Faux Crushed Velvet and DIY Rust Ornaments

These Faux Crushed Velvet and DIY Rust Ornaments are an easy way to create your own ornaments this year!

I am so excited to share this fun little craft with you!

Today I am sharing 2 fun DIY Ornaments that you can make using what you may already have on hand!

snowflake dish filled with greenery and bells sitting on books next to 2 ornaments

Last week I went back in time and showed you 10 of my favorite DIY ornaments that I have created over the years.

But I wanted to go into more detail on the 2 ornaments that I have DIY-ed for our home this holiday season.

My DIY Christmas Ornaments for 2022

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So let me start with the supplies that you will need for this project.

You can find most at craft stores, but I’ll share some online links for you below.

craft supplies

It’s a good idea to have some sort of drop cloth down to protect any work surface you are painting on.

I like to keep old packing paper from shipping boxes we receive. It works great for a temporary drop cloth. Aluminum foil would work, too!

The first ornament that I’m going to show are these Faux Crushed Velvet Ornaments with a glitter-covered top that will certainly get you in the holiday spirit!

Faux Crushed Velvet Ornament

faux crushed velvet ornament with glitter top

I probably need to come up with a better name for it but that that’s kind of all that I have right now!

I started by applying some matte acrylic based paint.

painting a glitter ornament with acrylic paint

This paint made by Folk Art and the color is Linen Toile, which is a really nice neutral beige color.

I had some leftover craft brushes that I believe came from my boys art collection many years ago.

So you start just by holding the ornament by the top and then you paint.

That’s it!

faux crushed velvet ornament

It’s it really is super simple to do!

I applied two coats and love the result.

For the blingy top, I used glitter.

Now I know I’ve shared many times why I’m not a fan of glitter, but I finally found a different type of glitter.

container filled with German glitter in vintage gold

This is called a glass glitter or German glitter.

It is a larger particle type glitter and it does not stick to you like the other glitter does!

I got this at Michael’s the color is vintage gold from brand Recollections.

But the reason why I ended up adding glitter is because I thought that by itself the ornament was a little bit too simple.

For this season, I wanted to have something reflect against the holiday lights that were on the tree. So I thought it would be fun to add this glitter top!

To add glitter to the top, I used some tacky glue. At first I started squirting the glue out, but after a while all that squeezing got a little tedious.

So I switched to using a paint brush and painted the tacky glue over-the-top.

dipping an ornament into bowl of glitter

I poured some of the glitter into a small bowl and then just dipped the glued top down into the glitter.

Give the ornament a good shake to remove any excess glitter.

And this is the fun result!

faux crushed velvet ornament with glitter top

It does it really looks like crushed velvet! And the whole thing took less than 30 minutes, not including dry time.

There’s a texture to the finish and on the tree they just look perfect!

faux crushed velvet ornament with glitter top

Super quick, super simple, and a great way to get the whole family involved this winter season!

You can use any accent color to match your decor this year! And the best part is that it’s super affordable!

DIY Rust Ornament

diy ornament with rust finish and glitter on top

This next ornament that I DIY-ed is my favorite Christmas DIY that I have ever done!

The inspiration came from Studio McGee.

I went on their website to get some holiday inspiration and was looking at their holiday collection.

This year they have a couple of new ornaments out that have a patina finish or an iron oxide type of finish and they were just stunning!

But they were so expensive coming in at $14 for each ornament.

For this budget-minded mama, it just was too expensive. If I wanted 10 ornaments on my tree, I can’t imagine spending $140 on ornaments when you can make something similar for your own!

Now to get a similar look, I came up with a creative idea.

I used a product made by Rust-Oleum, from their Modern Masters line. It is the metal effects rust finish and can be applied to any type of surface.

I got our kit from Hobby Lobby, but you can also purchase it online. They also create a kit that creates a green patina spray you can try!

This is a three-part finish so it does take a little bit more time but leaves you with rusty ornaments!

modern masters rust kit primer

So to begin, you start with a first coat of the primer base paint.

The primer coat has a really cool burnt orange color.

orange glitter ornaments being painted with modern masters primer

After I put on the primer coat, I then allowed it to dry, which took about 30 minutes.

Then I applied a second coat of the iron patina paint.

modern masters rust kit iron top coat
painting an ornament with modern masters rust kit iron top coat

Again, I waited about 30 minutes for it to dry.

Now on the instructions, they do recommend that you use two coats of each finish.

But I used one coat each and I found the results to be really cool.

And then you do the fun part!

Modern masters rust activating solution

You spray on the rust activating solution.

It is a light blue solution that you put a pump sprayer top onto and you just lightly coat the painted finish.

You just wait a little time and the rusty spots begin to appear!

spraying Modern Masters Rust activator onto ornaments
ornaments sprayed with modern masters rust activating solution

Some of them I coated just once and some of them I sprayed twice.

But either way you get a really really cool looking rusted area!

diy rust covered ornament with gold glitter

Each of the ornaments that I created all look a little different which is super cool!

And again, I thought that the rust ornament looked a little bit too Industrial for my tree this year.

So I did the same application and added the German glitter to the top.

painting tacky glue on top of ornament top
diy rust ornament with glitter on top

I absolutely love how they turned out! The end results are stunning!

Creating faux metal surfaces never has been easier!

snowflake dish filled with greenery and bells sitting on books next to 2 ornaments

Two new really cool homemade ornaments for our home this year!

They will go down as some of my favorite diy projects for Christmas that I’ve ever done!

So I hope that this inspires you to just add your own unique flair to your Christmas decor this season.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below.

christmas tree decorated in a minimalistic style

Or send me a message with photos of what you created – I would love to see how your holiday decor tuned out!

And as always, thank you for always tuning in to see what we create next!

snowflake dish filled with greenery and bells sitting on books next to 2 ornaments

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