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Tips, Trends and Inspiration for a Bathroom Refresh

I’m excited to share my most recent chat with Wayfair and bring you some tips, trends and inspiration for a bathroom refresh.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over this past year, it’s that we’ve spent more time than ever in our home. Combine that with craving more personal space to relax and unwind, there’s a strong trend to include elements that can create a cozy home. And your bathroom is a great place that you can refresh and update to create a calming atmosphere.

Since moving into our Meadowbrook home, we have tackled two bathroom makeovers without using a general contractor. Small bathroom updates are an easy way to increase value to your home. So, it’s a good reason to stay on top of bathroom design trends.

Here is my Q&A with Wayfair along with some bathroom ideas and design elements that I love.

Tips, Trends and Inspiration for a Bathroom Refresh
Image Credit: Wayfair

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Tips, Trends and Inspiration for a Bathroom Refresh

The Wayfair Q & A with Jen of Noting Grace

Wayfair: What are the top 3 pieces that you like to update seasonally in your bathroom?

Jen: Bathrooms are a great way to make easy updates without a lot of cost. Whenever I’m out shopping, I’m always looking out for a few of my favorite bathroom accessories to make some quick fixes.

The easiest way to refresh your bathroom is with a new set of towels. Since I tend to replace these often, I skip the splurge and go for a soft, but economical set. Bright whites are my go to color and I love organic materials. You can choose lots of different materials in neutral colors that will last each season.

Another piece I love to change with the season are storage bins and containers. Bathroom storage is always a challenge and I love the natural materials best and a new basket always helps the room smell fresh, too. It’s the best way to add storage space to a smaller bathroom while adding your own personal style to the room.

And lastly, for the season, I try to add a small pop of color. Something that either speaks to the season or a favorite color of mine. If you have a neutral bathroom, it’s a simple way to create new looks for your room.

Wayfair: Are there any must-have decor pieces that you incorporate on your countertops in order to make it feel calm?

Jen: Simplicity is the key. A cluttered counter can look chaotic, so I like to use baskets and containers to hide those everyday items away. I also incorporate beautiful containers to pour my soaps and lotions into so that everything is uniform and tidy. It’s a small change that makes a huge difference in your room.

Greenery is another item I love to add to my counters. A small plant – be it real or faux – is a great way to bring nature inside. And keeping with a minimalist bathroom style helps invoke that tranquil feeling. It’s a nice touch to add to a powder room as well.

Think about what your bathroom needs and try to find the best option and solution for that problem to make the space feel like home to you.

Wayfair: Moving on to design aesthetics, what finishes and patterns do you like to add to your bath space?

Jen: Gone are the days when all the finishes need to match. It’s very common to see mixed metal finishes with stainless steel bathroom fixtures and shower heads, brass mirrors and black knobs all used in the same space. With Cottagecore being a new trend on the market, embracing simplicity and comfort is at the core.

It’s a small space, so by keeping the room simple with neutral tones on the bathroom walls is a popular choice. A popular trend is to add a focal point with an accent wall with a bold color.

I love a style that feels like home. So I incorporate wood tones, like cedar beams or mirrors combined with aged brass elements, either in knobs, lighting or accessories. And while I love the look of white marble, the cost of porcelain tile is more my preference and there are lots of fun tile patterns to explore.

Wayfair: What type of light fixtures do you prefer in your bathroom?

Jen: I love to add lighting fixtures that will last a long time. The good news is that there are many options at affordable prices, so if you want to swap out your lighting the next year, it still won’t break the bank.

Currently, I’m crushing on antique brass with clean lines. It’s a classic design that has lasted years, so it’s a good option to check out.

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We have made over two bathrooms since moving into our home. The first bath renovation was our master bathroom, where we did some major changes with a Vintage Farmhouse Feel. This didn’t have any natural light, so we thought it would be a great idea to keep everything light and bright.

We removed the old tub and created a walk-in shower with large-format tile while also turning an antique washstand into a vanity.

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The second bathroom renovation was our boys bathroom that we completed for less than $1000. Economical changes were the bottom line to makeover that bathroom. We went with a contemporary bathroom design for our boy’s bathroom that included a double vanity and black matte finishes. We were able to update the room without it being a major bathroom remodel.

Since we painted the bathroom tiles as well as the bathroom floor, we were able to update this space in not a lot of time.

By using what we had and giving it a quick refresh, we were able to take this date bathroom and give it a modern feel with a contemporary design.

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But that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to make some fresh changes to these spaces. Here are some of my favorite ideas that I’m loving!

Bathroom Refresh Inspiration 

Gone are the days of white, sterile looking rooms. I love how the growing trend is to bring back color. I personally would steer clear of dark colors for any permanent items, like tile. Small bathrooms can feel overwhelming with too much color, so stick with a consistent bathroom scheme that still invokes a calming atmosphere.

Luxury is another hot trend that is up and coming. Waterfall shower heads, an open shower, free-standing tubs, smart showers, smart toilets – anything that evokes luxury for you – is what is in for the latest bathroom trends. Natural stone can be pricey, but if your budget allows, a bathroom may be an ideal place to incorporate this new feature in your home.

If you need help finding ideas for your home, with each new year, there are tons of trends that are released. Here are some of my favorites I found.

I’m excited to share my most recent chat with Wayfair and bring you some tips, trends and inspiration for a bathroom refresh.
Image Credit: Wayfair
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The mixture of woods and whites is calming. Subway tile is a classic and will stand the test of time. And notice the greenery and use of soft green colors. Just beautiful!

I’m excited to share my most recent chat with Wayfair and bring you some tips, trends and inspiration for a bathroom refresh.
Image Credit: Wayfair

This giant freestanding tub is calling to me. And it’s perfection paired with all those woven and wood elements.

I’m excited to share my most recent chat with Wayfair and bring you some tips, trends and inspiration for a bathroom refresh.
Image Credit: Wayfair
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Creating a bathroom you love doesn’t have to break the bank nor does it need to be a complete overhaul! I hope these tips, trends and inspiration for a bathroom remodel inspire you to give your new space an update.

Head over to Wayfair to see more design ideas for your bathroom. It’s the perfect place to see the latest trends to take your bathroom space to the next level.

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