Top 10 DIY Projects from 2021

2022 is just around the corner and I’m already scrambling for ideas for the upcoming year. But there are lots of good projects we just completed. Here are my top 10 DIY projects from 2021.

I’m super excited for the upcoming projects we have on the horizon.

But before we hang out and paint a few rooms and scrape some more ceilings and update some landscaping and our patio and possibly update our kitchen…again.

Before all that happens can we press pause and take a look back?

Just in case you missed them or maybe forgot?

Just in case you have a project folder that needs a few ideas for your own home?

Sometimes seeing how far you’ve come means looking back on what you’ve accomplished.

And 2021 was a pretty good year.

Top 10 DIY Projects from 2021

10. How to disguise an ugly air vent

Our hideous return air vent was the not-so-welcoming committee that greeted you when you came to our front door.

And I needed to find a solution that still allowed the air to flow.

cabinet with brass mesh wire backing

It’s so much easier than you think.

I have an entire tutorial on how we updated an existing cabinet to help hide this eyesore.

9. This idea for repurposing an old piano

We are a home full of musicians and we take the love of instruments seriously.

But what happens when they don’t work anymore?

You repurpose it into something amazing!

This idea is (almost) free and will create a stunning statement piece for your home.

You can see the entire project here.

8. How to make a plastic planter look like concrete

I’ve made outdoor planters before, but wanted something new for this year.

I came up with this idea because concrete planters can be expensive and I can never find any at a comfortable price point.

All you need are plastic planters, paint and these instructions.

You can see the instructions here.

7. How to make DIY abstract artwork

I added this project in case you need something simple.

This is the simplest of all the ideas on this (maybe that’s why it’s been pinned on Pinterest so many times).

The artwork is made with an old framed print and some acrylic paint.

And it’s super simple to do!

You can see it here.

6. How to lime slurry a fireplace

This was my favorite DIY of the year.

This is the perfect project if you are wanting to update your dated fireplace brick.

We used a new product and created my dream fireplace.

Jen from Noting Grace applying Romabio Marmorino GF to divots in her brick fireplace

And it only took us about 3 days!

Then we added new gas logs and it’s a dreamy makeover.

You can see the entire project and how it turned out.

5. How to recover an ottoman with faux leather

This project was for our basement remodel.

tufting an ottoman with faux leather

I needed a fresh new look for our updated basement family room and our old ottoman just wasn’t working.

So I gave it a new look with these reupholstery tips.

And I love how it looks in our new-to-us room!

You can see the project here.

4. How to install laminate flooring over concrete

This is the in-progress shot of our flooring install in our music studio.

We had horrible concrete floors and needed an economic way to give them an updated look.

We completely transformed this space in a weekend.

You can see the project here.

3. How to widen an existing doorway

This was our scariest DIY of the year.

But we conquered our fears!

removing the drywall from the other side of the wall

Our living room is super dark and we needed more light for this room.

So that meant ripping out an interior wall!

And what a difference it made.

You can see the project here.

2. How to update dated basement stairs

This was part of the basement makeover we just completed.

I wanted new stairs, but didn’t want to start from scratch.

So we found a solution that worked perfectly for this space.

You can see the project here.

1. How to remodel your finished basement

I saved the best for last.

We took a barely used room and turned it into a space that we can’t get enough of.

This is the DIY project that made the biggest difference with our home.

You can see the project here.

See what I mean? 2021 was a really good year for DIYs.

But with my upcoming plans, 2022 is going to BE EVEN BETTER.

Stay tuned. 🙂

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