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Budget Bathroom Remodeling Update – One Room Challenge Week 4

More than halfway through the challenge and it’s where the rubber meets the road. How are we doing? Here’s our budget bathroom remodel update.

One thing I’ve learned when you are tackling a budget bathroom remodel yourself is that everything takes time.

To save costs, that means most of the hard work is done by you. With only two hands, and all the challenges each new task brings, you are going to run into issues with time management.

We had hoped to be much further ahead than we are this week, but I’m not losing heart! We are still moving ahead.

I was able to cover the vanity top and start to see the vision for this room come together.

I opted for a thick vinyl cover that mimics the look of marble. What I love about this product is that it has a matte finish.

We also wet sanded all the tile and have it ready to paint!

We installed the cap around the top of the shower, just finished grouting and will wet sand those pieces.

All the walls have been primed, ready for paint.

And speaking of walls!!!

We started installing the brick backsplash this week.

And it looks AWESOME!!

I plan to do an old world look to the brick, with some brick exposed, other brick limewashed in various colors. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

And don’t worry – I’ll share a full tutorial on all of this soon!

In the meantime, we are prepping everything for paint.

Paint the ceiling, walls, tile, and floors.

These Handy Pro Pails have already been so helpful with priming and will definitely be in use this week!

So while it’s not much, it is still progress. Let’s check the to do list to see what’s left.

ORC Budget Bathroom
Remodel To Do List

  • Remove Countertop
  • Remove Vanity Mirror
  • Fix Tub Grout problems
  • Remove Ceiling over Tub
  • Remove Ceramic Fixtures
  • Drywall Ceiling
  • Move Electricity
  • Sand Vanity Base and Add 6 inches
  • Build DIY countertop
  • Re-grout the Tub Surround
  • Scrape Popcorn Ceilings
  • Paint all Tile and Floor
  • Paint Walls
  • Install Brick Accent Wall (in process)
  • Find Used Shower Doors
  • Cut and Frame mirror to 2 DIY mirrors
  • Build Cabinet Doors
  • Replace Light Fixture
  • Replace Faucets
  • Paint or replace door hardware and hinges
  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Replace Shower Head
  • Update Light switches

Most of the large projects have been finished. Now it’s down to the detail work – which is my favorite part. I had hoped to share more for this budget bathroom remodel update, but remembering that slow and steady wins the race!

Don’t miss out on the other spaces my blogger friends are renovating. Over at the One Room Challenge, you can follow along with the 20 featured bloggers or the other 300 guest bloggers like me.

Of course, a huge thanks to Linda from the One Room Challenge and the sponsors listed below for giving me the inspiration I need to create a room for those I love!

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  1. Oh I bet that is beautiful! And that’s a lot of squares to cut! I imagine your hand hurt after a while. I’ll be posting the tile painting soon!

  2. I can’t wait to see/hear about the tile painting!! I, too am doing a bath remodel on the cheap. I hadn’t heard about tile painting. I’m using vinyl on my tile. I cut 450+ 4.26×4.26 squares of Oracal 651 vinyl and am applying them one at a time. Time consuming but it’s looking SO beautiful!!! I’m truly impressed with how good it looks.

  3. I know it’s a lot of hard work, and I commend you for taking your time and doing things the right way. I’m guilty of wanting to rush through projects – and when that happens I am seldom please with the outcome. So, slow and steady progress is still wonderful progress, and you will be so happy with the final result – can’t wait to see it!

  4. This bathroom is going to be gorgeous Jen! I’m so excited about all the progress you’ve made this far and I can’t wait to follow along and see the reveal too. I know it’s going to be beautiful. Hugs, CoCo

  5. Wow I can’t wait for the tutorials! Off to devour the rest of your blog..