6 Essential Elements of Farmhouse Decor

These 6 essential elements of farmhouse decor are an easy way to create that farmhouse look that you would love to have in your home.

These elements of farmhouse decor are an easy way to create that farmhouse look!

A few days ago, I was wasting time on my phone. While scrolling through my FB feed, I noticed an ad from Homegoods that talked about “6 elements to create a Farmhouse look“, and I immediately clicked, because, duh – that’s so my jam!  Homegoods just described my house! It was like they came in and took notes and made a list!

Okay, I’m not really being serious, but it made me feel really like I was rockin’ this farmhouse gig! So, according to this Homegoods ad, here are the must have elements to create a farmhouse feel in your home:

  1. Timeless copper – creates shining moments
  2. Lovely Linens – gives a vintage feel
  3. Whiteware – adds clean, crisp elegance
  4. Galvanized Tin – fits right in
  5. Distressed wood – adds character and warmth
  6. Heirloom Silver – mix in your own treasures

They had me at Farmhouse! I knew I had to get in on the farmhouse fun, and started to head out of the house straight to Homegoods, until I saw that my closest store was an hour away! Bubble burst! But, did you know that TJ Maxx and Marshalls are all partnered with Homegoods? And there a store about 5 minutes from my house! SCORE!

But it got me to thinking, what about my friends that don’t have access to those awesome stores? Well, you’re in luck, because I pulled together some awesome finds for you to shop online!

Elements of Farmhouse Decor

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elements of farmhouse decor that you can buy from amazon. Nothing says cozy farmhouse kitchen than copper cooking pots and food canisters.

1. Copper:

Since I am completely new to the copper craze, I only have a couple of pieces. The big copper ladle thingy is a butter melter that came from Holland, so I was told. I found it at the Country Living Fair in Nashville earlier this year. I really want to incorporate more copper elements into my home and there are some gorgeous, sparkly finds you can get through Amazon.

4 piece Copper Hammered Canister Set

Copper hanging Baskets

Copper Locker Basket

6 elements of farmhouse decor - vintage scales are a fun way to add a vintage farmhouse feel to your home.

2. Linens

This is what I was hoping to find when I read that Homegoods list. Linens add such a soft touch to everything. My only vintage linen is this tea towel that came from my grandmother, so I must have more! Check out these cute ideas to add linens to your home.

Love You More Pillow

Muslin Tablerunner

What elements do you need to create that farmhouse feel? White pottery is always going to steal the show. Milk glass, iron stone, or simple china - it's all beautiful!

3. Whiteware

White pottery makes me happy on the inside. There is something so warm and bright when you add whiteware to your decor. It’s splattered throughout my home and I have a slight addiction to milkglass.  Okay, I’m totally sold out for it and am willing to starve my growing boys by trading grocery money for a cute, milky compote any day!

Mini Cow Creamer


Cake stand

4. Galvanized Tin

Tin roofs, feeding bins, wash tubs – they all scream farmhouse to me. I love incorporating this element into my home to add to that farmhouse feel. I have the salt and pepper shakers below and get so many compliments when company comes over about how cute they are!

Chicken Wire Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

Scale Clock

Olive Bucket

Vintage Laundry Basket

One of the key elements of farmhouse decor is touches of wood here and there - like tobacco baskets and wicker baskets.

5. Wood

Tobacco baskets, crates, pallet wood – I love it all. Weathered wood adds texture to your home, creating that cozy, down home feel. There are so many cute options to buy online!

Wood Crates

Tiered Tray

Recipe Stand

6. Heirloom Silver

This is maybe the most difficult to find through Amazon, but there is plenty of knock off items for sale.  If you are wanting true, vintage silver, then go to etsy.com and you will find loads of options.



Hopefully, this will start you off on the right track to add farmhouse elements to your home. Let me know if you find great deals to share!

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