Our Top 15 Readers’ Favorites from 2022

2023 is almost here and I’m itching to get into project mode! There are lots of good projects we just completed. Here are the top 15 readers’ favorites from 2022 as well as a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

I’m super excited for the upcoming projects we have on the horizon.

Faux Flowers in a terracotta vase painted with romabio lime slurry paint

With the major health hiccup that pushed the pause button on everything, most of our 2022 goals were set to the side.

So that means many of those to dos will be appearing again on our 2023 list.

But before all that happens can we press pause and take a look back?

Today, I went through all the stats and analytics to figure out which were the top 15 readers’ favorite blog posts from 2022.

Which ones were your favorites?

Did they make the list?

Trent, can I get a drum roll, please?

Here are your top 15 favorite posts from this year.

Our 15 Most Popular Projects from 2022

Overall, this year definitely seemed to be the popular year for

But let’s break down the top blog posts that you all love that we published this year!

15. How to Make Southern Sweet Tea – Alabama Style

Number 15 was actually a forgotten blog post from many years ago that I dusted off an gave a new pair of shiny shoes!

Apparently, y’all are just as curious as I was on how to make true sweet tea from the south!

glass of sweet tea being poured into a ball jar used as a drinking glass

Itโ€™s so much easier than you think.

Of course, since August, we haven’t made much of this in our home with the recent diet changes, but it’s still a staple whenever I host a party!

14. DIY Textured Painted Ceramics

Who knew the baking soda paint craze would break the internet!

This was such a fun DIY that took no time at all, but had fabulous results!

And there’s a bonus! You’ll find a few other fabulous projects from a couple of my blogging friends in this post!

White Painted Ceramics on a unfinished dresser

It creates such a fun texture!

This idea is (almost) free and will create a stunning statement piece for your home.

13. Facing Open Heart Surgery with Confidence

I was pretty sure this one was going to make the list.

This was the huge monumental scare that came to us this past August.

We are rejoicing in the Lord’s mercies with how wonderful Trent is doing after surgery.

We are so thankful for each of you and your kind comments, prayers and words of encouragement!

12. My Experience Using Oven Cleaner to Strip Furniture

This is another easy DIY that everyone was trying.

So I had to get in on this craze and, boy, was I amazed at the results!

Here’s the video if you want to watch the video of how I transformed our carved halltree.

natural wood hall tree stripped with oven cleaner

I will definitely be giving this another try!

11. DIY Home Gym Mirror That is Super Affordable!

You all will flip your lids when you see how amazingly simple this DIY is.

We took a builder’s grade mirror and gave it the easiest update ever!

No wonder it was a reader’s favorite this year!

diy home gym mirror using electrical tape

And now we move on the top 10 for your 15 Readers’ Favorites from 2022!

10. How to Install Luxury Vinyl Tile Over Linoleum

This project was for our basement kitchenette.

We wanted to continue our LVT from our family room into this room, but ran into a problem when we found old linoleum from 1986.

gray cabinetry with a copper sink and faucet

And this room has a huge surprise for our family!

Let’s just say we hang out here quite often!

Rush pinball machine by Stern in a basement room

Lot’s of pinball competitions going on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

9. Sunroom Decorating Ideas for Spring

My favorite room of the house!

I always love to welcome each season in this room and Spring is my favorite for this sunny space.

It’s the perfect way to welcome Spring with some cheerful decor.

white slipcovered sofa in a sunroom with greenery and woven window shades

8. Everything You Wanted to Know About Limewash

It’s no secret that Trent and I are Limewash lovers!

In fact, Trent ventured off into his own business lime washing other people’s home, with gorgeous results, might I add!

planted plumbago on a herringbone brick front porch

We just love sharing all that we’ve learned from using this product for the past 5 years.

7. How to Make Over and Organize a Storage Room

This was our first project of 2022 and it was a game changer for us!

While this may not be the prettiest project we’ve ever completed, it is by far one that has had a huge impact on my storage space.

basement furnace and storage room with built in shelving

If organizing is on your wish list for 2023, then definitely check out this post.

And, shh… I’ll let you in on a secret! I have a whole Decluttering and Simplifying Plan coming in January!

6. How to Replace an Undermount Sink

Another fan favorite from the kitchenette room renovation.

We replaced an ugly sink in with this gorgeous, copper stunner!

And it was easier to DIY than we thought it would be!

5. Moving an Interior Door

Do you have a door that you wish were placed differently?

Or a wall that you wish had easier access to the other side?

We moved an interior door and made access to our storage room easier on this busy momma!

opening a wall to install an interior door

4. Celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Charleston

Since we aren’t ‘travel bloggers’, this post making the readers favorite was definitely a surprise to me!

We loved our trip and had such a great time.

I made sure to share all the different things we saw and what we hope to see the next time we go!

Couple near cobblestone street in Charleston, SC

And who knows…maybe there will be some posts like these to come!

Ooh – now we’re down to the top 3 posts!

Has your favorite been on this list yet?

3. Our 2 Year Review of our Painted Floor Tiles

If this were a collection of the most commonly asked questions, this post would take the number one spot!

So it’s not a surprise that it made the top 3 posts.

We painted our boys bathroom tile back in October of 2019 and it’s still going strong!

80s bathroom with updated tile using paint

I give all the details of how the painted tile has lasted and survived in a bathroom with 2 teen boys!

2. How to Easily Make DIY Soundproof Panels

I recently read where one of the top searched posts were for home theatre rooms.

So this must be why so many of you loved this post.

We have these panels in our Music Room as well as our Small Home Gym.

Sound panels made of cedar and felt
charcoal felt fabric sound panels wrapped in cedar trim on a wall in an exercise room

These easy panels really do help in absorbing the sound in an echo-ey room!

Now for the top post of 2022!

1. 13 Gravel Patio Ideas on a Budget

I saved the best for last.

And this was something that was in process before the dreaded health hammer fell.

This is the DIY project that is definitely making the list for this year.

We are eager to finally finish what we started.


15 Readers’ favorite posts for this past year. Did your favorite make the list?

2022 was a really good year for DIYs even with a huge curveball thrown our way!

But with my upcoming plans, 2023 is going to BE EVEN BETTER. And I know that God is going to continue to amaze us like He always does!

I’ll be sharing our home goals for 2023 soon!

So stay tuned. ๐Ÿ™‚

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