Welcome Home Sunday #3

It’s time for Welcome Home Sunday 3 and I hope you are enjoying these posts. I have had such inspiration from my friends which helps keep my creative juices flowing!

DIY-ing Myself - making over myself and noticing grace around me.

After a week of being stuck on one project – I find I need to take a mental break and step away from the task at hand.

Are you like me?

It seems like getting fresh eyes on new ideas somehow revives me, energizes me, and helps keep me going on my project.

But that’s what I love about this blogging world! There could be hundreds of posts about farmhouse decor, or a bathroom renovation. But each one holds it’s own specialty.

Not all posts are like, just like not all people are alike. It’s a never-ending treasure trove of ideas at my finger tips.

Sometimes it sparks something new, but other times it may convince me to go back and fix something I’ve already done.

Either way, it’s a world I’m honored to have a place in.

And is there any better way to start the week off than with inspiration? My friends have come together with some amazing ideas this week to help you create a home you love!

I hope you enjoy the links this week! Wonderful posts are below that will soon leave you inspired! Of course, let me know which one is your favorite!

Welcome Home Sunday 3

Welcome home Sunday - A collection of posts from talented home decor bloggers.
Welcome Home Sunday 3

Seeking Lavender Lane / French Farmhouse Decor

Driftwood Jewelry Box Makeover

Noting Grace / Driftwood Jewelry Box Makeover

Welcome Home Sunday 3

Sincerely Marie Designs / Vintage Nightstands & My Favorite Furniture Refinishing Trick

Game Day essentials from Trader Joe's includes avocados for guacamole from the Magnolia Table cookbook.

The Tattered Pew / Game Day Essentials From Trader Joe’s

Welcome Home Sunday 3

White Arrows Home / Cozy Winter Homes Blog Hop

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