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Easy Seasonal Interchangeable Wreath

Wanting to find an easy way to swap out your wreath with each holiday? Check out this seasonal interchangeable wreath that you can create yourself!

door wreath with an easy seasonal interchangeable disc with a welcome stencil

When I updated and organized my home decor and craft room earlier this year, one thing I had massive amounts of were wreaths!

I mean, I love hanging them all throughout my home, but goodness!

A girl didn’t need that many for all the different seasons!

So I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable idea that allows me to use a wreath or two and swap out a seasonal element here and there.

Recently, I got together with some of my favorite fellow DIY-ers and we had the idea to take one thing and each style it differently.

So we scoured the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and Target for something we could all find.

We finally settled on these awesome wooden discs from the Dollar Spot at Target. I think it’s now call the bullseye.

craft disc with wood grain

Then my friend Jen at Tatertots and Jello shared her idea for seasonal wreaths using interchangeable pieces and I immediately knew what I would do with my wood blocks!

I wanted to create an interchangeable door wreath that would only require a few tweaks here and there.

This is so simple and affordable – I wish I would have made these years ago.

Here’s how I did it!

Easy Seasonal Interchangeable Wreath

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These are the supplies you’ll need for this project.

stencils and paint brushes


I started by laying down some craft paper and placing my four wooden discs.

HINT: I always save packing papers from packages. These work great as a disposable drop cloth for crafts like this!

wood grain craft disc

I separated out the stencils I wanted to use and planned out which background I wanted for each seasonal disc.

I decided to stain two wood pieces and then paint the rest.

staining a wood craft disc

For a different look between the stain, I mixed together some Romabio Classico Limewash that we had on hand.

I thought it would give the stained wood a lighter, cerused look.

two wood discs, both stained and one lime washed

The rest I painted with a cream, white or light blue background using acrylic craft paint.

The craft paint dries very quickly, so I was able to flip over the pieces and get both sides painted in no time.

I found some seasonal stencils that would also work for a large welcome sign, so I had lots to choose from.

Once the discs were dry, I had so much fun choosing different colors for my stencils.

Since this is a seasonal interchangeable wreath, I chose stencils that would work all year long.

stenciling a wood disc for a seasonal interchangeable wreath

Next came the fun part!

I simply taped the stencil to the wood and used different seasonal shapes and colors.


Here are the stencils I chose and some seasonal options for you to consider:

  • Welcome Sign – for most of the year
  • Clover for St. Patricks Day
  • Hearts for Valentine’s Day
  • Sunflower for summertime
  • Pumpkin for Fall or Halloween
  • Fall leaf for Thanksgiving
  • Snowflake for Winter
  • Wreath design for any time of the year

I wish I had Easter eggs or Christmas Trees for those holidays, but these work just fine.

Hanging the Wreath

Earlier this year, I had made an easy DIY wreath using two different garlands from the Target Dollar Spot and attached them to a grapevine wreath I had on hand.

The wood discs we chose had this cool leather strap screwed into the side.

So I first hung the wood block on an over the door wreath hanger and then added the wreath.

It was a perfect fit!!

door wreath with an easy seasonal interchangeable disc with a welcome stencil

Now I have a front door wreath that can stay up all year round.

Maybe I’ll swap out the wreath in the winter for an evergreen type of wreath. That would look nice with that stenciled snowflake.

Not feeling crafty or having a creative day? Here are a few you can also purchase!

But it’s so nice to know that when a new holiday comes, I can just flip or swap these interchangeable seasonal pieces in just a few minutes.

I hope these easy interchangeable seasonal wreaths inspire you to create something you love for your own front door decoration.

See what other creations my friends made!

I am joining a few of my friends as we are each sharing how we made over this Target Dollar Spot item into something new! You will love all the creative ideas everyone used for the same pieces!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea. I think you ladies have a sellable product here.
    I would definitely buy a couple already done. Great job 👏

  2. Thank you so much, Dara! I always love to see what everyone creates! This was fun – we should do it again!

  3. This was such a creative way to use the wood rounds! Having a base wreath to add seasonal items to is a such a great idea

  4. Jen, this is such a great idea! I love a project with multiple uses!