My Vintage Kitchen Table Makeover

Sometimes a $50 find can become your favorite piece in your room. Here’s how my vintage kitchen table makeover created a space that I love.

Are you addicted to the Facebook Marketplace like me? I check out the latest listings a few times each day.

I notice that I hardly visit Craigslist anymore now that the marketplace is so easily accessible.

When I stumbled upon this table, I was so excited.

This vintage kitchen table was in need of love and I was the one to give it!

That’s what Noting Grace is all about – noticing those discarded items and showing them grace to revive them into the pieces they are wanting to become.

Now it had some funky feet happening and I knew I had to remedy that.

Since my house is filled with very tall men, leg clearance under table skirts are a topic of discussion.

Which is what was happening in the picture above. The couple I bought it from added those bun feet to raise the height for his legs to fit.

I exchanged the $50 and knew I was getting a steal for this vintage table.

Once it was in my garage, I started to inspect the piece.

The skirting and legs were fine, but the table top needed some attention.

Years of cutting Butterick patterns created this beautiful patina.

And I LOVED all those marks! But the stain worn away in one spot from years of abuse, which meant I needed to sand it.

My Vintage Kitchen Table Makeover

I started with 80 grit to get through all the shellac, careful not to go too deep to remove those cutter wheel marks.

I moved up in grit until it was smooth. This is the sanding block I love to use.

Here’s a side by side.

I was so happy to see those marks still in place!

Continuing to the other side, I kept with the same process until it was completely clear of stain.

I love the look of natural wood and normally have kept it as is, but since this was going to be used daily, I wanted to keep the integrity of the piece intact.

Early American stain and wipe on poly were the perfect match to the original legs and skirt.

I applied two coats of each and it looked brand new!

And those cut marks still came through all the shine!

Since this table didn’t come with a leaf, I noticed that it was easy to pull apart. We screwed two pieces of wood on the under side of the table to keep it from pulling apart.

All that was left was to figure out how to raise the table. So I flipped it over and was so excited to find this!

In true vintage form, this table once had wheels and those holes were still there!

I found these caster feet on Amazon and they were the perfect fit!

They fit right in those old holes and raised the table by two inches – the exact clearance we needed.

Timeless Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation ORC week 5 - Pulling all the details together for one more week of the One Room Challenge.

Since my boys are on the rough and tumble side, to keep it from rolling around too much, I placed caster cups on the floor.

It’s the perfect spot for my morning cup of coffee, where I can stare at our apron front sink I’ve always wanted.

We’ve even found that we’re not just eating breakfast here, but it’s our preferred dinner spot as well.

So when you stumble upon a deal like this one, jump on it. But, let me encourage you if you think you can’t makeover a piece of furniture.

It can seem daunting but it really isn’t! If I can do it, so can you!

So go create a space in your kitchen that you love!

And if you want to see the full details of our kitchen remodel, you can visit these links:

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  1. I visit it all the time and have found lots of great items. I have also sold on the Marketplace too – it’s a great tool!

  2. Thanks, Leanna! I was so excited to see this listed. My husband thought I was crazy, but loves it now!

  3. You did such a beautiful job on that table top! Love the casters, too. Thanks so much for explaining your process. I’m going to have to start paying more attention to FB Marketplace.

  4. What a beautiful save! I would have been sorely tempted to sand out all the wheel marks, it left just the right amount of character! And the casters you got are cool!