Our New Brand – Your Home Renewed

So you may have noticed a few changes over the past month or so, and today, I’m breaking down the details of what’s been going on and why we’re making a change.

We have made the big decision to change our name.

After Trent’s Open Heart Surgery, we scrambled to get back into a normal routine, but couldn’t quite find the groove.

Trent and Jennifer Fancher

Lots of things completely changed, like our eating habits, and how we managed our time and the stress that came along with it.

Things were hectic, stress was high, and at the end of the day, we felt like we didn’t get much accomplished.

So we took a moment to really evaluate our lives and how we wanted to move forward.

We knew we were on the cusp of something new with Noting Grace but we weren’t quite sure what direction we were to move.

Introducing Your Home Renewed

We pushed pause at the beginning of 2024 and took a step back to get an overview of where we were and where we wanted to go.

Bottom line, we knew that whatever happened, the most important thing was spending time together.

The Lord blessed us with a deep love right from the start of our relationship. In fact, I remember looking at each other on Belmont’s beautiful campus saying that all we wanted to do was be together all day long.

And here we are, 27 years later, and we still feel the same, especially after walking through Trent’s health scare.

So here’s what changing and what’s sticking around for our new brand – Your Home Renewed.

What’s Changing

First of all, you will see more of Trent around here. He plans to contribute to more articles and our videos will include him much more.

Couple near cobblestone street in Charleston, SC

We already changed our social media handles, so if you want to give us a follow, you can do so here:

Another new thing is our instagram account, or accounts πŸ˜‰.

Your Home Renewed is our new instagram handle and we plan to share most of our behind the scenes and DIYs on that channel.

Noting Grace will still be around on instagram, since we have so many followers, but we will focus more on decor items and deals, keeping the DIYs for the new account.

What’s Not Changing

DIY Projects

First and foremost, our content.

We will still provide budget friendly DIYs and home decor inspiration for you to enjoy. And if you’ve been following along – the kitchen will be the first room we plan to finally tackle!

And secondly – we aren’t changing our url. NotingGrace.com still holds a special place in my heart and having our url stay the same helps keep that alive, especially for those friends who have been here since the beginning! πŸ˜‰

Why Your Home Renewed?

Trent’s lime washing business is called Home Renewed, and we fell in love with that name when we started that company.

And last year, we launched our podcast and titled it Your Home Renewed.

That’s what our website is all about – renewing, creating and decorating spaces in our home and sharing those DIY journeys with you to hopefully help you create a home you love at a price you can afford.

We hope you stick around for what’s ahead with our new brand – Your Home Renewed. We have some exciting things planned for the rest of this year and would love to see you!

Thanks for being a loyal friend and for supporting us! We love you and are so grateful for you!

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  1. Wish you both the best in your new endeavor…Lord bless you as you move forward….😊

  2. Do I need to resign up for your emails or will they keep coming to me under your new name?