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Quick and Easy Christmas Artwork Using Wrapping Paper

I wanted to swap out my artwork for the holiday so I made this quick and easy Christmas artwork using wrapping paper.

It’s difficult to get out – especially this year, but I get it, you want to update your wall decor for the holiday season.

So I found a way to deck my halls for free.

All of us have Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags. And most of us also have frames. This is a craft you that you’re not going to want to miss!

Of course, I know the fad over the past few years has been those hand lettered signs, and to be honest, I’m a bit over it.

I wanted something new this year, but didn’t quite have the budget to go out and buy new artwork for my walls.

Here is a super simple way to create new wall art using items you already have on hand.

Let’s start with what you’ll need.

Quick and Easy Christmas Artwork Using Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper
Embellishments if you want to bump it up
Glue Gun or Tape

So this is a frame I’ve had hanging in my Butler’s Pantry for the past few years.

I love the frame and the I love the little string that it hangs from.

But I wanted to swap it out for something more seasonal.

So I took a sheet of this checkered gingham wrapping paper and I cut it to the same size as the little lamb print in the frame.

You simply replace the picture with the wrapping paper and then, you’re done!

It’s really just that simple!

But I am bumping it up a notch by adding a small miniature wreath.

These wreaths are actually gift embellishments that you add to packages. I found them in the wrapping paper section at the craft store.

I took a small piece of gingham ribbon and tied a bow around the wreath.

And you simply attach it to the glass.

Now you can use a hot glue gun to attach the wreath to the glass. It would be easy to remove after the holiday once you replace your old artwork.

But if you don’t have a glue gun – that’s ok!

You can use tape and it works just as well. In fact, it has stayed in place for weeks!

I simply folded the piece of tape to where it’s sticky on both sides and placed it on the back of the wreath.

Then I set it on top of the framed wrapping paper.

I hung it back up and it was a perfect compliment to my coffee and cocoa bar!

There is another picture frame on the grocery side of our hallway pantry.

The frames were adjacent to each other and when you walk down the hall you can see one frame next to the other.

I just took another piece of fun wrapping paper with a seamless pattern.

This one is a reindeer sweater themed one that I thought was so cute!

I replaced that picture with the wrapping paper and hung it back up.

Shop the supplies for this post:

So if you are looking for budget friendly ideas to add decor, this DIY Christmas project is a great way – an EASY way – to add some pops of holiday cheer with something you already have on hand!

And, of course, saving money on decor is my favorite thing to do and a total win for us!

This quick and easy Christmas artwork using wrapping paper tutorial is definitely one I’ll be using again next year!

Variations to Try

There are lots of great ideas and different ways to create your own unique art prints from what you have on hand.

Try out these ideas:

  • Christmas Cards Have you ever received a card that was so beautiful you couldn’t throw it away? Stick it in a frame and display it each year!
  • Pretty Paper filled with Scenes There are so many beautiful paper options with vintage-inspired print that show work from a not so famous artist.
  • Give these as Christmas Gifts Why not share your fun craft projects with your loved ones? Is’t an affordable way to say Merry Christmas!
  • Repurpose Leftover Wrapping Paper Ever get to the end of the roll of paper only to find out you don’t have enough? Use your creative skills and have a great time repurposing it in a frame!
  • Don’t limit it to Christmas themes or colors! Have fun with vibrant colors from a birthday party gift wrapping paper.
  • Add interesting elements Just like my tiny wreath, you can use washi tape, gift cards, gift boxes, or even gift tags to create your own unique DIY artwork.

So I hope this inspired you to think beyond using paper just for a holiday gift.

Have fun creating art projects using unique materials! And let me know how you do or if you have more crafty ideas to share! I would love to hear them!

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  1. I just love your DIY ideas! Using wrapping paper to change things up is so neat! Thanks for sharing!