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Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Sometimes you just need a quick craft to refresh your fall decor. Here’s how to make an easy DIY fall wreath from a garland!

October is here and it’s going to be one of those months for us.

You know the ones I’m talking about.


The kind of busy that makes you schedule bathroom breaks and any TV time.

But my favorite season of all is upon us and I love to display all things fall all over my home.

Something that invokes coziness and calm.

Especially when it’s one of those months.

I looked through my decor from last year and just wasn’t feeling it, ya know?

So I came up with a simple DIY that took me less than 20 minutes to make.

Let’s start with the supplies you’ll need to make one of these wreaths for yourself.

Easy DIY Fall Wreath Supplies

I love working with embroidery hoops as wreath bases.

They are super affordable, the perfect shape, plus you can remove the greenery when you’re done and reuse them again for another season!

I started by applying a liberal amount of hot glue to the end of the garland.

You definitely want to make sure this glue is set before you move on to the next spot.

I find singing a little song while holding it in place is enough time for the glue to harden. Something like the ABCs, or Stayin’ Alive, or Baby Got Back – no judgment here – I like all music!

Continue to line up your garland around the embroidery hoop and glue in place.

Work your way around the hoop until you’ve reached your end. This is one loop around the hoop.

After the first loop, I move to glueing around the outside of the hoop to make it look fuller.

If it looks sparse, you can always add an extra sprig of greenery here or there to fill it in.

Let the glue dry and hang it up!

That’s it – easy peasy lemon squeezy! It’s so full and pretty!

I love the soft greens and hints of blue tones in the eucalyptus. Now it makes the cotton pop, don’t you think?

I sit at my breakfast nook each morning with my cup of coffee and just look up and smile.

We all have those times when the busy can take over and leaves us uninspired for the season.t

So, I hope this easy DIY Fall wreath inspires you to take a moment – even when it’s one of those months – and create something special just for you!

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