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DIY French Shutter Sconces

I’ve wanted shutter sconces for the past 2 years but could never afford them. So I finally tried these DIY French Shutter Sconces and I love how easy they were to make!

Isn’t that contrast just so pretty?

There is always one thing that stops me in my scroll when I am looking through French country decor.

available at Antique Farmhouse

I love the look of vintage, weathered shutters with sconce lighting.

But when I look at the price tag for each one, I just keep on scrolling.

Here are a few of my other favorites.

Available at Antique Farmhouse
Available at Antique Farmhouse

They are just so pretty and totally swoon worthy, but mama can’t afford those prices!

So, I went on the hunt for my own vintage shutters.

And I had found some, but when I placed them in our Master Bedroom, they didn’t fit.

Luckily I found a spot for them in our Sunroom.

The shutters have original hardware and are weathered and patina’d to perfection.

The problem was the color.

So what was I to do?

Then I remembered our other shutters we have.

And they come with the coolest story. But first, let’s go back in time – long before I created Noting Grace, when we had our first home in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

These old wooden shutters were left behind in our attic from the previous owners.

I loved them and immediate put them in our dining room.

When we moved to Las Vegas, I had them in our living room, but had separated the shutters to create an accent wall.

But they were too dark for this space.

So I gave them a fresh coat of paint and some distressing and hung them over our faux fireplace.

Then we moved back to Tennessee, and they found many resting places on those walls.

Repurposing old shutters: How we've used them over the years

And even here in our Meadow Brook home!

I had them over our couch for a few months.

This free little find has been a staple in our home.

Always bringing me joy in each room it’s been in.

So why not recreate them to give me my dream look?!

Here’s how we updated these shutters into these DIY French shutter sconces for our bedroom.

DIY French Shutter Sconces

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Sweet Trent modeled them for me after the other shutters I purchased didn’t work.

It was instantaneous love at first sight!

The combo of that wood against that white!

Sigh. I knew I found my dream solution!

I found this pair of wall sconces at Amazon that could either be plugged in or hard wired.

We wanted to use them as plug in lights, but needed to be able to disconnect the wire to feed it through to the back.

Let me show you what I mean.

The instructions show how to easily remove the plug in cord to prepare for hard-wiring to the wall.

So we separated that plug in cord from the light.

Set it off to the side because you will be reusing it again.

Next, we wanted the mounting bracket to be flush to the shutters.

Can you see in the picture below how the screw heads jut out just a bit from the mounting bracket.

That tiny jut out would cause the sconce to wobble back and forth when you turn the light on and off.

So Trent used a countersink drill bit to carve out a small hole for the screw heads to fit in.

Don’t drill out too much. We did a little at a time until the mounting bracket was flush.

Next we screwed the mounting bracket to the shutter.

Remember that plug-in cord?

After drilling a hole in the center of the mounting bracket, we were ready to feed that cord from the back through to the front.

Then we followed the instructions and rewired the cord to light.

If you aren’t comfortable with electrical, get someone who is to help you.

I will say it’s pretty easy to do, but safety always comes first.

After we reconnected plug-in cord to the light, we mounted the light fixture to the mounting bracket.

No weeble-wobbles!

It fits flush to the shutter.

Here’s what it looks like from the side.

Now the plug-in cord runs behind the shutter and is hidden away.

And just look at them now as our beside lights!


I am loving how this turned out and it was so easy to do!

If you want to see video of how we made this DIY French shutter sconce, head over to my instagram. I have the videos saved in my highlight reel.

We are in the home stretch with the room makeover, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter. You won’t want to miss the big reveal!

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  1. Thank you so much Karolyn! I was surprised at how easy they were to make! I’m glad you enjoy them and your sweet compliments made me smile!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful, peaceful bedroom! i, too, would look forward to bedtime every night….in fact, I’d be in there during the day reading a good book and enjoying the surroundings!! Love the bed and the shutters definitely add a French country flair!! Great job!