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Affordable Farmhouse Natural Woven Wood Shades

We wanted to create a cozy feel for our Master Bedroom and these Farmhouse Woven Shades were just perfect! Natural materials, super affordable and made of wood! I was all in!

woven natural wood shades in levolor banana leaf

We are so excited to finally add that farmhouse look to these beautiful windows in our master bedroom.

But we have these large windows across the lower level of our house, which can be a little pricey.

When we had our shades installed for our Living room, I was amazed at how beautiful they looked.

Farmhouse living room filled with woven shades and vintage furniture.

And I knew I wanted them for our bedroom.

I also knew that we had to invest in quality blinds and that they would last longer making them more cost effective.

Years ago, when we lived in a rental, the landlord had cheapy blinds in the windows.

They looked awful!

But you don’t have to have expensive blinds to get this classic look.

Farmhouse Woven Shades

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Levolor Natural Woven Shades: Sisal Twist Banana Leaf

woven natural wood shades in levolor banana leaf

So for our large picture window, we ordered the shades with multiple shades on one rod.

But I was concerned that the weight of a single shade would be difficult to raise and lower with our large window.

In addition to that, I loved that it gives us the option to raise or lower one side at a time if we’d like!

woven natural wood shades in levolor banana leaf

The helpful customer service rep was so kind to assist me with the best options for my windows.

Since she recommended the continuous loop cord, which is a silver chain that maintains a consistent length.

It is easier to operate larger shades, but after having motorized shades in our basement, I would definitely splurge.

woven natural wood shades in levolor banana leaf

I just love the weave on these shades! It is so beautiful!

woven natural wood shades in levolor banana leaf


The first thing to do is to click this link to go to Blinds.com.

STEP ONE: Choose More Colors from the color selection

STEP TWO: Scroll Down until you see Sisal Twist Banana Leaf WSN 81928

STEP THREE: Continue with options and sizing for your windows. It’s important to get the exact measurements, so be sure to follow the measuring instructions for your windows.

Our roller shades are in the inside mount design style, but you can also opt for an outside mount.

Easy peasy!

Additional Options

Natural Woven Shades help define a room’s entire mood through a natural texture available in lighter weaves and different colors to provide a textured look inspired by nature.

Many options are available in neutral colors, natural materials like bamboo shades, which are all characteristic of the farmhouse style.

These pre-made shades are available with no liner, a Light Filtering privacy liner, or a Room Darkening blackout liners.

This would be a perfect way to help achieve uniform light control and privacy.

Plus you can choose a cordless option or a motorized control if you want to be fancy.

woven natural wood shades in levolor banana leaf

By getting the exact measurement of your window frame, it will allow for the wood shades to rest properly on the window sill without too much puddling.

You can see from the picture below how the natural light still peeks through without the blackout fabric.

woven natural wood shades in levolor banana leaf

Drapery Options

A perfect way to get a modern farmhouse look is to add some window drapes.

I left the curtain rod in place from my previous panels, but knew I had to be budget smart for the draperies.

We chose to not add blackout lining to the back of the shade.

But we still wanted an option for room darkening and additional privacy.

We also wanted a crisp, white look to continue our neutral color scheme for this room.

So I reused the old curtain panels by simply removing the blue silk and keeping the privacy lining.

Then I made these drapes from twin white flat bed sheets and added the old privacy panels.

It was such an easy DIY – just an afternoon, an iron and some stitch witchery.

Don’t these window coverings look so nice against those beautiful Farmhouse Woven shades?

Just a little window dressing - This blogger transformed her windows with homemade curtains and Farmhouse woven shades from The Shade Store

More Ways to Get a Farmhouse Look
for Your Windows

A lot of people are concerned that the farmhouse design may be waning a little bit.

But these wood shades are still a popular choice, regardless of the interior design trend.

And it’s definitely an easy way to update your room to add a bit of rustic charm in a neutral color palette.

Plantation shutters would also work. We had these in our existing home, but recently removed them after a few years.

Any type of wood tones can create a similar look, like bamboo blinds and farmhouse roman shades.

We’ve added Woven Cordless Shades
to our Eat-In Kitchen!

UPDATE: We have moved to another state since updating these windows, but I still wanted the modern farmhouse window treatments in our new house.

These are a cordless woven wood shade in natural woods and looks beautiful.

We also go into detail about how we added new trim board to complete the look.

Click below to read about these:

woven natural shades in banana leaf
woven natural wood shades in levolor banana leaf

Originally Published May 2017 / Updated April 19, 2023

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  1. Hey Haley!

    I spoke with the company and these are discontinued, but I searched and found replacements by another company. And they’re cheaper! Woohoo! I have updated the post with the new info for you!

    Hope that helps,

  2. I can’t find these anywhere on their site. I’ve searched fair harbor, reed, etc.
    Could you please include a link or email me the link for these?

  3. Hey Rachel – I just spent some time trying to find these as well with no luck. It looks like those are no longer offered. Recently, I have purchased through Affordable Blinds and Blinds Direct. They don’t look exactly the same, but offer the same beautiful aesthetic!

  4. Oh this window treatment is JUST what I’m looking for in our newly renovated master suite! I am having a hard time finding those shades, though, even with the 2021 updated info. So far customer service has not been helpful. Any guidance would be tremendously appreciated!

  5. Are these Woven shades still available on their site??? I’m having a REALKY hard time finding them!
    Email: [email protected]

  6. I love these blinds, I contacted The Shade Store, I was told they are discontinued.
    I was wondering if there is a “Brand” on them so I could possibly buy elsewhere.

  7. Hi ! Love these shades. I can’t find the reed color. Did they change it again ? Can you let me know if you see yours available still ? Thank you !

  8. Hi Martha – yes this couches came with the slipcovers. They are from IKEA and offer lots of different options for slipcovers when purchasing.

  9. Hello! Can you tell me if you had slipcovers made for your sofas, or did they come already with the look of slipcovers in your living room?

  10. Can I ask what the paint color is in the main picture? Looks like a nice neutral color

  11. Hi Amanda – the fabric is just cotton. It’s their cheapest option, I believe around $5 or $6 dollars a sheet. Hope that helps!

  12. Love this look, absolutely beautiful. Wondering what fabric flat sheet you used – I’m seeing a lot of microfiber and just wasn’t sure if that’s the best look for curtains !? Thanks much.

  13. I can’t seem to find the farmhouse blinds.
    I went to the site but no lucky.
    What am I doing wrong
    Thank you

  14. Hi Martina – that’s a great question! Looks like they have renamed them! I used the REED color for my home. Hope that helps!

  15. Hi Gina! That’s a great question! I used twin sheets and didn’t trim the width at all. To create the loop for the rod, I simply stitched over the end with my sewing machine, but I have used iron fusing or stitch witchery before as well if sewing isn’t your thing. If you have tall ceilings, you can buy the long twin sheets to extend the length if needed. Hope that helps!

  16. I’m interested in how you made the white curtains out of flat sheets, they look great with the shades! Thanks

  17. Hello, is it the first on second color in standard woven shades in Fair Harbor options? I can’t tell from the online pic on affordable blinds

  18. Great questions Lindsay! Thanks for asking! We went with the standard woven shades in Fair Harbor-2.

    Hope that helps!

  19. Hi Jennifer! The link just takes you to all options not the one that you have. Can you tell me which material/color shade this is that you have?

  20. where is your pole and accessories from?

  21. Where can I get the shades

  22. Can you tell me what color/where you got the blinds in your dining area in Kitchen?

  23. What color are your walls in this room?