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Cozy Winter Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

Creating a cozy winter bedroom space is not that hard to do! Today I am sharing some ideas on how you can create your own.

I am so excited to share some easy updates that I just made to our bedroom to help create that cozy feeling this winter season.

And creating cozy winter bedrooms for the season doesn’t require typical winter decor.

The good news is that warm spaces that evoke that feeling of coziness can be achieved without a lot of money or time.

I was so excited to makeover this small space and share these great ideas with you!

And it all started with a teeny home improvement for our bedroom.

Now, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while!

I am planning on swapping out our plantation shutters for curtains.

When we purchased our home, our windows came with these beautiful plantation shutters and I did enjoy them.

I love the uniformity that it gives across the front of the house when you’re looking from the exterior.

However, we have issues with light. Many times, I’ve mentioned how dark our rooms tend to be, so these bulky wood shutters definitely block out that much needed natural light.

And they are a bit out-dated.

Plus, it’s a little not-so-fun to keep up with because it requires a lot of dusting.

Lots of little ledges that you have to constantly keep clean.

So I’m all about simplifying and making things easy!

When I found these linen curtains on sale for Black Friday, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do the swap starting in our bedroom.

Cozy Winter Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

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The first thing I started with was removing those plantation shutters.

I could instantly notice how that extra light made the room feel like a cozy home.

Winter blues are challenge, especially since it gets darker in the winter months.

And since the curtains had a blackout liner behind them, I have the option for a dark room.

Adding the Curtains

When I found some linen curtains on sale and I also purchased some antique brass curtain rods with a very simple flat end.

I wanted it to look streamlined and simple.

I also purchased some coordinating metal loops with hooks on them so that way I could adjust the curtains to hang them with a little bit of a pleat.

The trick with hanging curtains is how far are they to touch the floor.

I like them to have a slight appearance of a puddle but not too much of a sitting on the floor.

Again – simplicity.

If I didn’t like dusting those plantation shutters, I definitely don’t like when all of the curtain is bundled up against the floor.

It might collect dust bunnies and I didn’t want having that extra stress of cleaning the bottom of the curtains.

Before hanging any curtain, a trick that I do is I take the curtain and hold it up to where it hits the floor how you like.

So that way you can get a somewhat accurate measurement of how far it is and you just kind of see how it hits the floor.

I like it to kiss the floor – just a little bit of a sweep across the hardwoods or the carpet.

And then from that I measure down from the ceiling to know exactly where to place the hardware.

Once the curtains were hung, I was ready to move on to the next thing for this bedroom update.

Updating the Bedding

We purchased this Hearth and Hand comforter when we updated our bedroom a couple of years ago and it is still in great shape.

But I just wanted a little bit of a simple change the comforter that we have from Hearth and hand is a nice neutral beige with some pintuck stitching in the material is somewhat of a seersucker.

Nothing says cozy more than big fluffy pillows!

And we like to sleep with a set of two pillows.

But one set of pillows had seen better days and it was definitely time to update them.

I love these pillows from Hotel Beckham.

So I just replaced the second pillow with the same style.

They are super comfy and absolutely lovely.

four poster cannonball bed against a black wall with white, beige and charcoal bedding

After I replaced that first pillow and put it back on top of the other pillow, I could instantly see how much more loft there was versus the old pillows that had become sad and flat.

I didn’t want to totally get rid of the comforter since it was in such good condition.

You can reuse the pillow shams and use the comforter folded up as a layer at the foot of your bed.

I opted for another bedspread that also had that seersucker material so that it wasn’t too much of a contrast. And the two different beddings flowed nicely together

Plus, I found a great deal on this bedspread.

Now to style the bed, I used a lot of pillows.

I know some people don’t like lots of pillows the layers – and that’s okay!

But for me to create that comfy, cozy feeling, I find that the more pillows there are, the more inviting it is for me to want to dive in and relax.

That was the feeling I was going for.

four poster cannonball bed against a black wall with white, beige and charcoal bedding

I purchased these charcoal throw pillow covers with this fun fabric fringe around the edge.

