Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for something unique for your DIY-loving Father in your life? Check out these awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

collage of awesome Father's Day gifts

Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Let’s start with Trent’s favorite gift I’ve ever gotten him.

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

I’ve divided this collection by category to make it easy for the type of mom you have.

The decorating mom, the chef, the mom on the go, or the new mom and there’s many more.

These are some of my favorite things or things I already own or given, including gift ideas that I would enjoy receiving.

Just click the links below the photo to find the exact item.

GE Profile Nugget Ice Maker

Trent is a self-declared Ice Snob. He loves to crunch ice and will travel miles if he finds a store that has the very best ice.

GE Opal Cooler

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Now this is one of the priciest gifts on this list, But you have a fellow Ice Snob, then they will love this gift!

The ice is soft enough where it won’t damage your teeth. But it has enough of a crunch to satisfy.

Large Insulated Mug

What the good in having awesome ice, if you don’t have anything to put it in.

insulated mug

32 oz Insulated Tumbler

Trent regularly fills his mug with ice and it lasts days!

Really! Days!

This is super duper affordable and would be a great addition.

Igloo 28 qt Cooler

Does the Dad in your life love to fish, travel or tailgate? Check out this cooler.

Igloo 28 qt Cooler

It’s a perfect size cooler with wheels!

Not too bulky or heavy and looks really hip as well!

Nexgrill Propane Powered Griddle

The latest in grill gear! The griddle has been taking over patios like a storm.


Nexgrill Propane Griddle

This griddle is huge! And it’s an awesome addition for any grill master in your life.

Grill Tools

What’s the good of giving a griddle without adding tools? Or maybe just a set of new tools is all your guy needs.

Grilling Tools

Nexgrill Grill Tool Sets

These are quality stainless tools. And they are for less than $20 at Home Depot! Not bad, right?

Bose Portable Outdoor Speaker

It’s no secret that we are music lovers. And music is part of most of our everyday lives.

Bose outdoor portable speaker

Bose Outdoor Portable Speaker

This little speaker fits in the palm of your hand. But don’t be fooled – it creates an awesome sound.

Jabra Elite 85t Active Earbuds

When exercising or working with loud tools, these little earbuds are awesome.

jabra earbuds

Jabra Elite 85t Active Earbuds

Not only does Trent use these all the time, but I have a pair myself and I love them!

Ryobi 10 inch Table Saw

As avid DIYers, we have our fair share of tools. But when we got a table saw, it was a total game changer!

Table Saw

Ryobi 10 inch Table Saw

Store bought wood isn’t always the right size. Being able to cut wood to the exact width has helped with so many projects we’ve tackled.

210 Piece All in One Tool Kit

Now I have one of these in girly colors and truth be told, Trent grabs my kit more often than getting his own tools.

Tool Kit for DIYer

210 piece All-In-One Tool Kit

This is a great tool starter kit for any budding DIYer!

Bosch 165 foot Laser Measuring Tool

If you have a gadget loving DIY-er, then they will totally geek out on this tool like Trent did.

Bosch laser measurer

Bosch 165 Foot Laser Measuring Tool

This is a bluetooth tool that works with an app which means you don’t have mess with a measuring tape. Plus you don’t need to write anything down!

I hope you enjoy these ideas for the dad in your life.

Or share this with your loved one if they have no idea what to get you for Father’s Day!

collage of awesome Father's Day gifts

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