Best Budget Ceiling Fans and Why We’ll Never Get Rid of Ours!

I’m sharing today some of the best ceiling fans in all price ranges for your budget.

A few years ago, ditching the ceiling fan from a room was THE popular thing to do.

Not this girl – I dug my heels in and knew that this wasn’t a good idea to chuck those ceiling fans! Especially in the hot Southern US where we live!

collage of ceiling fans

So I thought I would share some reasons to help you reconsider removing your ceiling fan and provide some options of some of my own personal favorites!

So tell me why should I keep my ceiling fan?

My Dad was a HVAC business owner and started out as a workman with a company van then moved up to president of a major brand. Then he branched out and started his own company.

The one question he asked me all the time was if I changed out my air filters in my air conditioner units.

He was always wanting to make sure we were able to save on energy costs with proper maintenance.

Using his years of experience and expertise, I asked my Dad once about his opinion on ceiling fans.

He said the main thing to learn about is how a ceiling fan works.

How does a ceiling fan work to cool the air?

The ceiling fan’s main purpose is to move the air around, redistributing air. Hot air rises while cool air settles. The fan offers a great way to help pull that cooler air up creating a more comfortable feeling room.

One of the most important things ceiling fans help with is the high humidity in the air. The breeze encourages the moisture to evaporate, helping your home not feel damp and stuffy.

So it’s a good idea to run the fan often during those hot summer months to create that cooling effect with less electricity.

And during the cooler months, you can change the direction of the fan with a reversible motor that helps move the warm air downward.

So all in all, ceiling fans help with your air conditioning’s energy efficiency. This means you can raise the thermostat a few degrees and still save money on your electric bill!

Now that’s what I like to hear!

So here are some of my personal favorite ceiling fans we have in our own home.

Ceiling Fans in Our Home

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Trent says a ceiling fan is a must-have in all bedrooms!

When we updated our Owner’s suite a little over a year ago, we added faux ceiling beams and this gorgeous fan.

bedroom with large carved bed frame, black accent wall, cedar ceiling beams and shutter side lights
cedar ceiling beams with industrial feel ceiling fan

It turned out to be the perfect combination with our faux ceiling beams, but not too industrial!

In our French Country Sunroom update, we wanted to keep the room light and bright.

But because it’s a three-season room with little insulation, a ceiling fan was a must!

So this white Hunter ceiling fan was perfect for this space!

sunroom with black framed windows framed with woven shutters and curtains, slipcovered sofa with jute area rug

I used the Hunter Brunswick Ceiling Fan and loved the look! Unfortunately – this fan is no longer in stock.

For our basement, we went for a more industrial look since this room was adjacent to our music studio.

gray lazboy sectional sofa in a basement room with cognac leather accents and tufted ottoman

This fan by Urban Ambiance has a spotlight kind of design and it flowed beautifully with the 2 adjacent rooms.

It was the perfect fit for this cozy basement space.

In our boys rooms and basement small home gym, we opted for flush mount fans.

weight bench in a black and white workout room

Our boys are on the tall side and a low-profile fan was a good option and the best choice for small rooms like bedrooms.

This budget-friendly pick is at the top of my list below for you and is the most affordable ceiling fan I’ve found!

Best Budget Ceiling Fans

If you are shopping for a new ceiling fan, there are so many design options that a different from the old traditional ceiling fan. And I know it can get overwhelming.

I’ve gathered some high performance fans with the highest consumer ratings in this one post for you.

Here are some of the best fans with a modern design, including the ones I’ve shared earlier in this post.

Remember, most of these come in different finishes, so if you like the frame and look of the fan, be sure to check if it comes in different colors.

Now it wouldn’t be right of me to share some of my favorite ceiling fans and leave out those budget ceiling fan DIYs we’ve done.

So here are a few ways that we tweaked existing fans to fit our home.

Budget Ceiling Fan DIYs

Since I’ve had ceiling fans in our home for as long as I can remember, I have given a few a new look here and there.

Here are some of my favorite recreations I’ve done with our old ceiling fans.

