How to Know God’s Will and Sunday Grace Notes

Wouldn’t we love to know the will of God for all the tiny details in our lives? Here are the best tips and it’s not that complicated!

How do I know the will of God?

Isn’t that a question we have asked a hundred times?

Should we buy this house?

Should I leave my job?

Who should I marry?

The list goes on and on and it really boils down to a few key things.

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How to Know God’s Will

Think about baking a cake.

Could you do it without the recipe?

What if you didn’t have the list of ingredients?

It would be an utter disaster! And that is the case with moving forward in life by not seeking God in all that we do.

And sometimes that means going against the flow of what everyone else is doing.

Paul tells us in Romans 12:2, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

So where do you start?

Follow Scripture.

If you want to know God’s will for your life, start by becoming a student of the word of God.

Be consumed with God’s word.

Spend time learning what God desires you to do and then, by the power of the Holy Spirit and enabled by grace, seek to obey.

Charles Swindoll, once said, “The better you get to know the Word of God, the less confusing is the will of God. Those who struggle the least with the will of God are those who know the Word of God best.”

All through Scripture, God makes it pretty clear on what to do and what not to do.

He tells us how to live and gives us the strength to endure life’s challenges.

And after a little time, you will discover that God’s general will for your life as a Christian is not that mysterious.

In Micah 6:8, God has shown us His will: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. 

These are not specific commands, but rather principles which we are expected to make use of in our daily life.

And in Matthew 22, Christ said that we are to love the Lord your God with all our heart soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Focus on His Revealed Will.

Isn’t our desire to know all about the tiniest details in our lives?

Too often people speak of “God’s will” as if there is some super secret plan, hoping for glimpses which are only revealed to the superholy.

But those are the hidden elements of His will that we won’t know.

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

Deut 29:29

The secret things, we are told, “belong to the LORD our God” (Deut. 29:29), “but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever.” 

Just as scripture says, if we focus on his revealed will found in scripture, then we can ultimately find His will through His word.

In fact, all throughout the Bible we are told to go out and do God’s will

And it is something that can be commanded to us without a list of directions or ingredients like a cake recipe.

So what is His revealed will?

Those verses listed above are a good start.

Don’t look for answers elsewhere.

In order to do God’s will, the Christian doesn’t need to look for some special revelation, or wait for an extra inward signal from God. 

Many times, we are willing to compromise trusting God by seeking for approval from others instead of approval from God.

We need to remember that we won’t discover God’s plan for our lives through divination, opinions, feelings, readings, God winks and gut reactions.

The answer is to choose love and obey.

In John 14, Jesus says that if you love Him, then you will obey Him.

And obedience isn’t a duty, like a command to your sweet puppy.

Obedience is the result and a response of love to the mercies of God bestowed on us from a faithful creator.

Any work of charity that we do for others, if it is truly fueled by our love for God, will be His will for our life.

It’s your heart that needs to be changed.

We can change our behavior, but only the God of peace can change our heart.

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The Latest with Us

Life continues to challenge us with trying to balance work, life, and all the things we hope to get done with organizing our home.

But I’m giving us grace as we learn a new rhythm.

And sometimes, that takes time.

And that is okay. At least, that’s the phrase I have on repeat this past season.

Projects and inspiration can come to a halt, but you just keep plugging away and doing the best you can when you can.

New Happenings

We have been tackling our Kitchen.

But then, family came for a visit, a much needed vacation away happened, and all the back to school shenanigans put that project on pause for almost 2 months now.

Our goal is to get back at it sooner than later! And we’ll be sharing the progress, of course!

My Favorites from the Week

Since I’m working on all things Dining Room, I am excited to share some of my favorite finds for the room.

Like these paintable outlet covers. Total game changer for me!

These linen curtains were the perfect match to our wall finish.

And since I love to display my tarnished silver, this 2 pack curtain rod set in pewter fits perfectly.

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