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How to Easily Paint Central Vac Outlets

One of my favorite features about our house is our Central Vacuum system. But the outlets were dated and yellowed tan and needed an update. Here’s how to easily paint central vac outlets.

spray painted central vacuum outlet

There are things I love about older homes.

They have character! Cute nooks and crannies featuring talent from builders years ago.

This little house of ours doesn’t really have much character, and we’ve been doing our best to add it, but it does have something special I never knew I needed!

A central vacuum system!

I have never had one before and I don’t think I’ll ever live without one from here on out!

To be able to quickly plug in your hose from room to room and not mess with cords is lovely! Plus it’s lightweight and makes the work easy!

But our central vac system is original to the house, meaning those beige, now yellow, outlets needed a facelift.

And when we updated our Master Bedroom, there was one ugly thing that stood out to me.

An old and yellowed central vacuum outlet right in the middle of my newly painted white wall.

Since it’s connected to integrated pipes in the wall, swapping out faceplates isn’t an option.

But I didn’t want to be stuck with an eyesore!

So here’s how we gave it a simple update in just a few hours!

How to Easily Paint
Central Vac Outlets

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Painters Tape – this is our favorite brand
Masking Material – we use old shipping packaging
White Spray Paint

mask off central vacuum outlet to spray paint

First, loosen the screws from the wall and mask off the area.

The outlet won’t come off, but should give you enough play to put masking tape behind it.

TIP: Place the masking tape sticky side out. That makes it easier to put the masking materials in place.

Be mindful of overspray. As you can see, we covered the adjacent wall as well as the floor so that those tiny paint splatters wouldn’t ruin anything.

mask off central vac outlet to spray paint

Secondly, spray your outlet using 2 coats. But be sure they are light coats or you will have runs in your paint.

This is my favorite high gloss spray paint! It adheres beautifully to plastic.

Make sure to line up your screw heads if you plan to paint those, too.

Just let it dry for a few hours and then carefully remove the masking material.

Screw the plate back into the wall and you are good to go!

spray painted central vacuum outlet

Super Easy Peasy and an eyesore no more!

In fact, it was so simple, Trent updated another outlet in our Pantry Hallway.

What a simple way to bring your ugly outlets up to date!

So if you are lucky to have a house with a central vacuum system, then I hope by showing you how to easily paint central vac outlets helps you love it even more!

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One of my favorite features about our house is our Central Vacuum system. But the outlets were dated and yellowed tan and needed an update. Here's how to paint central vac outlets.

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