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Top 10 Posts of 2020 – Check Out What We Accomplished!

I love to look back at the end of each year and see all the things we accomplished in our home. This is our Top 10 Posts of 2020. Plus a look at what’s ahead!

Are you a list maker like me?

I find so much joy in crossing things off my to do list. In fact, if I do an extra task, I’ve been known to write it on the list, just so I can immediately cross it off!

I look forward to this post every year, because it gives me a chance to look back and see if I got all my to dos completed.

And lemme tell ya, 2020’s list didn’t get completed. The year itself was quite a challenge, but we had a few blessings that we are happy about.

I was featured in 2 of my favorite magazines and my husband started a business in the midst of a pandemic that turned out to have a successful first year.

While my list won’t be complete I’m still hopeful, because seeing which posts were the most popular helps me to figure out what to do for 2021!

Top 10 Posts of 2020

In true New Year style, let’s do this like a countdown, starting with the 10th most popular post and working our way down to #1 – and I was certainly surprised by what was the #1 slot!

If you want to visit the post, simply click the blue link and it will take you to the post where you can read all the details.

10. 7 Tips for a Successful Refinishing Project

9. Blue and Blush Spring Sunroom

8. Modern French Country Bedroom Refresh

7. Making a Ceramic Lamp New Again

6. 3 Secret Tricks to Removing Popcorn Ceilings

5. Chunky Knit Yarn Covered Pumpkins

4. How to Make Old Shower Doors New Again

3. DIY Faux Cedar Beams

2. DIY Ceiling Planks From Laminate Flooring

And the number 1 post of 2020 is…..

1. How to Install and Mortar Wash a Herringbone Brick Patio

So, looking back on my 2020 to do list, here’s what I had planned:

√ Master Bedroom Makeover
√ Boys’ Room Makeovers – you can see the reveal here.
Basement Kitchenette Makeover
Update the Basement Stairs
Refresh the Basement Bathroom
Build a Firepit
Repaint the Deck
√ Update the Front Porch

As you can see, we didn’t even tackle half the items on our to do list, but there were a few curve balls thrown our way. But we created a guest bedroom for my Mom to come visit and that took priority over other rooms.

What about our goals for 2021?

Some of what’s on last year’s list will roll over to this year, like the tackling some of the rooms in our basement as well as finishing our patio to create a wonderful outdoor place to relax.

Trent is also working on our music room and I thought that would be a fun and different kind of space to share!

And I am also hoping to share our 3 phase plan to create an open living space by knocking down some walls in our home!

I’m always honored that you take the time to visit my blog and follow along with our projects. If you want to see some behind the scenes shenanigans, then you can follow along over on our instagram page.

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