7 Decorating Ideas for Spring

Are you looking for something new and fresh to style your home for the new season? Here are 7 decorating ideas for Spring that I know you’ll love!

I love Spring – it’s one of my favorite seasons.

But it’s sometimes challenging to find new and creative ways to add spring decor to your home without breaking the bank!

My friend, I got you!

And I’ve been there. So I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas with you to help you find creative ways to style your home this year!

7 Decorating Ideas for Spring

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This is by far the easiest way to add hints of Spring to your home.

I’m always on the hunt for the best faux florals.

Spring Sunroom

They can easily be reused year after year.

And if you are horticulturally challenged like me, then this helps with the lack of green thumbs!


Spring Sunroom

Nothing says Spring to me more than the soft hues of pastels.

I love to add them with either glass bottles, soft colored pillows, or again – with florals.

By sprinkling these colors in your home, you can easily change the feel of the room.

Which is why I love to make the majority of my rooms neutral.

So when it’s time to add a pop of color, it easily blends in.

Glass Bottles

I love to collect vintage glass bottles.

Some of the colors are absolutely beautiful!

TIP: Here’s my secret trick to cleaning Vintage Bottles.

But I also love medicine bottles. The tinier the better!

The way the glass refracts the light in Springtime is just so pretty!

Moss and Boxwoods

Moss thrives in Spring with all the wet weather.

So it’s a great way to add that element of Spring to your home by adding it to your decor.

Moss bowls, mossy bunnies and wrapped balls – I could go on!

But I also love adding boxwoods to my decor.

Woven Textures

Adding elements of texture to your decor adds depth and dimension.

Plus it can be used with multiple seasons, so it’s a great investment to make.

Birds and Birds Nests

Everybody has some sort of memory that involves finding a birds nest filled with colorful eggs.

And it always happens in Spring!

White Pottery or Milkglass

If you’ve been to Noting Grace before, then you know I love collecting milk glass and miniature pictures.

So adding them to my Spring Tablescapes and decor is an almost guarantee!

If you were stuck on ideas on how to create Spring in your home, then I hope these ideas sparked some inspiration.

Look around your home and use what you already have!

Let me know if you incorporate any of these 7 decorating ideas for Spring this season – send me a pic. I would love to see what you created!

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Are you looking for something new to style your home for the new season? Here are 7 decorating ideas for Spring that I know you'll love!

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  1. Jen, these are all such beautiful ideas for Spring!! Love all 7!!!