Welcome Home Saturday – Family Changes

Our weekly home decor digest is ready! Welcome Home Saturday – Family Changes is a weekly post where bloggers share their latest ideas with you.

A big decision was made in our home recently.

And I don’t know quite how to feel about it all.

Happenings at Home

My youngest has been attending the same Fine Arts High School that my husband attended back in the early 90s.

And it was with much pride that we watched him grow and flourish to refine his talent.

But that sadly is coming to an end.

He came to us and said he did not want to finish his high school career at that school.

And we have such mixed feelings.

First off, sadness over the fact that his is leaving studying music – hopefully temporarily – because he has so much talent for a young man.

But there’s also a HUGE sigh of relief. The Arts community can be quite eclectic and it’s not for everyone. Even Trent noticed that it’s the same school he attended, but on steroids. Couple that with the fact that we gain 2 hours of our lives back each day without having to drive him downtown nor worry with him driving a major highway once he gets his license.

He is such an inspiring young man and I am excited to see what this next school year will hold.

New Projects

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Did you see my post about our gravel patio plans?

We have a busy week coming up, but once we get back, we plan on tackling this eyesore that has bothered us for such a long time.

Stay tuned for a post on how to clear a spot in your lawn easily!

Favorites from the Week

Do you take multivitamins? This article may make you change your mind!

I got this muslin throw blanket on sale for Amazon Prime Day this week. I can’t wait until it arrives!

I also ordered this large leaning mirror that’s on sale for our bedroom. It’s 25% off!

I’m planning a quick bedroom refresh and my new bedspread arrived this week along with these throw pillow covers.

These Southern Recipes have me pining for some down home cooking!

Welcome Home Saturday
with Vintage and Grace Living

We are excited to have Cynthia back this week, joining us as guest host.

Scroll down to see her latest update to her bathroom as well as lots of summer fun, inspiration and DIYs from my blogging friends!

Welcome Home Saturday

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Welcome Home Saturday - Family Changes

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Welcome Home Saturday - Family Changes

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Welcome Home Saturday - Family Changes

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Welcome Home Saturday - Family Changes

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