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Limewashing Your Home for Instant Curb Appeal

We moved into this home just 8 months ago and we hated the look of the exterior of this home. Today, I’m sharing how Limewashing your Home for instant curb appeal can create a home that you love.

Now I adore our new home with this updated look!

Romabio Paints Limewash in Avorio White

This is our second home we have lime washed and it’s amazing to see a home transform in just one week.

We used Romabio’s Classico Limewash in Avorio White to achieve this look. What I love about this product is how easy it is to apply.

Romabio Paints in Avorio White

We opted for a lightly distressed look. Romabio’s Classico Limewash is meant to age and patina over time, and we wanted to be able to see that weathering happen.

Limewashing your Home for instant curb appeal with Romabio Paints in Avorio White
Romabio Paints Avorio White

When we Limewashed our last home, we chose a completely opaque look with that same desire to watch it distress. However, life gave us a curveball and we moved just a few months after applying the lime wash.

We got a full price offer that first weekend. I credit that quick of a sale to the instant curb appeal our home had after we applied our lime wash.

It’s an easy process if you want to do-it-yourself, or you can find a recommended pro and have them do it for you! I wrote an entire post on helping you make that decision.

For this home, we did all of the lime washing with the exception of our chimney stack. We aren’t too fond of heights and the slope of our roof was too risky for us, so we opted to hire that portion out.

For our front porch, we opted to lime wash the steps – but note – limewash is not meant for high traffic areas. It will definitely weather very quickly.

Romabio Paints Avorio White

We have plans to update our front porch, but aren’t quite sure what we will do yet. So this is a temporary application until we figure out our plan.

I made sure to apply this very lightly, to help it weather faster.

We just love our home! And what a transformation just a bit of work and about a week can do!




We’ve added some fun details to our front porch – you should check it out!

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  1. That’s a great question, Steph! You can apply it to be completely opaque and it may take some time for any weathering to show. We limewashed our house 4 years ago and it still looks the same as it did!

    Hope that helps and good luck with your project!

    Jen and Trent

  2. Love this!
    Is it possible to apply the limewash so it’s totally opaque? And how long does it take to weather?

  3. Hi Maris – Our siding was existing, so we didn’t make any changes there. However, the shutters were painted with Tricorn Black and the front door is custom color from Romabio Paints that you can purchase on Amazon. The full tutorial can be found here:

    How to DIY a Glass Farmhouse Front Door

  4. What an amazing transformation.. to both!! Would love to know your color choices. You mentioned trim colors with the Nube… What trim colors did y’all use with the 2nd, the Avario? I’m considering SW Snowbound & Tricorn for doors.
    Truly appreciate all information & help..:)

  5. Great Question! We used almost 2 4 gal buckets for the front. Our grout is really deep which means all those little ledges add up!

  6. How much paint did you use for the front? It’s beautiful!

  7. Hi Anita! Great question! We specifically used a garden hose with a spray nozzle attached and sprayed the brick standing about 6 feet away from the brick. Always start further back if you don’t want to remove as much. Hope that helps!

  8. Looks beautiful!! I read your reply that you waited 30 minutes before distressing but then what specifically did you do? Use a garden hose or a sponge etc.? I love the look you achieved and want to try it myself.

  9. Hi Terri – that’s a great question! We wanted our distressing for this house to be very slight, so we waited almost 30 minutes before distressing the brick. That allowed for the Limewash to absorb into the brick more and not rinse away as much.

  10. What method of distressing did you use for your 2nd home? Looks lovely!!

  11. Hi Judson! Thanks so much for reaching out! That’s a great question. Our limewash still looks amazing! I just shared a post about updating our front porch and have pictures showing our exterior a year later. You should check it out!

  12. The transformation looks amazing.

    You are approaching a year from when you posted this project.

    How has the limewashed weathered over the last year? Does it still look great?

    thanks so much

  13. Hi Vianne! Thank you so much for reaching out and for your kind words!

    Our current home has the vinyl siding next to our brick and it looks fine. You would have to choose a color that compliments your vinyl siding best in order for it to match. What color is your siding?

  14. We are closing on a new home in just a few weeks… I have been planning to limewash from the day we found this home.. but the sidings isn’t wood. Its vinyl. Do you have any experience with this or any recommendations? Love BOTH your lime washed homes!!!

  15. It looks SO GOOD! High five girlfriend!o