I placed those throw pillows in front of the old pillow shams from the old comforter.

Next, I added the long bolster pillow.

I actually purchased that many years ago and never used it! It sat down in my basement for maybe almost 2 years. So this was the perfect time to finally bring it out!

Here’s a similar one you can check out.

The last element to the bed was adding this gray chunky knit blanket I purchased at Target. It’s from the Casaluna brand.

four poster cannonball bed against a black wall with white, beige and charcoal bedding

Since we have a king size bed, I purchased a king-size blanket to drape across the bottom of the folded fluffy comforter.

It’s a perfect invitation to say come on in and sit down – grab a book, cover up, maybe take a nap!

four poster cannonball bed against a black wall with white, beige and charcoal bedding

Cozying Up the Bedside Tables

Then the last little element that I added was a few little pieces to my bedside tables.

They had become a little bit bare over the last few months, so I just added some stacked books, a little woven box and a candle – because there’s nothing better than having a nice warm scent with a flickering candle in the background.

Now speaking of bedside tables, there is a trick that I want to make sure that I shared with you all – because I love to keep things real!

Trent has to use a CPAP machine and let’s be honest – those are not very beautiful to style on your bedside table.

So I found a hack

He likes his C-Pap hose to be draped around one of the bedposts.

But I did not want to see that ugly hose everyday.

So I’ve actually purchased a cord cover that is made from linen fabric.

It has some velcro straps that attach it together.

I just ran the CPAP hose in order to hide it and have it blend in with the bedding.

Creating a cozy winter bedroom space is not that hard to do! Today I am sharing some ideas on how you can create your own.

Now I could have removed that C-Pap for this post. But this is real life and I thought that might be a solution that you need to see.

So these are some tips that I hope you enjoy to create a cozy bedroom this winter season.

We’ve got nice new curtains, nice new bedding, lots of pillows, a cozy blanket and some nice soft elements on the bedside table – ready to dive in and relax for a long winter’s nap.

four poster cannonball bed against a black wall with white, beige and charcoal bedding

Bedroom design doesn’t have to include making over the entire room.

Sometimes the small changes can make a huge difference taking that cozy feel to the next level!

four poster cannonball bed against a black wall with white, beige and charcoal bedding

More Cozy Winter Bedrooms Ideas on a Budget

  • Simply your bedroom decor: Clutter is the enemy of cozy, so take an afternoon to remove things that may stress you out, or take away that cozy mood. It doesn’t take much time to create a perfect place to escape to after a long day.
  • Layer your bedding: If you have any extra bedding, like a duvet cover, or bedspread. Taking the comforter from the guest room if it’s not being used is an easy way to up that cozy factor but also keep cost down. Another good idea is to choose neutral sheets and bedding.
  • Throw Blankets: If you have a lot of blankets, like I do, then that is a great way to add a cozy atmosphere to any room. A faux fur throw is perfect for winter months!
  • Opt for warm lighting: Soft lighting can be as simple as swapping light bulbs in a pair of bedside lamps or as extreme as replacing the overhead fixture. But lighting can help create a warm feeling in those darker evenings. You could even add fairy lights around a small artificial tree in your room to put off that soft glow.
  • And your favorite things: The Danish concept of hygge is making coziness intentional to create a feeling of contentment. The perfect way to do this is by adding your favorite cozy things to your side of the bed, like a good book you are reading, fresh flowers, or your favorite essential oils.
  • Incorporate natural materials: Things like a woven basket can add extra storage, or layering smaller rugs over a jute rug can help warm those wooden floors in the colder months. Natural elements can add soft texture.
  • Add an accent wall: A simple but dramatic change could be to choose a different color for one wall. There are lots of paint colors that can make your home cozy in an instant with a new coat of paint.

So I hope these budget friendly ideas and simple ways to create a cozy winter bedroom in your own home gave you some inspiration.

Or maybe just an idea of something to do inside during chilly weather or when those Christmas decorations get taken down.

Stay warm, stay cozy and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can stay tuned for all of the videos that we release every week.

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four poster cannonball bed against a black wall with white, beige and charcoal bedding

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