Christmas In July

Are you wanting to escape the heat? How about a taste of Christmas in July?
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Christmas in July - a King of Christmas tree giveaway!

It’s only July and I’m already dreaming of Christmastime.

Maybe it’s the July heat, or it could be the Christmas decor slowly rolling out at the craft stores, but I’ve got visions of Christmastime dancing in my head! And guess what’s the best part?

I’m not the only one!

A group of bloggers have come together to revisit some of our favorites from Christmases past and then show you some fun ideas each of us have for this year. AND – at the end of this post, you can enter to win an amazing prize!

If you are visiting here from Leslie’s blog, My 100 Year old Home – welcome, welcome! I am so glad you are here! Leslie is such a sweet lady who is constant source of inspiration for me. And a special thank you to Jill from Gathered Grace for putting this together! Let’s dive right in and have some wintry fun!

Christmas in July

I’ve been all over the board with decor themes in past few years at our Almost Farmhouse.

Denim, Snowflake, Minimalistic, Buffalo Check – and even decorating ladders instead of trees! Here are a few of my favorites:

This season is all about coziness and nothing is cozier to me than a comfy pair of jeans. Here's how I created a Denim Christmas Tree.

Denim & Burlap Christmas Tree

My Cozy Christmas Family Room - how I'm creating a place to make memories this season and sharing for the Home for the Holidays Christmas Blog Hop

Snowflake Christmas Tree

Simple & Minimalistic Christmas

Christmas DIY For $25: Here a quick and easy tutorial on how you can create custom Holiday artwork for under $25!

Buffalo Check Christmas

Tight budget this holiday season? How about a DIY Christmas Tree Ladder? When we didn't have a budget left for a tree, I had to get creative. This was my solution!

Christmas Tree Ladder

But when I had a chance to decorate a turn of the century farmhouse last year for a friend, I was inspired by the natural decorations we used.

Dried hydrangeas, nandina and magnolia leaves, feathers, acorns, orange slices, cranberries and cinnamon  – I fell in love with it all!

It had me searching for way to incorporate those natural elements in my home this Christmas. So here are my Christmas Goals for 2018.

Christmas in July - a King of Christmas tree giveaway!

Neutral, Natural and Rustic. And it all starts with this tree:

Christmas in July - a King of Christmas tree giveaway!

King of Christmas – 7.5 ft unlit flocked tree

I have dreamed of having a flocked tree for the past 2 years watching all my friends on Instagram and fellow bloggers with their flocked trees decorated to perfection! Those fluffy, snowy tips are so gorgeous! And once it’s lit – it’s a show stopper.

And I love the simplicity of the earthy colors.  I’m dreaming of green ribbon, pine cones, brown paper packages, raw wood elements

Next on the blog hop is Wendy from The Curated Farmhouse. Wendy not only has a gorgeous home filled with vintage inspiration, but her shop is filled with amazing items and is a must see.

And don’t forget to check out all the fellow bloggers below! It’s sure to be an inspirational blog hop!

Christmas in July collage

A Blue Nest

Christmas in July - A Blue Nest

Addison’s Wonderland

Addison's Wonderland

Bentley Blonde

Bentley Blond

Cuter Tudor

Cuter Tudor


Planning Ahead: Tailor Your Christmas Colors to Reflect Your Decor Updates

Gathered Grace

Gathered Grace

My 100 Year Old Home

My 100 Year Old House

Noting Grace

Noting Grace

The Curated Farmhouse

Curated Farmhouse

The Mellionaire Home

The Mellionaire House

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  1. Your plan for Christmas sound like a dream Jen! I can’t wait to see it come together!

  2. Absolutely stunning, and so much Christmas inspiration here! I am loving the natural look for this year also!

  3. You know I am a BIG fan of your blue and white Christmas decor, but then my jaw dropped when I saw that ladder! I want to borrow that idea for staging. It is so creative and executed beautifully! I am also swooning for your natural elements used to decorate a simple, farmhouse style Christmas. You are so talented and so smart Jen! Thank you for helping us with this blog hop! I truly appreciate your time and expertise.