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Decorating with Heirlooms: Vintage Scale

This Vintage Scale was tucked away in an attic, forgotten about for decades. Here’s how I took this vintage piece and added it to my home.

Decorating with Heirlooms - using a vintage scale in your decor

I love finding old, rusty items and adding them to our fresh new decor.

But when they come from. my family’s past, it makes it even better!

Trent and I were rummaging through my in-laws attic, looking for some of his childhood toys when we stumbled upon this beauty.

Decorating with Heirlooms - using a vintage scale in your decor

Vintage green, rusty and chippy.

I was instantly in love!

Decorating with Heirlooms - using a vintage scale in your decor

The scale no longer works, but I thought it would be a beautiful piece to add to our Farmhouse kitchen.

Decorating with Heirlooms - using a vintage scale in your decor

On top, I placed fruit in my Munising Wooden Bowl (which I found at an estate sale for $5).

Decorating with Heirlooms Vintage Scale

So I found a few more ideas from some fellow bloggers that inspired me! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

daisy mae kitchen scale

Daisy Mae Belle found her scale at an antique booth.  I love that is says “Old Kentucky Home.”

Dear Lille Kitchen Scale

Dear Lillie showed off her gorgeous, rusty scale from her parents kitchen.

diy village scale

The DIY Village found a perfect spot to display their kitchen scale in their custom pantry.

Urban Farmgirl Scale

Urban Farm Girl shared this scale on her blog from her etsy shop.

Every time I look at an heirloom, I cherish the memory of where it came from and it’s significance in my home.

Any vintage heirlooms that are passed on to us holds a special, sentimental place in my heart.  

S0 are you going to hunt for one of these Vintage Scales?

However, these scales can sometimes be elusive.

If you can’t find a chippy, vintage scale, you can always purchase a replica.

Here are a few I found on Amazon.

Amazon Scale

Decorative Scale Clock

Decorative Produce Scale

Vintage Scale Replica

Vintage Clock Scale

I hope this inspired you to use your heirlooms in your decor. We certainly love having our Vintage scale around! Just see where else we’ve placed it along with a few more I’ve collected!

We gave our kitchen an update with this Farmhouse Pantry Makeover
green vintage scale
vintage scales on shelves
farmhouse shelf styling

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