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How to Create A Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Have an unused space in your kitchen? We took a dark and useless corner and added a bit of a rustic flair! Here’s how to create a farmhouse coffee bar!

Dated kitchen about to turn into a farmhouse coffee bar

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel is coming along!  

I shared in Part One the details of our plan for the Remodel and Demo Process.  Part Two focused on how we built a Pass Through from the Dining Room to create more light in our kitchen.

In this post, I’m showing how we turned a tiny Kitchen Desk area into a Coffee Hutch as well as a sneak peak at how the remodel is turning out.

But first let’s go back in time before we bought this house.

80s kitchen before

Next to the refrigerator is a small little desk niche.  

It’s tiny. 

Like “too small to sit there unless you are a child” tiny.    

So you can see that the previous homeowners used it to house their microwave.  It was dark and uncomfortable sitting next to the fridge like that! I can’t imagine it being an effective desk area in it’s original plan.

dated kitchen before

But the main problem is the unused possibility of storage under the drawer where the chair is supposed to go. I hated to see that go to waste.

I organize my kitchen into zones and it makes perfect sense to have the drink zone next to the fridge.

So keeping the shelving for our glasses, I decided this would be a perfect area for a coffee bar!

One option was to rip it out completely, but that would mean addressing the floor, and we weren’t quite ready to tackle the kitchen floors when we were remodeling.

So we thought we would repurpose this piece to have it look as if it were a stand alone piece of furniture–like a small hutch.

How to Create A
Farmhouse Coffee Bar

We were left with loads of unused flooring from our Hardwood Install.  When you use Cabin grade flooring, you are getting the seconds, which includes pieces with knots, holes, and mis-cuts.    

cabin grade flooring scraps

To me, it looked like a huge pile of pallet wood!  I was overjoyed!

First we ripped off the faux butcher block countertop.  

removed old counter to build custom counter

There’s that nosegay wallpaper again!  

See that little outlet under the counter? I got all kinds of excited thinking how I could put my drip machine that I use the most on my counter and build a shelf under the drawer to have my Keurig plugged in ready to go!  


Could life get any better? I submit that it cannot!

First, I chose the flooring pieces that had the most character and we put them together like a jigsaw puzzle until we got a variegated look that we liked.

using scrap flooring to make a small rustic countertop

One they were in place, we numbered them and made cuts to have them fit the plywood base we would attach it to.

fitting scrap wood for custom countertop

We glued and nailed them to the plywood with finishing nails and then clamped it together to dry.

Once it was dry, we sanded the top to create a smooth finish.

gluing scrap wood into small counter top

Now it was time to put the new countertop on.  

We cut an additional piece to act as the backsplash to mimic typical counters.  The tongue and groove edge would also hold beadboard nicely!

As shown in Part One of our farmhouse kitchen remodel, we raised the cabinets above the fridge to have our new refrigerator fit our space, which meant removing the soffit as well.

farmhouse kitchen remodel progress

Removing the soffit also showcased the scalloped edge at the top of the cabinet.  

This is the only place where this detail exists, so it helped with the furniture feel I was trying to achieve.

To make this piece seem as a stand alone hutch, we didn’t add the soffit back to the top and also left the cabinets detached from the hutch. 

We added a shelf under the drawer to house the 2nd coffee maker as well as tying in the rest of the kitchen with a beadboard backing.

Now time to paint!  I was struggling with what to paint it.

My initial thought was a funky color, until I found this!

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Look at that little Piggy!

I decided to paint the Coffee Bar the same color as the bottom kitchen cabinets (Sherwin Williams Dovetail) and use pops of color for accents.  

We primed the cabinets and painted the beadboard white.

We stained the pallet-esque counter with Danish Oil.  

It’s the same type of product you would use to season a cutting board.   And now, here’s the final painted piece!

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

We added a light under the cabinet to showcase the beautiful countertop.

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Since I didn’t add the pop of color as I wanted to to the outside of the Coffee bar,

I painted the inside cabinet drawer instead.

A gorgeous red drawer!

It looks so nice with that red Piggy!

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

I added other touches of red as accents.

The basket holds my everyday coffee and tea needs. More red added with the cute little ribbon.

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

The vintage crates not only look pretty, but also hold my rarely used coffee items as well as manuals and coffee cleaners.

Above the bar, I placed some family heirlooms that have been passed on to me.


We were finally able to update the floors giving this an updated look!

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

I added this fun skirt to hide our storage.

But my dreams of 2 coffee pots went away – the second coffee pot ended up dying. So I still use this area for extra storage.

Farmhouse Coffee Bar
Farmhouse Coffee Bar
Farmhouse Coffee Bar

So there you have it!  You can turn an unused space into a custom area for your needs!

This dated corner of our kitchen was turned into this beautiful farmhouse coffee bar!

Farmhouse Coffee bar before
Farmhouse Kitchen Bar

For more details about our Kitchen Remodel, check out these posts:



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How to Create a Farmhouse Coffee Bar

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  1. What a happy treat to be greeted by this each morning! After seeing your lovely coffee bar, I realize mine needs A LOT of sprucing, maybe a project for a snowy Sunday?

  2. OMG what a transformation! Seriously love it!! Thanks for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday! I love having you around and cant wait to check out the kitchen redo! I am so excited about seeing it right now!
    Jess @liverandomlysimple
    Pinned and shared 🙂

  3. Such a brilliant use of "dead" space, and so attractive, too. Can almost taste my double shot mocha just looking at it!!!!!!! Incredible job!!! Judy

  4. Fabulous…fabulous! From the countertop to the red details…you rocked this corner!

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  5. Saw your "coffee bar" on "A Stroll Through Life" and I had to come take a look. You did a great job! Love the way it turned out!


  6. FABULOUS! Did I miss that you also opened a window next to the new coffee bar! You did an amazing job!

  7. Hi Jen! You did a wonderful job with your "new" coffee station with not one but TWO coffee makers! Congrats for being featured over at "A Stroll Thru Life" blog party…well deserved.

  8. Thank you Julia! I appreciate you stopping by!

  9. very cute! we just moved into an old farmhouse and I can't wait to do some decorating! You have some great ideas!

  10. It's such a great use of the space now. I LOVE the piggy handle (red is my favourite colour anyway) and the colour inside the drawer too – just lovely, I would even go as far as to say inspired!