Welcome Home Sunday Week 89

Each week, I join a group of bloggers sharing corners of their home in hopes to inspire you! This is Welcome Home Sunday Week 89.

Did you see this week’s posts?

My home is all decked out for fall, and I believe it’s official, it’s my favorite season.

You would think that by now, almost 47 trips around the sun, that I would know my favorite season.

But, you see, I’m indecisive like that.

In fact, if I go to a restaurant, I happen to order the same thing everytime. Because once I know something is good, I stick with it.

Take me to Baskin Robbins where there’s all the ice cream choices and I’ll choose the same one, Jamoca, of course! But if they’re out, then it will take me almost 20 minutes to find a replacement.

So, that’s why I’ve teetered between Spring and Fall. I love the newness of Spring and all the bright colors emerging from a cold, dark winter.

But I equally love Fall for the same reasons. However, one thing recently changed my mind for good.


While Spring is mostly cool days, it brings the promise of heat – which I am no fan of!

But Fall!

Fall promises cool temps are coming and that gets me so excited! I’m naturally hot natured and always have been. I love to snuggle – and that doesn’t happen when I’m hot – don’t even touch me! But when I’m cold, I can snug all day long!

Who knew it would take me all these years to finally figure it out!

Speaking of Fall, let’s check out this week’s posts! I am so happy that Ana from Fiddle Leaf Interiors is joining us as guest host. She’s sharing a fun fall DIY you should check out!


Welcome Home Sunday Week 89

Welcome Home Sunday featuring a weekly guest!

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  1. Hi Judi – that’s a great question! The color in our home is Agreeable Gray – a very popular color and one we were lucky to ‘inherit’ when we moved into this home 2 years ago. What I love about it is that it’s truly a neutral gray and works well with both warm and cool tones.

  2. Your home is lovely and I always enjoy your emails/blogs/posts! Thank you for sharing! I wondered if you’d share the paint color in your home. The brand and the color would be awesome. It looks to be a color that would go with both grays and beiges. Is that the case? Thanks for your help!
    Judi W.

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