Our Dreamcloud Mattress review

We were hesitant about buying a mattress online, and want to share our honest opinion of our experience of sleeping with this DreamCloud mattress Review.

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Our Dreamcloud Mattress review and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy online!

Do you hate your mattress or dread going to bed each night? Do you roll over and hear the ‘boing’ of the old springs beneath you? Would you rather sleep on the couch than your lumpy mattress?

Or are you like us and have a limited budget and are curious to buy a mattress online, but are too scared to take the plunge?

Well, my friend, that is exactly what we were dealing with and how we felt. Trent and I had been looking for a new mattress for about a year, but left the stores not finding what we wanted – especially at the price point that works for us. Then I started seeing all those mattress ads floating around to buy online, but after a bit of research, I immediately blew it off.

You see, I’m a mattress snob.

Trent laughs because I’m like the baby bear in that story we all know so well.  It can’t be too firm, so I need a comfort top, but it also can’t be too soft, so I need the support.  It’s got to be juuuussst right. I instantly dismissed all those online mattresses.

That’s when I came across an ad for DreamCloud and was immediately impressed.

  • Cashmere blend topping
  • Gel infused cooling memory foam along with 5 other foam layers
  • Hypoallergenic latex layer
  • Comfort coils

Once I read all the details, I showed it to Trent and after a bit of arm twisting and sales pitching, I finally convinced him to give it a try – with this one reason –

The Guarantee

You can try this mattress for 365 days risk free – with zero cost to you for shipping and a warranty that lasts the entire time you own the mattress. They’ll even recondition it if need be after years of use.

So that had us – knowing that we could return it if it didn’t work. I think that was why we walked out of mattress store after mattress store.  Not only were we not impressed with those mattresses, but you’d be stuck with a lemon if you hated it. So we decided to give DreamCloud a go!

Our first impression was the delivery. Our king size mattress came rolled up in a huge bag!

Say what?! A mattress is in there? With coils?

We brought it in and removed the vacuum packed seal and it sprung right to life. Here’s what it looked like immediately after opening it.

Our Dreamcloud Mattress review and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy online!
Our Dreamcloud Mattress review and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy online!

We knew it may take a few hours for the vacuum packed foam to come back to life, but this was impressive from the start.

The two things that stood out immediately were the cashmere blend top and the lack of odors. The topping is soooooooooo soft and I couldn’t stop petting it! I think Ollie was getting jealous.

But the kicker was that my DreamCloud mattress had no smell whatsoever.  I actually read one review that said they had a smell the first day that dissipated so I was prepared for the stink.

A few years ago, we had bought a cheapy foam topper for our son’s bed and it smelled – for weeks! Now, I do admittedly have an extremely sensitive sniffer and I was only one who could still smell that cheapy foam after the first week.

So, for me not to smell one thing after opening the DreamCloud mattress blew my mind.

We stepped away for a few hours to let the mattress completely form, but I was like a new momma checking on her sweet baby. I’d go in ever few minutes to check on it, of course touching that soft cashmere blend!

But the real test was the first night of sleep.

DreamCloud Mattress Review – that first night

Our Dreamcloud Mattress review and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy online!

We decided to make the bed right before falling asleep, so I was amazed to see how HUMONGO this mattress was! We already have an unusually tall bed, and if I weren’t 5’9″, I’d probably need a stool to get in bed – either that or change bed frames. I couldn’t believe how big this mattress had gotten – 15 inches!

Which brings me to one point – we did have to purchase new sheets to fit the deep mattress – so check to see if your sheets will fit.

Our Dreamcloud Mattress review and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy online!

So we get in bed and Trent and I bust a gut laughing because we both let out the biggest sigh in unison. It was soft, but supportive. The foam contoured to your body, but didn’t make you feel hot. Trent flopped over and I didn’t really feel much movement.

So far, so good.

Our Dreamcloud Mattress review and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy online!

We turn off the lights and drift into sleep and wake up, and I’m not exaggerating here, friends.

We felt as if we had caught up on years of sleep.

The Cons

It wouldn’t be an honest Dreamcloud Mattress review if we didn’t share what we don’t like about it, and quite honestly – there isn’t much with this DreamCloud Mattress. In fact, there is just one issue that we have and I think it’s because of our bed frame.

When we sit on the side of the bed, it doesn’t feel as firm as our old mattress, so you have a sliding off feeling if you’re putting on shoes.


This mattress is much taller than our old one – by almost 5 inches. So that coupled with our already large-for-life bed frame is the culprit. I truly believe that if we had a frame that was lower, this wouldn’t be an issue.

For that being the only low point of this mattress – I call this a win! Just last night, after sleeping on this for over a month, Trent and I rolled over to our sleep positions and the convo went like this:

Me: “sigh”
Trent: “You love this bed, don’t you?”
Me: “Yes – very much”
Trent: “Good – me too.”

Then our I-love-yous and off to sleep we went.

Our Dreamcloud Mattress review and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy online!

I get your hesitation buying online – I was there! And I get that it’s difficult to trust online opinions, but in full disclosure – we love this mattress and wanted to give a thorough, real to life DreamCloud Mattress Review, so we’ve included a video for you to watch, and if you have any more questions about something I’ve left out, leave me a comment below. I’d love to help out in any way I can.

Our Video Review

Our Dreamcloud Mattress review and why you shouldn't be afraid to buy online! This is our honest review of our thoughts after sleeping on the mattress for a month

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  1. I spoke with Dreamcloud and they were on backorder for a few weeks, but should be shipping regularly now.

  2. How long did it take for them to ship your mattress? We ordered over a 6 weeks ago and still have not received the mattress and they charge your credit card the day you order it. I sure hope it comes soon.

  3. If you were closer, I’d let you come over and try it out! It’s been a few months now and I still love getting into my Dreamcloud each night!

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  6. We thought the same thing, but am so extremely pleased with our Dreamcloud Mattress.

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