Jen & Trent Fancher

Jen & Trent Fancher

Jen & Trent Fancher

Our front porch looked sad and empty, and we knew we needed to give it a focal point, but didn't have the budget to do anything big.

So we decided to build our own boxes using cedar fence pickets and a plastic planter as a base. It was so simple that I know you could make one too! Here's how we did it!

Building the planter.


Cut the cedar planks to fit the height and width that you want your planter to be.  Check our post to see our exact measurements.

Start by building the corners creating a 90 degree angle.   We used wood glue and clamps to make these.

For our side panels, we needed to trim a cedar plank with our table saw to fill the gaps to fit our plastic planter base.

Attach all the sides together.

Length Comparison

Once it's built, you can paint or stain the planter, or allow it to weather to create a gorgeous rustic patina. Click the link below to read the full tutorial.