance months ago and have had it stored in my basement. I can’t wait to bring it up and finally add it to the room.
  7. Nightstands – I hope to find some on Facebook Marketplace or maybe do a swaparoo with ones in the boys room. This one is undecided.
  8. Dresser – This is another decision I have to make. I am unsure whether to leave it black, sand it down to match the bed, or paint it a new color.
  9. Armchair – When I recovered this chair a few years ago, I loved the fabric, but now it seems a bit to noisy for this space. I need to figure out how to subdue this.
  10. DIY Wall Sconces – I found some vintage shutters for a steal months ago with this project in mind and I cannot wait to finally make these!

So that’s it in a nutshell! Stay tuned as we slowly bring this room to life.

And if you want to catch the behind the scenes details, be sure to follow us along on Instagram where we’ll share in our Instastories.

Let me know what you think of this design plan below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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