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Basement Makeover Progress: Painting

Little by little we are making progress on our family room and it’s amazing what a can of paint can do! This is our basement makeover progress: painting and scraping the ceiling.

One Room Challenge Week 3 Basement Family Room Progress: Paint

This week has been filled with so many ups and downs and continuing challenges.

And there is one huge curveball that almost broke me down.

But is that going to stop me from giving this room the much needed update? No way!

Here is how it’s going.

Basement Makeover Progress: Painting

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We finally were able to dive into the painting this week, but we had to tackle a huge project first.

One thing I couldn’t wait to get rid of in this room is the popcorn ceiling.

For some reason, they applied the popcorn really thick on our basement ceiling.

woman spraying water on ceiling to prepare to scrape the ceiling

So, I got to work tackling that ceiling.

We have popcorn in every. single. room. of this house! blech

woman scraping a popcorn ceiling

As of now, we have scraped 12 of the 19 rooms that have popcorn ceilings.

So I have a few tricks by now on how to scrape ceilings with as little mess as possible.

And Trent has added a new trick to ceiling scraping.

man wearing plastic bag hat, goggle, and breathing mask scraping popcorn ceilings
man wearing plastic bag hat, goggle, and breathing mask scraping popcorn ceilings

Yup – he’s sporting a grocery bag ‘do-rag!

Since he’s grown out his hair – the few popcorn flakes were getting lost in his gray curls.

So this was his solution! LOL

Well it worked, because we were able to get rid of all that popcorn!

Popcorn Ceiling Halfway scraped

The tricky part was the ceiling over our stairs.

Ugh – the stairs!

ladder on stairway for painting

They continue to bring challenges for us.

Last week, we weren’t sure what we were going to do about the stair treads and the huge gaps we found under the carpet.

We finally decided to replace the treads instead of trying to fix the issues that were there.

We found some pine stair treads for under $12. I figured that $175 was worth the price of a huge headache saved by replacing each treads.

We went with pine, mainly for the cost, especially since we planned on painting them.

Before we can replace the stairs, we wanted to get the painting finished on the stairs first.

But we found a solution to help navigate the ladder on those stairs.

Pivot for Ladder on Stairs

This is the Pivit Ladder Tool.

Such a genius tool with super grippy feet that makes the ladder go nowhere.

But since the love of my life was climbing this tricky spot, I still put my full bodyweight against the Pivit to make sure it would go nowhere!

We finally got the entire ceiling scraped and were ready to start painting.

Since our basement was so dark, I went for a light and bright white to help reflect the little light that does come in this room.

We are using Romabio Paints Interior Matte in my custom color, Grace Note.

Romabio Interior Paint Matte bucket

I love Romabio for their natural, VOC-free products. Their interior paints are made from potassium silicate and remain active for years as breathing paints.

Meaning – they continue to absorb CO2.

This is perfect for my dank basement that would sometimes have a musty smell.

Man painting ceiling

We plan to paint the ceiling and walls the same color for ease and continuity.

I was hoping to have all painting finished this week, but we still have one more coat to do.

That stairway definitely took longer than anticipated.

And then there was the hiccup in my grand plan.

Well, one thing the One Room Challenge is notorious for is throwing curveballs.

When we made over our kitchen, we didn’t have our apron front sink in time for the reveal.

And usually it happens closer to the end. However, my curve ball came super early for this challenge.

Back in February, we placed an order with La-Z-Boy for their Collins Sectional and it was schedule to arrive this week. And it did get delivered.

But with two left arms!!


This sectional that took 8 months to build came wrong! So I’m hoping and praying that they are able to get the replacement piece within the next 5 weeks.

If not, I’ll have to show the reveal with what I have.


Oh well.

We will just keep trucking along with our to do list!

Plans for Next Week

Painting is on the menu for this next week! I want to make sure the ceiling is painted before our sectional (hopefully) gets delivered.

And I have to get the popcorn off the ceiling over the stairs, so we’ll need to find some ingenuity for that task!

Here are my goals:

  • Start preparing the accent wall
  • Finish painting the walls and ceiling
  • Start replacing the stair treads

Be sure not to miss this season’s Featured Designers and the Guest Participants links at the One Room Challenge weblink up! As always, special thanks to the One Room Challenge media Sponsor, Better Homes and Garden and to Linda – owner and creator of the One Room Challenge.

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