7 Simple Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

Want to know the secret to making your home feel cozy and welcoming? It’s all in texture. Here are 7 simple ways to add texture to your home.

Noting grace

Whenever someone comes into my house, my hope is that they feel at home.

It makes me happy if someone kicks off their shoes, grabs a blanket or makes themselves a cup of coffee.

And if I find them napping, then that’s the ultimate compliment.

If you feel comfy enough to take a snooze, then I’ve done my job.

So how do you achieve that ultimate compliment?

It’s so simple – just add texture.

Textures in design help show how a room feels. Just as color can evoke an emotion, adding texture can do the same thing.

So to put it more simply, texture is the one element that helps elevate your rooms to the next level.

Here how you do it!

7 Simple Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

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1. Feel the Fabric

A fuzzy blanket or a knobby pillow can add that reach out and touch feeling.

There isn’t a pillow I’ve met that I haven’t wanted to hug.

Fabric is the simplest way to add texture to your home. It is an everyday item that we encounter, with sheet, clothing, and even furniture.

So surround yourself with fabrics that you love.

Here are some of my favorite pillows, throws and comforters. Click the image to see the item.

2. Add some baskets.
vintage trunk in front of tufted chair next to a fireplace

I love to add baskets to my room.

It’s the perfect element of texture, seeing branches and fibers woven together intricately together into something beautiful.

But baskets can be very useful as well!

You can use them as planters, side tables, or a way to hold books or blankets.

Plus – they are super affordable!

So check out these baskets – some are great deals! Click the image to see the item.

3. Think about installing some woven blinds.

It’s no secret that I love woven blinds.

I’ve added them in my sunroom and also in my kitchen.

This is a great way to continue that woven theme that baskets can bring.

It’s a great way to add texture to your walls and windows.

These are some great options to try! You can also visit the rooms above to see the exact ones I purchased.

4. Architectural elements are a great option.

This is a trick we’ve all heard from Joanna Gaines. She loves adding architectural elements to her designs.

Old shutters, chalkboards, corbels or tobacco baskets are a great way to add these items.

Flea markets and garage sales are great places to find deals on items but don’t pass up the antique shops either.

Sometimes there are some awesome steals if you look hard enough.

DIY Wall Sconces

If you want to find some online, then check out these items.

5. Pottery adds weight and texture.

There is something so very beautiful about pottery.

If it’s chipped and worn, then I love it even more!

You can find great pottery pieces on the marketplace, or at garage sales.

But what I love to do is DIY my own to create beautiful textures, like this lamp.

If you are looking for stoneware, then you’ll love these options:

6. Wood is where it’s at.

Wood grain is the an easy way to incorporate texture into your home.

The wood doesn’t need to feel rough – the grain does the work for you!

Vintage trunk with leather edges used as coffee table

You can add wood elements with trunks, bowls, tables, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

We even added faux cedar beams to our bedroom ceiling and it added the perfect texture to the room.

Look at some these ideas to add wood elements to your home.

7. Don’t forget the Greenery!

This is my most favorite way to decorate.

Even though I have very few ‘real’ plants, I love how greenery adds the element of life to a room.

You can always find great greenery at Michaels or Wal-mart, but I have awesome found some great deals on Amazon.

But don’t forget estate sales and Hobby Lobby.

All the plants in this room are fakers!

But it still looks alive and vibrant – so don’t be afraid to faux it up if you have black thumbs like me.

So I hope this helps give you some ideas to add texture to your home. Don’t forget to look around at what you already have and try to repurpose it in a different way!

Here are some more of my favorites from each category if you want to check them out!

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  1. Yes to all of this my friend!! You shared some amazing tips, texture is my favorite way to decorate a home. I have been thinking about adding some woven blinds, and you may have talked me into it officially!!
    So grateful for you, friend!


  2. Thank you for all of your helpful tips. I really like the way your home is decorated.

  3. I’m coming for a visit and plan on giving you the ultimate compliment. You will find me in the sunroom with no shoes, enjoying a cup of coffee, hugging a pillow and taking a nap! Can’t wait.
    Love Momma