Selling Your Home Series – Curb Appeal

Today, in our Selling Your Home Series, I will talk about the importance of Curb Appeal along with some very ugly before pictures of my house.

How I sold my Home in 10 days and got a full price offer!: A great series loaded with tips to get your home to sell fast!

We’ve all done it, the “drive-by” to check out a house before scheduling a listing.  What are you looking for?

There can be a lot said about a house before you even step foot inside.  I know that many of us bloggers can look beyond the blemishes and find the diamond in the rough, but not everyone does.  

That’s why it’s important to make sure you draw the buyer in from the moment they see the house with curb appeal.

We all know the importance of trimming bushes, keeping the lawn mowed, pulling weeds and cleaning up the yard, but make sure you don’t miss the details that often get overlooked.  

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are prepping the outside of your house for sale.

Curb Appeal Tips

Visibility: Make sure the house numbers are easy to see and consider new ones if it would improve the look from the street.

Clean up the clutter.  Put away the hose, lawn equipment, trash cans – even the kid’s toys. And while I know that garden gnome your great aunt gave you has sentimental meaning, save it away for your next house.  Remember, that’s personal to you, but may be unappealing to a prospective buyer.

Look at your walkways.  Are they dirty? Or they may be like mine, covered in bike tire mark from kids riding up to my front door! Consider pressure washing the walkways and front porch and check for any cracks that may need repairs.

Make your house sparkle!! Clear cob webs and spray down the house or repaint if needed.  Scrub the front door.  Give it a fresh coat of paint if it’s weathered and worn. Polish door knobs and knocker.  How’s that Welcome mat? Do you have dirty windows or screens? The front door is the first thing a buyer will touch on your house.  Make it look fresh and inviting before they enter your home.

Add a planter with fresh flowers.  Did you know that yellow is the color of choice for flowers?  It’s such a welcoming color and many websites suggest that yellow evokes a buying emotion, so put a fresh potted plant by the door with a bright pop of color!

Check that the Entry Light and Doorbell are working.  Also, consider leaving the outside lights on while your home is listed.  So many drive-by’s happen in the evening, after work and you want your house to look bright and welcoming!

So step outside and really look at the curb appeal of your house with different eyes.  

You can get your house updated in a weekend with minimal cost and a little elbow grease.

Check out how this house looks now!

How I sold my Home in 10 days and got a full price offer!: A great series loaded with tips to get your home to sell fast!

Read the next post in this series where we’ll talk about Neutral Decor.

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