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Remodeling Can Be a Slow Process

Here we are at week 3 of the One Room Challenge and it seems like hardly anything was accomplished this week. Then I remembered that remodeling can be a slow process.

I ticked off items on my to do list, and that should make me happy, right?

But, I stand feeling let down.

I find myself in this place of disappointment often when I’m in project mode.

And the problem is in the planning.

Actually, it’s the goal setting.

Historically, I set grand goals that are way out of the realm of possibility and, of course, I always miss the mark.

Our curve ball this week wasn’t anything bathroom related.

Some of you may or may not know, but Trent and I are professional musicians by trade. This week, we had a HUGE gig booked and that took precedence over this bathroom remodel.

Things – like life – always gets in the way at some point, be it a remodel like this, wedding plans, vacations – whatever.

So, how do you prevent this letdown from happening?

Friend, remodeling can be a slow process that doesn’t always go as planned.

There are inevitable curve balls that are thrown at you, causing you to go off course to fix whatever issues arises.

You have to just go with the flow.

And do you know what?

It’s okay.

But, should you stop setting goals?

By no means! Lowering the expectations a bit helps with unneeded stress. So that is key!

My grandmother had a saying for times like these: “Will this even matter 3 years from now?”

Sometimes, putting things in perspective hands you a dose of grace in the frenzied moment.

While it’s not much, let’s see our progress for this week.

We finished re-grouting the tub surround!

I will be sharing details on how I was able to remove some of the grout and save money on retiling with this fix later this week.

We were also able to finish the drywall mudding and sanding. One section is drying as I type and will be ready for primer next soon.

I also filled in all the missing tiles from removing the ceramic fixtures and grouted those in.

Here’s a before and after.

Removing the ceramic toilet paper roll took 3 tile to fix.

You can’t even tell where they used to be.

When we demo-ed the ceiling and countertops, we saved tile specifically to fill these in.

Since these tiles are from the 80s, they are a bit larger than replacement tile at the store, so by saving some, we were able to repurpose them for free!

Trent simply carved out some of the mortar to allow for the new mortar to fit.

The ceramic towel rack in the shower was broken when we moved in and now it looks seamless!

Next for the tile is sanding and painting, which will be time consuming, but well worth it!

We also installed the replacement countertop.

We had this laminate countertop left over from our Pantry Remodel and saved it for future use.

But after cutting it down by 10 inches, it was a perfect fit for the depth.

However, we were shy by the width and had to build an extension to span the 8 foot counter length.

I plan to use some marble contact paper to have it look seamless.

Another happy thing is that we found a used shower door for $80! We plan to spray paint it black and install it once the tile is painted.

So, while I didn’t get all the things marked off the list for this week, I am pleased to move ahead a little bit!

But now it’s time to check out the huge to do remaining!

ORC Budget Bathroom
Remodel To Do List

  • Remove Countertop
  • Remove Vanity Mirror
  • Fix Tub Grout problems
  • Remove Ceiling over Tub
  • Remove Ceramic Fixtures
  • Drywall Ceiling
  • Move Electricity
  • Sand Vanity Base and Add 6 inches
  • Build DIY countertop
  • Re-grout the Tub Surround
  • Scrape Popcorn Ceilings
  • Paint all Tile and Floor
  • Paint Walls
  • Install Brick Accent Wall (This is something I am SOO excited about!)
  • Find Used Shower Doors
  • Cut and Frame mirror to 2 DIY mirrors
  • Build Cabinet Doors
  • Replace Light Fixture
  • Replace Faucets
  • Paint or replace door hardware and hinges
  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Replace Shower Head
  • Update Light switches

We’re halfway through the challenge and halfway through the list! Not too bad! Even though remodeling can be a slow process, I’m pleased with the process we’ve made.

Don’t miss out on the other spaces my blogger friends are renovating. Over at the One Room Challenge, you can follow along with the 20 featured bloggers or the other 300 guest bloggers like me.

You will definitely lots of creative ideas for any room you are tackling.

Of course, a huge thanks to Linda from the One Room Challenge and the sponsors listed below for giving me the inspiration I need to create a room for those I love!

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