$10 Budget Ceiling Fan Makeover

When we moved into our Meadow Brook home, our guest room used to be a kids room and boy did they play in this space!

This old ceiling fan’s blades were not in the best shape, but it still worked great!

soft French country bedroom with diy ceiling fan

I used some high quality contact paper and updated the blades. You can read the full tutorial in this post.

It gave the fan a whole new look for just $10!

diy ceiling fan with recovered fan blades

DIY Farmhouse Fan Makeover

When we lived in our Tennessee home, we were out in the country. That’s why we called it our Almost Farmhouse.

So I truly embraced that rustic living vibe for that home.

Jen from Noting Grace shares her Master Bedroom reveal for the One room challenge and how they added a second closet to their bedroom.

So I took an old metal fruit storage container and created this DIY Farmhouse Fan for our master bedroom.

It was a fun and easy DIY!

DIY Farmhouse Fan - how to turn an ugly fixture into something fancy!

We even added some bling to the baskets and pull chains to make it look a touch fancier! 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ceiling Fan Will Work Best?

You want to make sure you are getting the right fan for your home. There’s nothing worse than buying a fan designed for smaller spaces when you really needed a larger fan to do the job right.

Here are some important things to think about when choosing the best ceiling fan for your home.


  • Location: Consider where you will be hanging it. On a vaulted ceiling, on a patio or in a bathroom? For example: is it a damp room or exposed to weather? They specifically manufacture outdoor fans designed for outdoor use.
  • The size of your room: You find the size of your room and then select the right size for blade length. Most of that info is found online or even on the box itself.
  • Ceiling Height: This will determine if you need a down rod for the fan or a hugger fan if you have tall humans and low ceilings like we do.
  • Lighting options: Think about the room and if you need to have an additional light source from the fan to see if you need that added light fixture. You may also want to consider what type of light bulbs the fan takes.
  • Control options: Do you need a remote for this room? Will the fan require 2 different switches for the fan and/or the light? Choose one with a wall control option or an included remote control.
  • Mounting options: We have flush-mount fans in our home, but if you have high ceilings, you may need a downrod mount. Most fans come with 3-inch downrods unless specifically marked as flush-mount.
  • Fan options: If you are undecided about which style of fan you like, choose one with reversible blades.
  • Speed settings: Do you need the highest speed fan possible? Then consider purchasing the best tower fans that offer higher fan speeds than a ceiling fan.

What brand of ceiling fan is most reliable?

Many ceiling fans have really upped their quality over the past few years, but have not neglected the design aspect.

Our personal favorite brands are Hunter, Harbor Breeze and Hampton Bay. According to Bob Vila – they ranked different ceiling fans with a variety of designs and uses and Honeywell made their list 5 times!

How many ceiling fan blades do I need? Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

There really isn’t a best option for the number of fan blades. It’s truly a personal preference.

4 blade fans have been known to be less noisy and work best in a room with air conditioning already circulating the cool air around. Plus they have a more stylish look in appearance. However, 3 blade fans are a great option and more affordable.

How much should you pay for a ceiling fan?

You can expect to find decent ceiling fans around the $60-75 range, but some upper scale ceiling fans can go for $300 depending on the design elements and bells and whistles included with the fan.

What ceiling fan size do I need for my room?

You don’t want to place a fan designed for smaller rooms in a large space. It’s important to have the right ceiling fan for the size of the room you are using. Longer blades are used for larger rooms.

You can check out this guide for an easy reference to determine which size you need based on the square feet of the room.

  • 29″ to 36″ blade span works for up to 100 square foot room size
  • 42″ to 48″ blade span works best for up to 200 square foot room size
  • 52″ to 56″ blade span works best for up to 400 square foot room size
  • 60″ + blade span works best for 400+ square foot room size

Let me know what you think!

So I want to know: Are you team ceiling fan or no-way-Jose?

Take a moment to leave us a comment below – we would love to hear from you and your thoughts on this design dilemma many of us face.

I hope this list of best budget ceiling fans helps you find the perfect fit for your own home.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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