Our 2022 House Goals and Resolutions

Anyone else ready for a new start? We have BIG 2022 house goals and resolutions for our home and we hope we’ll be able to reach them all! 😉

Ever get so close to a goal you can see the finish line? Well, that’s where we are with a couple of things with our home.

And a few of them are, well… daunting to say the least.

But it’s all about progress over perfection, right? (I need to have that phrase on repeat for this year!)

Here are all the details of the big plans we have coming up. If I’ve learned anything from this pandemic, it’s to give ourselves buckets of grace and learn to go with the flow.

But putting it all out here in writing will help hold me accountable to get these items checked out the list.

Here’s our 2022 House Goals and Resolutions

1. Finish the Basement (3 goals)

We are so close, y’all. Over the past few years, we have completed our Music Studio, our Son’s room, a workout room, and most recently our Basement Family Room.

All that is left are 4 spaces, and one space, which is our laundry room, will not make it on the list this year. That is a HUGE project.

So here are the other three spaces I hope to get to.

  • The Bathroom This is my son’s bathroom which sits unused most of the year while he’s away at college. We plan to pinch every penny and reuse as many resources and materials as possible to make it affordable.
  • The Kitchenette This is another rarely used room that should be quick to finish. Since our basement is entertainment industrial themed, I thought it would be super funny to create a “Green Room” where our guests can go if they need a refreshment whenever they are here for lessons or rehearsals.
  • Our Craft Room A lofty idea and kind of an afterthought, but this ties hand in hand with the Green Room. It would be nice to reorganize my decor storage and create an easier access through our kitchenette.

2. Paint our Living Room

Last year, I was finally able to get the fireplace of my dreams and a few updated pieces of furniture, but the walls and ceiling have still been untouched.

Romabio Lime slurry Fireplace with gas logs

I would love to finally paint the walls and scrape the popcorn ceiling in this room to create a room I love.

Hopefully we can replace the ceiling fan as well as update our DIY Wall Mounted TV Cabinet.

3. Build a Firepit

Were you around for the backyard car fiasco of 2021?

Back in October, Birmingham had record breaking rain in one evening. This is what happened – thankfully no one was hurt, but the result is a torn up back yard.

I would love to fix the yard and install a fire pit for our family to use.

4. Landscaping

This needs to become a year after year, little by little project for us. Our house was previous owned by renters and the landscaping is abysmal.

We really need to reseed our lawn and start planting and transplanting some shrubs.

Check out this Birmingham home I’ve stared at for years as my inspo:

This is going to take some time for us, but we would love to enjoy the landscaping that surrounds our home.

Which brings me to another outdoor project.

5. Finish our Covered Patio

This has been on our to do list for many many years, but things continue to push it off of our to do list.

But this would round out our downstairs projects nicely!

Here’s a post I created with some of my favorite patios.

Covered Patio Inspiration and Plans

6. Purge and Minimize

This is a big one for me.

I love collecting certain items, but I’ve slowly started feeling like I’m drowning in all my stuff.

This article has been a huge help for me and I’m creating a game plan for the year ahead.

Our biggest goal is to create a home that we love. Sometimes that means trying on a bunch of different things until you find you in your home. I’m stepping away from farmhouse type decor, and am discovering how to incorporate vintage items with new decor.

7. Update our Kitchen – maybe

I know that we have already given our kitchen a much needed makeover a few years ago.

But when we tackled it, I knew it was a bandaid fix.

Unfortunately, kitchen remodels are not cheap, so like our landscaping, we may have to slowly chip away at this room little by little so we can afford a kitchen that I love like this one!

So that’s our 2022 House Goals and Resolutions, but again, I’m learning to hold on loosely to this list and allow room for life to happen.

Do you have any big project plans of your own on the horizon?

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