20 Social Distancing Boredom Busters

Are you going stir crazy at the thought of having nothing to do? Here are 20 Social Distancing Boredom Busters you should try!

I know what you’re thinking.

How did we get here? And if you’re like me, you’ve swayed from “Yeah, right!” (insert eye roll) to “Holy Cannoli! We need food!” to “Okay, we’ve got this.”

But that doesn’t stop those thoughts from creeping in of what we can do to break the boredom – especially if you have teens at home like me! Here are 20 Social Distancing Boredom Busters that will hopefully inspire you!

20 Social Distancing
Boredom Busters

1. Organize Your Kitchen and Pantry

How I've simplified my life by Organizing my kitchen by zones

This is a great time to take stock of what groceries you have and do a clean out the cabinet meal plan! But while you are at it, start by organizing your kitchen into zones to make life a bit easier for you.

2. Clean out your garage

If you’re garage is like mine, then it’s a disaster zone filled with leftover DIY remnants, paint brushes and projects to do.

This is a great project for the whole family! Our garage is in desperate need of straightening and hopefully we can tackle that while we are home.

3. Get to that DIY you’ve been putting off

Do you have a project you’ve been wanting to tackle for months, but haven’t started yet? Take advantage of this time by doing something productive. Make that honey-do list and cross off a few items.

We’re thinking about continuing scraping our popcorn ceilings in a few rooms. Check out my secret trick to do this quick and almost mess free!

4. Clean out your linen closet

Our hall closet was a train wreck and I found the perfect solution to pretty it up. This quick linen closet refresh was just what it needed.

Take stock of what medical supplies you have and discard anything that is expired or no longer needed. And while you are there, you can refresh your linen closet into something pretty!

Our hall closet was a train wreck and I found the perfect solution to pretty it up. This quick linen closet refresh was just what it needed.

5. Organize your taxes

Yeah, yeah, we’ve been given an extension to file, but did you know that the IRS allows digital copies of tax records? This article outlines what’s permitted.

If you have a scanner, you can scan in previous years taxes and shred them. I recently did this and it was so good to purge those items we didn’t need anymore.

6. Backup and sort old digital photos and movies

This was such a fun thing to do with our boys. While backing up old videos, we looked through them as a family and had so much fun reminiscing about when the boys were little.

Trent has a HUGE music library that he had been wanting to organize, so one way he beat boredom was by going through that library and updating it. Convert old VHS tapes to digital – the list goes on and on!

7. Clean out your closets – or build a better one!

We are transforming our son's room into an Budget Friendly Industrial Teen Room for the One Room Challenge. The week - we are making over a closet for less than $40!

My boys blink and they grow, so we are constantly having to go through their clothing to see what fits and doesn’t. Many times we put this off. Having them sort through their clothes to donate, save for the younger brother, or toss, is an awesome way to spend the day.

Giving our boys the DIY skills they need is one thing that is important to us. So we try to include them in the process. We updated our oldest son’s closet for less than $40 and made sure he was there to help out!

We are transforming our son's room into an Budget Friendly Industrial Teen Room for the One Room Challenge. The week - we are making over a closet for less than $40!

8. Ready your yard for Summer

We all need some fresh air and sunshine, so get outside and enjoy it!

Pull the weeds, feed the lawn, build a fire pit, trim the shrubs. Doing these tasks now will give you a leg up before all the summer growth kicks in.

DIY Paved Patio Firepit: How we turned an ugly gravel pit into a backyard escape.

9. Rearrange a room

Have you always hated how your furniture is placed in a certain room?

Clear the room with the exception of the big pieces and have everyone chip in to help. Trying a different layout may switch things up enough to beat the visual boredom.

But Jen, everything you’ve shared on this 20 Social Distancing Boredom Busters seems like work!! What about the fun?

I hear ya! What better time to connect with your kids and spouse than when you are forced inside.

10. Have a picnic

You don’t have to go anywhere special to have a picnic. Just go in your backyard! You’ve already cleaned it up, right? 😉

Pack lunches, bring out a large blanket and sit and enjoy a beautiful day. Lay on your backs and watch the clouds.

11. Learn something new

Have you always wanted to bake macarons or make pasta? Or learn a new language? What about teaching your budding driver to check the oil? Or how to sew a button?

There are many new things you can learn during this time. Teach kids how to use tools or appliances, like the iron or washing machine. Train your pet on a new trick.

12. Have the kids make dinner for YOU one night!

I have issues with control and don’t like messes, so I fail on this too often.

Teach them easy meals they can take with them to college. Make it a fun, memorable experience that they can look back on fondly. Show them how to use a mixer, or a grill.

Plus – it’s a win-win! We have 2 boys, so I show them how to make two meals each, then that is one meal a week I don’t have to worry about for a month!

13. Go for a drive

Social Distancing doesn’t mean you can’t get out! Drive to a new city you’ve never seen.

When my mom was a little girl, they didn’t have a lot of money, so they would pack a lunch and get out a map, close their eyes and pick a place to travel to. Then, they would take the back roads to get there. She still remembers them to this day!

You see new places, it’s a sense of adventure, and you’re creating memories. Just keep in mind that you will have to gas up or may have to use the bathroom. Don’t go too far where you will be in a pickle!

14. FaceTime with friends and family

Everyone is cordoned off, but we can still catch up. Get dressed, put your face on, comb your hair and make some FaceTime calls!

The elderly may especially be feeling lonely, so if they have the technology, make sure to give them a virtual visit.

15. Play board games

What better way to kill time than to play a round of Monopoly? One game we LOVE to play is PSYCH! It’s an online game that leaves us laughing so hard.

What’s fun is that we can play this game with my Mom who lives 2 states away!

16. Read a bible study or a book

Diving into scripture is such an important way to feed the soul. Study one of your favorite passages, or memorize your favorite verse.

What better way to escape this world than to enter into a new one? Diving into our imagination is relaxing and can be therapeutic! Catch up on those books you’ve been putting off, or reread some of your favorites!

The New York Public Library has over 300,000 books you can read for free!

17. Exercise

This is good for the mind and body! Go for a walk, do yoga, or try a new workout.

There are many workouts available online that you can try in your home.

18. Play some Music

That’s my baby on that microphone!

As professional musicians, Trent and I hold music near and dear to our hearts. Dust off that old clarinet from 8th grade. Explore a totally new genre of music. Watch concerts online. Get out the guitar and sing.

We’ve all heard the stories about the people breaking out in song in Italy from their balconies. There is something therapeutic that music offers.

When I am having a bad day, turning on my favorite songs instantly turns my mood around.

Interested in online music lessons? We do that, too! Contact me if you want to know more.

19. Be creative

lime green basketweave knit coffee cozy wrapped around a white mug

Painting, drawing, coloring, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking.

There are so many creative things you can do to pass the time. I just saw an article where knitting helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

20. Do nothing

That’s right!

Practice intentional slothing. We live in such a frenzied world, that many times, we don’t stop to allow our bodies to recover.

You are allowed to veg out, in whatever way makes you happiest, and recoup from all the stress around us.

And it’s okay for your kids to do nothing too! Maybe ease up on those phone and video game restrictions. This is an unusual time and we may need to bend the rules a little.

And do you know what? It will all be okay!

I hope these 20 Social Distancing Boredom Busters sparked something in you!

Let’s help each other out! Leave more suggestions in the comments below!

And who knows – this could be the start of something beautiful!

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20 social distancing boredom busters

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