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Basketweave Knit Coffee Cozy

Looking for a DIY gift idea? Today, I’m sharing how to make a knit coffee cozy in a Basketweave pattern that would be a perfect handmade gift.

Do you struggle to find a wonderful gift for the loved one in your life?

I always love to find creative and meaningful things to give to my favorites!

Coffee cozies make great gifts for the coffee lover (or tea lover) in your life.

In fact, a handmade gift is always the perfect touch.

And being a coffee lover myself, I totally love these!

lime green basketweave knit coffee cozy wrapped around a white mug

There’s nothing better than a warm cup of coffee and this knit cozy sleeve helps keep that heat in!

Even though this stitch appears to be rather difficult, it’s actually really simple knit that is a perfect way for beginner knitters to try something new.

What is a basketweave pattern?

The basketweave stitch pattern is a combination of simple knits and purls creating a textured fabric that looks like a woven basket.

It’s perfect for Springtime crafts!

lime green basketweave knit coffee cozy

This pattern would also work great for washcloths, pillows, and even a baby blanket.

How do you knit the basketweave stitch?

You will need to know how to create knit and purl stitches.

Knit stitches are made with the yarn held behind the needles and end up looking like v’s when knit in rows.

Purl stitches are made with the yarn held in front of the needles which creates a horizontal ridge across the bottom of the stitch. It kind of looks like wavy lines.

Once you know how to do these stitches, you follow the simple pattern below to make your mug cozies.

This is such an easy pattern to knit, just working in equal rows of knits and purls.  


Grab an average size coffee cup. You could even use one of those cup sleeves you can get from a coffee shop to figure out the size of your cup cozy.

You want to work in equal purl and knit patterns.

This green cozy is knit in a 5 X 5 pattern, meaning 5 purl stitches and 5 knit stitches.

You will want to cast on a good number of stitches. And test it frequently against a mug to determine appropriate size.

For this cozy, I cast on 50 stitches using a long tail cast on. In the picture, I used a larger, 16 oz coffee mug and it fit quite snug.

lime green basketweave knit coffee cozy wrapped around a white mug

Here’s a free pattern you can use to make your own cup cozies.

Basketweave Knit Coffee Cozy Pattern

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  1. Row 1 (RS) Knit.
  2. Rows 2-6 *K5, p5; rep from * to the end of the row.
  3. Row 7 Knit.
  4. Rows 8-12 *p5, k5; rep from * to the end.
  5. Rep rows 1-12 until you reach your desired size.

I repeated this pattern twice to get the size I needed for my mug.

But it may vary for your favorite coffee mug.

Once you reach your desired size, bind off leaving long yarn tails.

This is what you’ll use to tie around the coffee mug.

lime green basketweave knit coffee cozy

I took some yarn and thread a yarn needle so I could stitch one end together.

Then I added a braided cord on the opposite end to tie around the mug handle. You could also knit an i-cord instead of a braided cord.

Then attach it to the opposite side of the stitched end.

Here’s how it looks wrapped and tied around the mug.

lime green basketweave knit coffee cozy wrapped around a white mug

I’ve shared before that I am a knitting novice and if I can make this, then any beginning knitter can as well!

You can make this coffee mug cozy all kinds of yarn colors.

In fact, if you have lots of leftover yarn from other projects, these are great stash busters to clear out your yarn.

It looks rather handsome in charcoal gray for men.

charcoal gray basketweave knit coffee cozy wrapped around a white mug
charcoal gray basketweave knit coffee cozy wrapped around a white mug

lime green basketweave knit coffee cozy wrapped around a white mug

Coffee Cozy Variations

Not into knitting? Or maybe this isn’t your favorite pattern? Here are a few more ideas to check out.

  • Fabric – Find your favorite fabrics and sew a coffee cozy that closes with a pretty button
  • Different Knit Patterns – check out this other coffee cozy I made.
  • Embroider – Grab some embroidery thread and give a store bought coffee cozy a new look. Here’s one I tried a few years ago.
embroidered coffee cozy

Tip for the visual learner

There are some amazing videos out there that can show you exactly how to begin to knit. Find a video tutorial if you are just starting out.

So I hope this Basketweave Coffee Cozy inspires you to pick up your needles.

It’s certainly an easy pattern with a remarkable result!

Happy knitting and be sure to send me pictures of your finished product. I would love to see it!

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I love working with yarn and have found a few different ways to use yarn crafts in my home decor.

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  1. Jen,
    This is the cutest, and coziest!
    Thank you so much for sharing, and wishing you the best weekend.

  2. This is such a cute idea and would make a great gift!

  3. Sorry for the late reply! I cast on 20 stitches for the 5 x 5. It's such an easy knit. Send me a pic of how yours turns out. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I'm a beginner knitter. How many stitches did you cast on for the 5×5? What size needles and yarn weight did you use? Such a cute pattern.