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DIY Wooden Nativity Scene Makeover

Have an outdated Nativity Scene that you don’t use anymore? We gave our wooden Nativity scene a DIY makeover that I’m so excited to display!

We all have that unused piece of Christmas decor that gets shuffled around year after year.

For us, that was this child’s Nativity scene that our boys loved to play with when they were younger.

Childs wooden nativity scene

But now that the boys are older, we haven’t set it out in years.

I thought about donating it a few times, but the sweet memories of when they were little kept me from doing so.

Childs wooden nativity scene

The But the set was too colorful and kiddie-fied for me to display anymore, so why not give it a new look?

I love to work on DIY Christmas projects and knew this would be something my whole family would enjoy seeing displayed again this holiday season

Except it has a whole new look!

So whether you have an old Nativity set that is a family heirloom or you stumbled upon a deal at a thrift store, you can give your wooden Nativity set an easy update with this one-step tutorial.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see it displayed!

DIY Wooden Nativity Scene Makeover

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art supplies

Here are the Supplies you’ll need:

This is a super simple DIY!

You are just applying a little paint to the wooden set in the color of your choice.

I wanted a fresh new look, so I chose white. I didn’t have enough of one color, so I mixed the leftovers from multiple craft paints to create enough paint to cover the entire set.

There was only one piece of prep work that I did for my set.

Our wooden animals all have rope tails, and I didn’t want those to get painted.

Childs wooden nativity scene

So I simply wrapped them in some of our favorite painters tape.

Next was the simple task of painting each figure.

I didn’t take pics of this step for a couple of reasons. First, it’s messy and secondly, there’s no trick to it. Dip your brush in paint and apply it to the wood nativity set.

But check out how it looks now!

wooden nativity scene painted white
wooden nativity scene painted white

Now one issue I had was with the faces. The previously painted dark colors needed 3 coats.

After each coat had dried, I finally removed the tape from the animal’s tails and it worked perfectly!

wooden nativity scene painted white
wooden nativity scene painted white

Each staff on the shepherds and wise men were black, so I kept those the same.

Our set came with a palm tree that was stained wood, as well as the roof to the natural wood stable.

wooden nativity scene painted white

Trent suggested I keep those stained, which was a smart recommendation.

So for DIY projects, this one is the easiest by far!

wooden nativity scene painted white

I set my diy nativity on a console table in our Living Room.

It’s a beautiful addition to our decor this Christmas season.

wooden nativity scene painted white

And I love that we have the reminder of the true meaning of Christmas in a prominent place.

Many times, we get wrapped up in the commercialized version of the season and forget about the true meaning of Christmas.

Without the birth of baby Jesus and the events of that Christmas Day, we wouldn’t have our redemption in Christ.

wooden nativity scene painted white

So a quick and easy DIY for you to explore!

The end result makes me so happy being able to display a treasured family nativity collection that was sitting unused for years.

Childs wooden nativity scene
wooden nativity scene painted white

Stay tuned for more Christmas decor to roll out next week as I reveal our Christmas tree in this room!

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wooden nativity scene painted white

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  1. Oh my gosh Jen – this is sooo smart!! It turned out beautiful my friend!! Now I wish I didn’t get rid of our “kiddie” nativity set ;0!
    XOXO – Pasha

  2. Thank you Marty! Looking forward to sharing the rest of the room this week!