Welcome Home Sunday Week 59

Each and every week, a group of bloggers gather together to share posts to insire you in your home for Welcome Home Sunday 59!

This was an Eeyore week.

Not only was it gloomy and rainy, with a roof leak found in our brand new roof, but it was one filled with heavy sighs, harumphs, and oh bothers.

But then.

Friday came and the sun decided to show up with it! And then Saturday came and the sun was there too!

Then I noticed how I approach life’s problems when the weather is bleak.

It’s almost as if the weather dictates my reactions. Which isn’t the wisest option.

The weather has no control over my heart’s happiness. But I do.

If I allow that doom and gloom outside my door to reside in my heart, then I am living in the world and becoming a part of it.

But friend, we’ve been designed to allow the Light of the One who created us to shine. Not hide that light under a bushel!

So I am decidedly taking note of this phenomenon in my little ole life and making a change.

This week, we are launching the reveal of our Master Bedroom Makeover, and I can’t wait to share it with you! I hope you come back for the big Ta-Da!

Now onto this week’s inspiration!

We are so excited to have Michelle from Thistle Key Lane joining us for Welcome Home Sunday. Have fun reading these posts and we truly hope this inspires you!


Welcome Home Sunday 59

Welcome Home Sunday featuring a weekly guest!

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  1. Michelle – it was a joy having you a part of our Welcome Home Sunday group! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us!

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